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  1. You have not heard of The Halifax Town Striker Antidote?
  2. Why would anyone give money for someone else to spend? Anyone with money would want to be at the helm.
  3. Individual choice seems to be a generation thing too.
  4. What, no TSS in your line up? He's now turned a corner and is able to stay on his feet even in a strong wind on the South Coast. Some unhappy Peeps on here seeing that selection.
  5. I'm talking about one player compared to another, the other being from the Godfrey Obebo school of comedy.
  6. Performances compared to your Hero.
  7. Tobi contributed more in that game than he has in is own career.
  8. Performances are light years ahead.
  9. Aye, there are a lot of boots to clean.
  10. Is it 5 goals, two of which were going in anyway and deflected off him?
  11. He has done a better job than most and a hell lot more than Sho.
  12. I'd like you to recall how many times he has fell on his arse without being put there by an opponent, how many crosses he has not got on the end of, how many shots he hasn't had when given the opportunity, how many headers he has won, how many opponents he has gone past with the ball, how many chances he has created for himself, on and on and on and on.
  13. I am not one of those that think he is fabulous. Cleaning boots in the changing room for TSS.
  14. He scored and has an assist at Torquay, some think he is fabulous, even Wild. He could start and Rodney could warm the bench. Gladly buy you a pint otherwise.
  15. Could also mean the almost ever present fan favourite TSS on the bench or cleaning boots.
  16. Let us see if our better deal is up front, on the bench or on the wing at the start of Saturday's game.
  17. County 0-4. Are they bothered or are they rubbish?
  18. Yes, tactics for Saturday are quite simple. Give it to Redshaw, give it to Redshaw, give it to Redshaw!
  19. He was given The Halifax Town Striker antidote.
  20. Well, I thought McAlinden was holding out for a permanent move somewhere, wanting a signing on fee besides a bigger wage. He will not have gained much more financially as it is only until the end of the season deal at Stockport. He has done more than Rodney in the first half of the season, I think it depends on which of the two clubs fair better in the second half of the season as to which player shines most. Time will tell.
  21. Hopefully they have wembley on their mind on Saturday and save themselves for Tuesday.
  22. Shaytrev


    Wiv got a couple of Woody's, maybe more, which one?
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