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  1. Especially for believers. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/27/chloe-middleton-death-21-year-old-not-recorded-nhs-covid-19-related?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR0p_A-unLMo5qjw9egoYKzNoTBnk-QtD_2_1Y-rWnYWTv58t-wIkQpeCuE
  2. My accounts are up to date, the point is trying to register online. To be specific: You try to register and start with your details, they then send you a code on your mobile phone to confirm your email address, you enter the code and the website tells you the code is invalid. I did this eight times then had to give it up before my blood pressure went through the roof. Anyway, there are thousands worse than me and I have cooled off a bit now. Will try again this weekend.
  3. Yes, but this supposed support cannot be accessed. I am ok for a few months but there are thousands out there that are living week to week . If they are having the same problems as me then they will have no money at all, they cannot even sit in the Halifax Precinct and beg 'cos there is nobody to beg off anymore. The supposed support has been said to arrive at the end of June. Anyone need any beans then I have a spare tin?
  4. So some of you are under pressure for going to work. I am under pressure 'cos work has stopped, like thousands of others. No money coming in. (self employed) Water rates and Council tax soon meant to be paid. Just cancelled the direct debit for council tax. Food before taxes, I have no rent to pay and cannot imagine what them in a similar position as me are going through. In fact, those with children must be at their wits end. Trying to register for Universal Credit is harder than climbing Mount Everest. Anyone had problems with online reg? Trying to contact the council to tell them to sing for their supper, even harder. Will get by for a while but if this goes on for up to six months I'll be singing for my supper with bailiffs at the door. I think there will be a few million in the same boat.
  5. Perhaps I should have spelt it that way as mine could be translated as slow as in slow it down. Slough-it is better. Be careful though as Brough is Bruff in East Yorks.
  6. I had a mate from there and he said Slowit.
  7. There will be no Brexit, both the EU and UK are done.
  8. More like your comment backfired.
  9. Aye, just think, if a Shayman dies he goes straight to Heaven.
  10. At least he is likely to answer them, unlike you lot.
  11. Are you suggesting the Chinese way of living is best?
  12. https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/03/26/the-real-covidiots/
  13. Nowt wrong with that, they can still fly in and out too.
  14. When a player puts on a Halifax Town shirt and comes out with the others onto The Shay, he is a Shayman, nothing more, nothing less. The majority of fans do not want to hear about what he gets up to anywhere else or in his private life.
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