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  1. Isn’t that the point of a forum for people to express their feelings about subjects related to the football club and football in general? Would be a pointless endeavour if nobody posted about how they felt on a subject related to the club.
  2. The thing is even if you have the ‘Rona’ and are a few days in you wouldn’t necessarily have a temperature and would still be contagious so temp checking is pretty pointless. On a personal second note when I had it a couple of months back I didn’t get a temperature at all and also no cough.... however was very ill with fatigue, breathing difficulties and loss of appetite...
  3. Southgate out, Wild in. After he’s delivered us to the promised land.
  4. Government are slack, agree but they sure as hell ain’t gonna let a 1000 people pack into a stadiums in 3 weeks and clubs can not afford to play behind closed doors at this level. There will be massive changes incoming thick and fast. Can see all games to be postponed whilst the national league mess about trying to make a decision on how to move forward. Not generally a pessimistic person however I just cannot see how given the current trajectory it can result in any other outcome. No one is listening to the government, I mean you have some (quite a few) people who believe it’s all a hoax and
  5. Actually I missed where it said organised sport however this doesn’t bode well going forward if the current trend continues.
  6. No more gatherings of more than 6 people from Monday says Boris. exceptions; Uni, School, college and work no mention of sports. Season could be over before it’s even begun? Farse after farse.
  7. Different ones, stockcock cunty signed the one from Fylde the Blackpool one is an under 23 welsh international.
  8. If Pete wild gets this season right we might be looking for a new manager if we don’t go up this season, seems to be the real deal and won’t be long before he’s snapped up by a bigger club.
  9. Iirc our neighbours gained promotion via the playoffs to the premier League without scoring a goal in open play or normal time. It means nothing in the playoffs. And they finished the season with a negative goal difference...
  10. Based on the restarts so far it takes a competitive game to get going. We beat boring wood and when we play harrogant we will have already played a competitive fixture Vs Harrogate's zero, so that should then level out the indifference in ability throw in our higher level of desire and the world is our oyster. The final... Everyone knows that can be decided on the flip of a coin form, skill and ability are all out of the window in a final. It's time to believe.
  11. Yeah why not, might as well sweeten the deal
  12. It's a bit like having the summer off, knocking a ball around with your kids and coming back into pre season friendlies. This is like the pre season friendly bit. Hopefully the competitive edge returns
  13. Could it be hosted in either or both of the club bars. Sell maybe a table each, have 15 tables set up 1m apart and sell tickets at 100 quid a table. Game on the TV bar open? Would imagine that's the only possible way
  14. The argument would be if logistically and safely you can host a game in a stadium to watch on a TV what is the difference to doing the same and hosting the game infront of fans and not behind closed doors. You also have the issue of what do you do if there are 4 fans to the left of you and you need a piss after 20 mins? How do you then get out maintaining the 1 meter distance?
  15. Also they would need approval from the council, need to make the ground covid secure and I don't think at the present time it could even be done never mind the logistical and cost aspects
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