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  1. I thought you were a Halifax Town supporter?
  2. Two home wins by this time next week will see us on top again. The best way to forget the Notts County debacle.
  3. Chris Tate, prudent investment? You obviously have no idea what was going on at The Shay and Scarborough at the time. The Scarborough Chairman eventually ended up in the nick (he moved on to another Club first) and we had a Chairman that should have. Anyone who didn't have his head up his own arse knew the deal was anything but prudent.
  4. Drip bread is provided in This Oak at the end of Clare Road on match days believe it or not.
  5. Nobody has said King needs to become Mr Universe 2020 but he definitely needs upper body strength. He is easily knocked off the ball in shoulder to shoulder challenges. What are your solutions to this problem?
  6. It doesn't work in King's. favour, that is for sure, he needs meat, spuds and veg, lots of it.
  7. Compared to Yeovil, none. (Excluding Matty Brown)
  8. So Cameron King must remain a wimp cos muscle mass will do no good.
  9. Yet he went on to play in The Championship with Millwall.
  10. Apart from the badge. Give me The Halifax Crest any day.
  11. He obviously went to the gym.
  12. Wrexham said something along those lines after beating us the other week. Talking a good game and playing a good game are two very different things. Look at them since.
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