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  1. Sorry, they were probably rejuvenated with Fullarton leaving.
  2. The EU has to die for Europe to live.
  3. At least you didn't have to travel to Salzburg to find the story.
  4. Shaytrev


    It is around £1500 per game, peanuts
  5. Shaytrev


    If you are a Councillor yes, a chunk of council tax goes in their pension pot. Not many people know that.
  6. Shaytrev


    The Council pay nothing, council tax payers pay it.
  7. Of what relevance has this ridiculous none story to do with the thread apart from making Pipsqueak cream himself?
  8. We have never met and I am so thankful for that Pipsqueak.
  9. Shaytrev


    Kristian Dennis according to livescore.
  10. Most accurate one will be at the end.
  11. Halifax is booming, La Luna full every day.
  12. Play offs at the least or why bother?
  13. Politicians run the country? They couldn't run a bath.
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