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  1. kit


    I'll pass that on to the FA. I'm sure they will consider your position.
  2. Doesn't really matter who is or isn't on. We aren't getting men forward from midfield, so our forwards aren't getting the ball.
  3. Don't know if this is where you got it from, but if you click on the link in Icke's original post, Hugh Ryden's story is there at the foot of the page. reposted here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9119459/amp/The-three-played-got-Alzheimers-Cruel-legacy-Hugh-Ryden-football-brothers.html?ico=amp_articleRelated_with_images
  4. No. Just send twelve of his fingers to his parents as a warning.
  5. They'll be "brave" though. Every news channel will say so.
  6. You obviously aren't aware I bought a new pair of trousers from Matalan last week. My 2021 image may surprise you.
  7. Lewis Hamilton will buy new trousers, having worn out the knees on all his existing pairs. Donald Trump will refuse to accept he didn't win the 2021 snooker world championships.
  8. All that bleedin' Rugby Club's fault!
  9. "The Halifax Town Club rose like Phoenix from the ashes of the defunct club, which used to play at Thrum Hall in the early evening after the Rugby game was finished" That's from the book, of course. It also suggests that the first club was "dropped" about 1899, so there's a gap of 12 years between the two Clubs. It lists the officials of both Clubs, and I can't find any connection there either.
  10. The Halifax AFC were invited to merge with the rugby club. A couple of years later, some rugby members weren't happy, which led to the Association section being dropped. No mention of any covenant.
  11. Don't think so. St Hildas original "mission church" was probably built after the Club vacated the Pickles Lane site.
  12. I think half day closing continued officially (compulsory?) until the 1970s, although a few shops still close (gives them a five day week when opening Saturday mornings). There were differences around the area, with Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge for example closing early on Tuesdays. Hipperholme Post Office closed early on Wednesdays until I took over in 2010, when I had to sign a new contract.
  13. The wider area is commonly referred to as Kingston (Kingston Bowling Club is in the field numbered 870 on the map, but there was an earlier Bowls Club also known as Kingston that had a ground on the bottom side of Queens Road), so saying they played at Kingston doesn't really narrow things down. My book doesn't mention Kingston at all, although I can't vouch for its authenticity, of course!
  14. The book states "A field was obtained at the end of Pickles Lane, now known as Gibraltar Road, situated parallel to Messrs Campbell's present works" which is the building shown on the left as Gas Engine Works, and the pitch must have been where the original St Hildas Church is shown.
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