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  1. moodyb1

    New manager

    anyone who thinks things would be any different under these 2 clowns should remember the final paragraph in animal farm: Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.
  2. moodyb1

    New manager

    have you idiots got nothing better to do?
  3. moodyb1

    New manager

    I'm sorry i wasn't aware a new manager had been appointed, i must have missed it. so do tell, who is it?
  4. moodyb1

    New manager

    given ashley stott was reportedly a sensation in the welsh league before he signed for us, i'd put the welsh league on a par with the north east/west counties leagues. is this guy from TNS who i believe have been splashing the cash down there in recent times? the new manager is going to be a case of the best we can reasonably afford........... before making an appointment they should give serious thought to getting down on their hands and knees and begging neil aspin to come back.............
  5. moodyb1

    New manager

    Torquay: 129 applicants, just appointed a former player to his first managers job. ....be careful what you wish for.......
  6. moodyb1

    New manager

    it's the miserable t**ts on shaymen.net you need to worry about
  7. moodyb1

    New manager

    how do you know this? what with the club being "a shambles" an' all i mean, plus as a part time club in a largely full time league, with no backer and low crowds, we're about as attractive as southport, tamworth, altrincham......... welcome to reality..............
  8. moodyb1

    New manager

    that's a decent shout, what are the chances?
  9. moodyb1

    New manager

    Has anybody mentioned the obvious- knows the club, lots of experience...... Jim Vince. you deserve him......
  10. don't worry noel, aspin is going nowhere soon.
  11. how do you know i'm not flat? because i haven't cried like a bitch on shaymen.net? "whah whah whah we're losing". I'd already moved on from saturday before i 'd even got home. bring on monday and bring on saturday after that, whatever the result tomorrow. football's a game, nothing more than that. it's great when you're winning but when you're not, so what? did anybody die yesterday? reality? some of you need to be introduced it.
  12. yep, that's exactly what i said. twit.
  13. well said pal and a dose of reality for the idiots of shaymen.net - they say all clubs have them but christ, i think we've got somebody else's as well.
  14. there you go, that's #positivity
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