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  1. Afc Halifax vs Leyton Orient Supporters In a season that has seen Afc Halifax yet to pick up a win from their first 2 games, they headed into this clash with Leyton Orient needing a good performance, it would be far from Mission Impossible, but they knew they would have to turn up and perform well. The first good chance however went to Leyton Orient, who’s striker managed to get away from player manager John Barker, but couldn’t find the target. Luckily for Halifax, they managed to get on the front foot and didn’t look back. The breakthrough came just 10 minut
  2. Afc Halifax Vs Rochdale Afc Halifax went into this game in good spirit, having picked up some decent results already this season. Up next was an entirely different challenge though, a Rochdale outfit dubbed ‘the best team in the diversion’, and a team Halifax have never done well against, infact, they have lost every time they have played them. Afc had a strong outfit available, although it took a blow early on when John Luders bottled it and blamed sleeping in on the no show, on the scale of excuses we’ve had this season, it was a poor one. Kev Dawson bac
  3. Afc Halifax, with a Saturday free this weekend after a trip to Matlock for the Fc Halifax boys, woke up on Sunday with a fresh pair of legs and ready to take on the invitation to play in a 5 aside competition over in Huddersfield, The Microlynx Tournament. The tournament is held annually at Soccer City and is put together by a small group of people who raise money for a chosen charity. This years charity was British Heart Foundation, the reason being that one of the guys helping to set up the event was good friends with John Barrett, who sadly and unexpected passed away in October. John is fat
  4. Going up on Friday Bish - Fawkes, Rambo (shotgun Rambo) Harry - Going up on Saturday Matty G - Ash, Rob, Martin. (shotgun Ash) Si - Marcus, Adam. (shotgun Marcus) Going home at 2 Matty G - Martin, Adam. Harry. Going home at 5 Bish - Rob, Fawkes. (shotgun Fawkes) Si - Marcus, Rambo, Ash (shotgun Rambo)
  5. Rambo - Being 7 years out on Heart Fms time tunnel (20p). That own goal (£1) - £1.20 Aprobe - Being 7 years out on Heart Fms time tunnel (20p). Use of hair spray (20p) Shooting from kick off (10p) - 50p Marcus - Being 7 years out on Heart Fms time tunnel (20p). Use of hair spray (20p) Having a casual chat with Bobbins in the 80th minute (30p) Feeling sorry for himself (30p) - £1 Dave - Being 7 years out on Heart Fms Time Tunnel (20p). For banging on about getting a lift from stump cross (50p), Use of hairspray (20p) Having £30 gloves but playing defensive mid (10p) - £1 Robbo -
  6. Drivers please lads? Aprobe - Rambo, Marcus, Dave SuttyandSweep (Rambo shotgun) Bogdan - Ricky, Pato, 1watcher Robbo - Bobbins, Wrighty (Bobster shotgun) Hembers - his girls
  7. My circumstances have changed Bish!
  8. Eh! I thought this guy had signed weeks ago! I definitely saw a tweet from Flea confirming this!
  9. Defo up for the walk! Will try play football but it may be a stood in the centre circle Cambridge performance!
  10. Aspin leaves with 3 points and a black eye! Oyoy!
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