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  1. Like the wrcc? So when that’s back we should field a full strength team? Don’t talk wet. you don’t play teams like your aforementioned Man Utd, Stoke and forest in the wrcc and the fa trophy.
  2. Think there would have been more goals conceded, great character for the dressing room and as a solid back up but I don’t think he should be first choice this season anymore.
  3. Think the sticking point would be being in the same league. If he keeps playing well the struggling league 2 clubs may start taking notice and looking at taking a punt on him, much like devante after his spell with us.
  4. It’s a terrible conundrum that if we do move to tier 2 our first game down the shay will be the trophy game.
  5. Imagine if we had gone out of the fa trophy early on we may have got that couple of points we needed to stay up. On the other hand we may have benefitted from the confidence of a decent run. All hindsight but in a season like this season with corona I can only see it as a negative impact to our league progress unfortunately. There will always be the league cup next season
  6. Yeah don’t go all out to get knocked out but Play fringe players and youngsters and see what they are made of. And what will be will be.
  7. If Stockport are prepared to sell Bell is going to cost us £££ let’s just hope bosom backs wild. Without him we are half the team.
  8. Didn’t the club report on our fa trophy final win that the competition coupled with the Wembley appearance actually cost the club more money than the total prize money garnered. Even if they were telling a little white lie and it didn’t it wouldn’t have gained much for the old coffers.
  9. I wouldn’t expect them to. There in it to win it as it’s a prestigious cup. The tin pot fa trophy is not. I don’t think any premier league club would ever stay in a competition for the benefit of the lower league clubs, the very notion would be ridiculous.
  10. That’s great for your club but why should we stay in the trophy sacrificing our own season for the financial benefit of lower clubs?
  11. Whack out the kids and fringe players and get rid of this ridiculous tournament in these times. 100% not needed especially when we need to focus on the league and the already back log of games.
  12. Every time them players go in for half time one thing you can’t slag wild off for is they always come out looking so different. Great man manager if he can sort out the other aspects of his management he will do really well
  13. More of a penalty than aldershots. These commentators are pricks
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