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  1. Unfortunate turn of phrase, I think!
  2. Actually, I must be one of the only people in Halifax that has never been to the Acca.
  3. Actually, I think it's been blown up out of all proportion. I see the club has been fined £66K for allowing "advertising of a sexual nature" at their ground. They will be deflated as a result.
  4. kit


    I remember scoffing at Rugby League for changing the rules with only a few games left. To me, the EFL (and others) shouldn't be trying to mess with promotion/relegation numbers, they should just be deciding how to determine the final placings.
  5. kit


    Can anyone explain the latest to me, 'cos I'm now completely confused: League Two clubs are moving towards ending the 2019-20 season on a points-per-game basis, with three clubs promoted, play-offs still taking place, and no relegation to the National League. And the Telegraph has claimed that England's third tier is now likely to follow suit.
  6. So this was an accident? Obviously no-one noticed until it was too late. The dolls must be very lifelike, and I'm pleased to see they know how to social-distance themselves, which isn't their natural position.
  7. No-one ever asks why the Third Division scrapped North and South in 1958. I doubt that it was because they wanted to increase transport costs and reduce crowds!
  8. This one's intriguing; two very conflicting models: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/coronavirus/coding-that-led-to-lockdown-was-totally-unreliable-and-a-buggy-mess-say-experts/ar-BB14aNOg
  9. I don't know anything about it yet. Just been given a proposed name.
  10. 1. Concord Rangers (£500) 2. Southport (20/21 Home Shirt) 3. Altrincham (20/21 Away Shirt) 4. Chippenham Town (20/21 Signed Football) Many thanks to everyone who participated. Keep your eyes open for our "Prize that Money can't buy" initiative next month!
  11. kit


    Neither do the League 2 clubs. It's only a recommendation, which the EFL have the power to overturn. It's a waste of time debating what might happen, or even what we want to happen. The EFL will make their decisions, then we wait for the courts to sort it out, which on past performance could be halfway through next season.
  12. Slight problem - we haven't received payment for "Chesterfield", and can't get a reply, so unless we hear from "Janis" pdq, we will reallocate Chesterfield to someone else (who has paid but not named a team). Sorry, but we obviously have to sort this before the draw.
  13. Draw is tomorrow. Live feed at 1pm.
  14. Conspiracy theory, eh? You'll be telling me the goalie had connections to Town next!
  15. Superb! I spotted: 1. Changing rooms where Speedway pits were. 2. Half-time scoreboard at same end. 3. Lovely blue disabled-type car. 4. Still can't take corners for toffee. Should have this clip on Question of Sport.
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