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  1. I'm sure Bubba will lend you his card number.
  2. It's a conundrum. If Rugby League's any good, why is it only watched round the M62? If it's rubbish, why doesn't it die out altogether?
  3. "During the 1895 close season arrangements were made (by Halifax AFC, Town's predecessors) to occupy the Pheasant Ground at Pellon, but subsequently overtures were made by the Rugby Club, which resulted in an amalgamation, with the promise that the games should be played at Thrum Hall..... ....For two more years the club remained at Thrum Hall, but eventually opposition on the part of the Rugby members caused the Association section to be dropped" This is from the "Official History of the Club" handbook, and shows there were issues as early as 1897.
  4. John told me the two Clubs who consistently voted against us were Huddersfield and Liverpool (I've posted this before). While the reason for Hudders opposition is obvious, he could never understand Liverpool, particularly as they always told him they would vote for us!
  5. Hope he's better than this... https://thefsa.org.uk/news/icymi-krava/
  6. kit

    FA Cup

    Thank God there's no West or East Shields then.
  7. We were sat in the back row of the main stand. Brian Clough straight in front of us. "Come on Brian; he must be worth a million" was our sales pitch as Bobby's two goals went in. "He took that one well" was his response to the second goal, but no million forthcoming, unfortunately!
  8. Macc currently 22nd in table; only one point from safety!
  9. Great idea. I'll dig out my virtual bucket.
  10. kit

    Thank You

    Crikey! Mrs Funky has put up with him all these years, and now she's acting as his secretary as well. What a lady she must be!
  11. Suppose it's appropriate that if you come unstuck, you end up in the glue leagues!
  12. So before the season starts, we have 23 in our league, 22 in NL North and 21 in NL South, I think. Wonder how many will be there next May?
  13. kit

    FA Cup

    Half-time sausages to look forward to.
  14. Think it was more famous for Fred Pickering's goal. He shouted "leave it, John" so John Pickering ducked out of the way, and Fred headed it in. I couldn't understand what the Town players were complaining about at the time, but the ref hadn't heard it so the goal stood.
  15. Seems like we're a breeding ground for budding internationals!
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