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  1. He obviously went to the gym.
  2. Wrexham said something along those lines after beating us the other week. Talking a good game and playing a good game are two very different things. Look at them since.
  3. Met my mate down there, a Notts fan, he told me they have been dire for ages and had nothing good to say about the manager, he did not believe promotion was on the cards.
  4. That is when he should have been sent to the gym, Fullarton obviously did not do that, he must have thought sitting on his arse would gain him weight. If a player is too slight in build for the rigour of the physical challenge the gym and a change of diet is what is needed. Ronaldo the prime example.
  5. Those fans are the real Doom mongers.
  6. Aye, clean sheet obsession, last season the same, look what success we got from all those clean sheets.
  7. Alan Cox as he was known when we were kids growing up in Mytholmroyd, don't know where the 'Russell came from, is now living and working in Australia.
  8. You know what I mean, there wasn't a Yeovil player that would have looked out of place playing for a Rugby team.
  9. He might have, what he certainly hasn't got is the strength and muscle to compete with bigger and stronger players. He needs to do work in the gym and be put on a protein diet. It is surprising how fast an athlete can build himself up. Put him on what those Yeovil players are on.
  10. And the 'Doom mongers' as the blind loyals call them were correct last season. It is as if someone flicked a switch after we went 3-0 up at Chesterfield and said "That is enough of the good stuff for this season, normal service must now be resumed". We nearly blew that game and did the next two, admittedly Yeovil were good but Notts County? Matty will be back, we have a small budget bla bla bla.
  11. Every club in the entire world has fans who dream of winning their prospective league, every club. This does not mean they all think they will definitely win the league as you think they think. The game like life is full of dreams unless you are a Dullard.
  12. One bad performance? Last half hour at Chesterfield. Yeovil then Notts County and nobody has a pitch fork out. Some fans who have attended those games have spent well over £100 and are giving constructive criticism. Wild, some fans have stated, is learning his trade and will make mistakes, these will be pointed out. It is no good having blind loyalty and whining about other fans saying "Browny will be back" or "we are still near the top" or "we have a small budget". They might as well lick a dogs arse.
  13. But County had studs in their boots while Town slipped and slides like kids on ice.
  14. An atrocious tackle that could have been career ending. A ten game ban would not be enough.
  15. "We've worked all week on not getting beat, so yeah, I'm fuming." https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/notts-county-1-0-fc-halifax-town-wild-left-frustrated-as-shaymen-slip-to-defeat-1-9995781 And there lies the problem. It must be a permanent Halifax Town Thing. "We've worked all week on winning the game" would sound so much better. If we went down to defeat after making an effort to win the fans who witnessed the game would not feel so bad about it. Please Mr Wild work all next week to win next Saturday. We had enough of Fullarton working all the weeks on how not to get beat.
  16. I wasn't referring to the game but how the fans were feeling afterwards. It was an absolutely dire performance so bad their goalie could have brought his sleeping bag. Since we went 3-0 up at Chesterfield we have been in retreat. Notts are a poor team who we made look below average. Fans will go easy on Wild because we are still only two points off top and the table looks good. I think it is a poor league this season and so far the results prove it, anyone can beat anyone. The Grandma XI would beat Town the way they shaped today. All those fans that went were totally let down.
  17. You were not even at the game to see the shite
  18. I suppose you are jumping for joy you tw@t?
  19. The honeymoon is most definitely over.
  20. Did you write that yellowhammer bull sheet too?
  21. Grandson of former Leeds and England player Terry Cooper, Dad Mark is manager at Forest Green. He, Mark that is has played or managed about 30 clubs. Must like travelling.
  22. There are 8 blocks in the stand so nothing to get excited about yet.
  23. Most will surely be buying a ticket at the ground.
  24. We have a striker, Liam McAlinden, our top scorer, nothing wrong with him unless Wild thinks the poor lad is tired again. If so, at his young age, he is having too many late nights or he needs to see a Doctor
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