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  1. But will not counter anything he said.
  2. First time I ever used him, anyway do not shoot the messenger, it is the content that counts. Tackle that.
  3. You do not think, you simply echo Government narrative.
  4. All my posts make sense to normal people but have a hard time registering with the flock, Baaaaaaa
  5. Have one for me too Erik. Cheers.
  6. I hope you listened to your leader tonight. Personally I thought it was a load of babble but you will have loved it, I'm sure. #loveBoris
  7. You are the worst offender.
  8. The dynamic duo have flipped their lid simultaneously, great entertainment for a quiet Sunday indoors.
  9. Where is this right wing media? You and Erik make a good pair, who's on top?
  10. You made specific allegations, false ones. You don't have to go through the entire thread 'cos you made them up, as I have proved.
  11. Now you follow their orders, the irony.
  12. Still waiting for you to show where I made those statements in your original post. You cannot and then say I am paranoid. Seek help.
  13. You have just made accusations against me, proven false again. I laugh at you and you use that against me now. What a Clown.
  14. Then come up with an occasion. No, I did not attend a Demo in Hebden Bridge. It was a joke of Chrisbo's. Trust the main stream media? Hahaha hahahah hahahah. You really have lost the plot.
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