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  1. Wrexham still drunk from celebrations of finally becoming blue.
  2. I still think it’s a penalty. Not as blatant as I thought at the time, but defender puts his foot in as McAlinden is reaching for the ball.
  3. Eastleigh wearing all white. Sam Johnson wearing all one-shade-greyer-than-white.
  4. As a Tory activist I thought Clarke led with his left leg & his right more or less under him. Not sure how “going over the ball” cones in to that.
  5. Never a booking. They conceded far worse fouls but didn’t receive a single card.
  6. Fylde v Sutton and Stockport v Dagenham OFF
  7. Not sure netted would be much good.
  8. Bazza2al


    Just out of interest, has anybody in the know about how to request these checked on the respective rent situations recently?
  9. Just tweeted:- TICKETS If you have not purchased a ticket for tonight's game in advance, you can purchase tickets from the away ticket booth at the ground. #fcht (HT)
  10. Big car park around the stadium & a decent pub (Glassworks) across road (B6057)
  11. Bazza2al


    No pies. No Bovril. What sort of football stadium catering is that??
  12. “Single handedly nearly destroyed the club” What a melt.
  13. Bazza2al


    Don’t get me going on cheesy chips.... Ok, you just did.... Thought I’d give em a go. Love cheesy chips, you know, when the cheese is all gooey & melted on top... Thin paper bag of the thinnest “fries” imaginable & half a handful (yes, hand, no glove or utensil involved) of dry, processed, grated cheese sprinkled on top. “Erm, excuse me young man. Could you put some a bit more cheese on that please. A pound extra for half a teaspoon is a bit out of order” Decent sized handful (yes, hand, still no glove or utensil involved) lobbed on top. Brief sprinkle of vinegar & already the flimsy bag is showing signs of stress. Last few mouthfuls I ate straight out of my hands as the bag had long since given up the ghost. Oh, and the cheese never did melt & become the oozy mess I was looking forward to. Oh #2. NO BOVRIL. GET IN THE SEA WITH YOUR “STREET FOOD AT THE FOOTBALL” IDEAS.
  14. Bazza2al


    ...can we have Dave & his burger van back?
  15. Oz is on holiday. There’s no one to mow it.
  16. You have very low standards then.
  17. Strings for Yasmin by Tin Tin Out. I think it’s very atmospheric. Makes the hairs stand on the back of my neck in anticipation.
  18. The problem here though is if they’re passed to someone who attends normally but just doesn’t have a season ticket. There’s no benefit to the club then.
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