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  1. Oh, Roy Race said he saw Carlin do it with his own eyes. Beer goggles have been around since the first ball was ever kicked.
  2. Up to three players already. RIP Gerry Priestley. You are a legend anyway.
  3. No it wasn't, definitely Priestley. The legend that is, not sure of the goal.
  4. Most of the 2,000 are season ticket holders. Having to dip into your pocket for The FA Trophy is very difficult for some Yorkshiremen.
  5. They used to tell a story down The Shay about him when he came up against one of the renowned full backs of the time. He dribbled the ball toward goal but as he approached the leg biter he stopped, bent down to pick up the ball, at which time the full back stopped, looking puzzled. Before Priestley's fingers touched the ball he flicked it passed the full back with his foot and left him in his wake as he went on to slot it home. I cannot confirm if that really happened but it was the legend in the 70's.
  6. Better than Comedy today which has been destroyed by Political Correctness.
  7. Life of Brian was Brilliant .
  8. I hear it is only £7 for over 60's at Chorley. Can anyone confirm that? £11.10 with senior railcard on the train. (If you ain't got one they are £30 for a year) Cheap do.
  9. Will we get that little Shed behind the goal?
  10. Fans enjoyed it too, he deserved the applause.
  11. Vardy will get more chance of recuperation with The England Squad than with his Mrs and all those Kids.
  12. And some even worse who's allegiance is to The Skircoat Shed where they were born.
  13. Property developers like big, wide open spaces. They are on the look out for them all the time. Ask any Halifax Town Supporter, I hope Stockport have found a genuine person who has a love for the Club. Be on your guard all the same.
  14. Never had a flu jab, never had the flu, touch wood,
  15. Leaving at half time then? Hope things are not that bad.
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