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  1. Don't mention The Green Ginger, £4.85 for a pint of Guinness, upstairs at Witherspoon's £3.85. No wonder it was swarming with Shaymen. Today there will be a long queue at the bar before Plainmoor advance.
  2. I don't have a world view according to you and your ilk Little Englander last time, make your mind up.
  3. Not all homeless people have mental health or drug problems, most are simply at the back of the queue. For every immigrant arrival a homeless person goes farther to the back.
  4. Perhaps building more homes before more immigration is allowed, this will help prevent more people from sleeping in shop doorways. Let common sense prevail, not madness and total disregard for others.
  5. Skircoat Boys just past Sheffield on the train.
  6. It was more than a wobble which culminated with that pathetic display at Stockport on Boxing day by which time the majority of fans had had enough. He came in for criticism from all quarters no matter what anybody says here now. He finally did what several fans had been banging on about for weeks beforehand. We haven't lost in the league since.
  7. Nonsense, he persisted with Godfrey Obebo.
  8. I know you moron. Where are the stands behind both goals? Well. tin sheds.
  9. Where are the stands, was that 25 years ago?
  10. So why do we never play them in the prestegious WRCC that we as members are forced to play?
  11. Halifax lose 16-18 Anyone go and know the state of the pitch? Attendance?
  12. Nothing on livescore or football web pages
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