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  1. Non-members can join on the night - it's free this year anyway.
  2. kit


    I find the "latest news" from Bury's website a bit surprising: Club News Ticket Office Update 19 August 2019 Bury FC Media buryfcofficial 34112 views The Ticket Office will be closed for the next two days (Monday 19th August 2019 & Tuesday 20th August 2019). It will reopen on Wednesday 21st of August 2019 at 9am. We would like to apologise to supporters for any inconvenience this may cause.
  3. kit


    I think you missed an earlier post, which explained that a massive "payday loan" was taken out using Gigg Lane as collateral. The loan money was then used to try and bail out a separate Company run by then owner Stewart Day. Bury's problem is they now pay £1500 a day servicing loan money they have never seen!
  4. kit


    https://talksport.com/football/efl/588249/listen-bury-owner-steve-dale-stephen-dawson-bust-up/ I find it really sad listening to this. Unless someone with bottomless pockets appears this week, I can see the EFL chucking them out. Probably too late anyway.
  5. Replacement migration is a minimum migration without surplus to achieve a chosen objective. This form of replacement migration may results in large fluctuations between periods. Its calculation will obviously depend on the chosen objective. For example, Marois (2008) calculates the gross number of immigrants needed to prevent total population decline in Quebec. The formula is then the following: Where: R(t)' = Replacement Migration avoiding the decline of population in year t A(t) = retention rate of immigrants year t, defined by (1 - instantaneous departure rate) ∆P(t,t+1) = change in the total population in the time interval t, t+1 I'm a lot wiser now. Thanks, Trev!
  6. kit


    Seems Steve Dale could make a bit of a profit for his £1 investment. Better than buying a lottery ticket! (article from Daily Mail) Bury owner Steve Dale claimed he was owed £3.7million by the club when proposing a company voluntary arrangement to creditors, according to new documents. Court papers reveal that Dale, who bought the crisis-stricken League One club for £1 in December 2018, said he was owed £3.68m last month, while a company called RCR Holdings, which was formed on July 16, claimed to be owed £7.1m. It was deemed, however, by the chair of proceedings, that there was an element of crossover between the two debts and only the figure of £7.1m was voted upon by Bury’s creditors. Although the majority of creditors voted in favour of the CVA, the documents reveal that HMRC, which is owed more than £1m by the club, voted against it. As the countdown to Bury being kicked out of the EFL ticks down, the details of Dale’s claims have prompted yet more confusion. Kieran Maguire, a football finance lecturer at the University of Liverpool, responded to the documents by saying: ‘It does all seem very strange. Trying to understand Steve Dale’s motives is very difficult. I think Bury is beyond help.’
  7. England opted for a surprising substitute fielder at Lord’s today - the Bognor Regis Town goalkeeper Dan Lincoln. Lincoln has played three T20s for Middlesex in the Vitality Blast since being drafted in for AB de Villiers, no less, when the South African injured his hand last month. He has batted in the top four and is an outstanding fielder. Lincoln was not a totally random call-up for Middlesex. As well as playing football for the Isthmian League Premier Division club, he has played Minor Counties cricket for Berkshire for a number of years, including in last year’s victory in the Minor County Championship Final over Lincolnshire. He may have exchanged notes with Phil Neale, the long-time England team manager, who played football for Lincoln City and Shrewsbury Town as well as captaining Worcestershire. England were put in at Lord’s today, so Lincoln is only likely to run drinks.
  8. Who might this be, then? Maybe people thought she was related to Tony? SSShhhhhhhh....
  9. Nope. I just don't like Huddersfield.
  10. Supporters Club have started one. Too internet savvy for me, but I think it's on facebook.
  11. kit


    Think it's a lot more complicated than you suggest. I don't pretend to know the full story, but (if I've read correctly) it appears a previous owner Stewart Day took out loans in Bury's name to prop up his other Companies - Gigg Lane being the asset needed. These loans are at premium rates, and mean Bury have to find £1500 a day to finance them. If we had to find £10,000 a week before paying for anything else, I reckon we would have similar problems. They are supposedly £8 million in debt, so I reckon they've had it. As usual it's a shame for the fans, but they will hopefully be back sooner or later. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/11/bury-takeover-without-full-football-league-approval-transfer-embargo-efl
  12. I think everyone should smarten up except me.
  13. Loved watching him. I reckon the 4 - 0 against Grimsby was his best game for us.
  14. Always fascinated by this type of argument. If a forward doesn't track back as often as we would like, he's "lazy", yet if a full back never crosses the halfway line, he'll undoubtedly be "getting his priorities right". Seems a bit one-sided to me.
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