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  1. Not sure that’s a fair precedent when only 3 games had been played in 1939/40.
  2. Similar view, I can't see the 2020/21 season starting on time, so therefore that is two seasons affected. My opinion is they should finish this season when ever that becomes possible. What is left of the 2020/21 season could be used for, as you say, friendlies, guest games, mini cup competitions, whatever. That way only one League season has to be written off, one that never even begun. Scrapping a season that is 3/4+ complete would be a disaster.
  3. You’re an expert at it.
  4. But I thought the Tories had pushed people to the limit last year, but remind me of the election result again.... Just imagine if Labour had won, we’d now be relying on Richard Burgon & Rebecca Long-Daly to save us from CV ffs.
  5. It was on Solihull Twitter.
  6. Wrexham still drunk from celebrations of finally becoming blue.
  7. I still think it’s a penalty. Not as blatant as I thought at the time, but defender puts his foot in as McAlinden is reaching for the ball.
  8. Eastleigh wearing all white. Sam Johnson wearing all one-shade-greyer-than-white.
  9. As a Tory activist I thought Clarke led with his left leg & his right more or less under him. Not sure how “going over the ball” cones in to that.
  10. Never a booking. They conceded far worse fouls but didn’t receive a single card.
  11. Fylde v Sutton and Stockport v Dagenham OFF
  12. You said pretty much the same thing last season.
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