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  1. kit


    I'd forgotten that Sol Campbell was there for eight months last year, during which time their results improved to save them from relegation. Seeing as (according to Sol) they short-changed him to the tune of £182.000, did they really deserve to stay up then? Just delayed their fate by 12 months.
  2. kit


    It's to stop teams going into administration when they are already relegated. If already relegated, accepting the points deduction makes no difference, and they effectively avoid any punishment. Can''t remember who it was, but one team went into administration just 5 minutes before their last game ended (when they were getting walloped and relegation was certain) to use up the points deduction and start the next season with a clean record.
  3. kit


    So Stevenage stay up, having amassed three victories all season. Surely this is some sort of record for a league which normally relegates two teams?
  4. I hereby offer a tin of toffees for the daftest suggestion. At least there will be some point to the debate.
  5. kit

    Salary Cap

    I note that the PFA are excitedly opposing this. They seem to want the Clubs to continue bankrupting themselves by paying out non-existent money on massive salaries.
  6. Is there any point speculating?
  7. Bought him from Bolton for £6000. Sold to Man City for £12000. Good business in those days. Not really sure why he signed for us, but he was class.
  8. Yes. Systems can't cope with discounts for online purchases, unfortunately.
  9. I'm not suggesting Flea is gullible, but I'm a tight sod and I've never even thought of getting Sky Sports etc. I freely (pun) admit because of this I didn't know which English teams are still in European competitions until someone told me last week, but my money is safe until FCHT come calling again..
  10. Don't really understand why you're paying for summat you don't use, my friend.
  11. Oluwatobi Fabian Shobowale Akintunde "Tobi" Sho-Silva. Undoubtedly our biggest-name signing of all time!
  12. kit


    Trouble was, all the booze was drunk between France and Dover. That was the time a steward commented "The Halifax fans' coach arrived, the door opened and the fans fell out"
  13. That's one hell of an away following!
  14. And unless I've missed a comment somewhere, the Udders sacking of the Cowley boys hasn't even warranted a mention.
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