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    Challinor Gone

    That'll be the final nail in the coffin for Morecambe's place in the Football League. Bentley worked absolute miracles to keep them in League 2 year after year given the situation there so it'll be interesting to see how he gets on with a much bigger budget
  2. Bringing in someone at centre back would allow Staunton to do what he does best in midfield again. It's all about putting the cogs back in the right places
  3. Having had time to properly digest the result, I think today more than anything shows that the decision to not properly replace Brown during his injury is costing us more and more each game, in particular with the goals from the set pieces that we conceded today. Given that we've still got at least a month until Brown comes back, I really hope Wild's immediately on the phone to try and sort out a centre back on loan before we undergo another complete collapse. Thankfully there's still time to put things right, but we need to make use of that time before things go sour.
  4. Think you've got a bit confused with the goals there, it was Maldon & Tiptree that'd scored forty goals, not the player in question.
  5. On the topic of Bury, it's just been confirmed that them being kicked out the league means that the last team left in the pot for the draw on Monday will receive a bye into the second round.
  6. Lewis

    Matty Brown

    Suffered another hamstring injury in the latter stages of his recovery. Should be fit by the end of November as per the club's injury update
  7. I think tonight is well and truly the end of the suggestion that Southwell is a good striker sadly. He was finally getting the service that he was crying out for last season, but he seemed like a rabbit in the headlights. A real shame cause I want him to succeed, but it just isn't gonna happen here for him unfortunately. Either way, I was baffled by the decision to start him over Sho-Silva - by doing that we were playing into the hands of Chorley's draw seeking antics. We needed someone who was able to offer what Sho-Silva does from the word go, and it's no surprise that we improved once he was on the pitch.
  8. The deal with TS Media is that the bloke who runs it was combining his work with us and Brighouse last season, but is now only working with us. He definitely edits the highlights but I'm not too sure how often he films the games himself
  9. To be fair I seem to remember Talksport calling Fullarton quite a bit last season when we were in and around the top of the league.
  10. Maidenhead 0-2 Town Cameron King, Sho-Silva 1033
  11. Interesting to note that Whitley Bay describe him as cutting inside from the left for his goal, maybe playing him on the left is the trick in terms of getting him to score?
  12. Dover 1-2 Town Sho-Silva, Cameron King 1112
  13. Lewis

    Josh MacDonald

    The Northern League (the north east one in the ninth tier, not the one two leagues below us)
  14. Signs for Whitley Bay on a one month loan.
  15. Lewis


    Allen had been struggling with homesickness a lot of the time he was at Dover and I believe a move back up north was in the works a lot earlier than when he came to us but fell through for whatever reason. Happy for him that he was able to get that move back home, credit to Dover for letting him go as well
  16. Town 3-1 Harrogate Sho-Silva, McAlinden, Jeff King 1753
  17. Think today will have convinced any doubters Sho-Silva had had up until this point, a fully deserved great performance from him after the effort he's put in. Great to see the return of Southwell today as well. Even if he was on the wing again, I have to say he looked quite comfortable there.
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