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  1. Interesting. Thanks for the info, what's Don's son called? I'll be able to track him down if I've got a name!
  2. Oh christ, that's no good. I actually spoke to him about 5 years ago outside a Huddersfield game and he seemed very well. Its a shame how it seems to be affecting so many ex footballers now.
  3. Hello everyone, Firstly, its great to see you almost at the top of the pile in the Conference, I really want you to get back to where you belong. It seems that Pete Wild has been a good appointment and hopefully he can sustain it. I am trying to get in touch with any relatives of former Halifax players that also played for my club Huddersfield Town. Some of the players who's relatives I am trying to contact are; Billy Smith & Conway Smith Don McEvoy Willie Watson Ernie Dixon Lewis Brook Gilbert Christie Sedley Cooper George Crowther George Green Ellis Hall Donald Hunter George Hutchinson Harry Linley Harry Mills Charlie Milnes Sammy Taylor Alf Whittingham Ted Widdowfield Can anyone help at all? Or does anyone know any living players that played for both clubs? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks L
  4. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    Can't argue with that. I like going to Halifax and I'm always puzzled when people label it a shithole.
  5. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    Sad tale in all seriousness though.
  6. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    All is revealed in the book!
  7. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    Have you read the book to find that out?
  8. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    Yes, started his career at Huddersfield in 1986.
  9. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    There's been a lot to play for both over the years!
  10. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    If you want one I can sign it
  11. lsm

    Huddersfield Town

    Looks like you'll be buying it then!!!
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