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  1. 4 minutes ago, Greggs said:

    Aspin had us down and out and cut adrift. Where's his criticism? 

    Anyone but Aspin eh 

    It's not about refusing to criticise Aspin, as he was just as responsible. All three of them played their part in us going down that year

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  2. It's possible to accept that Harvey gave us the best day in our history but also relegated us as well. Yes full credit to him for Wembley, but he had us home and dry and bottled it, and that's before you take into account that he didn't plan for life without Tuton leading to us panic signing Fairhurst

  3. 57 minutes ago, themanwhowasntthere said:

    Wild has said Rodney has offers and doesn’t want to play in the play-offs for fear of injury scuppering any potential deal. 

    If that's the case then that makes it hard to swallow. You'd kind of get it if it was something potentially life-changing, like a move to League 1, but the offer will literally be Stockport

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  4. 1 hour ago, Steve Lanzarote said:

    Yes and no, he owns academies in Spain and he does coaching in private schools plus he is prob a millionaire from his football career.

    He appears to have taken up a role back at Palace too if his Linkedin is anything to go by, though I did see something on Twitter about a manager with non-league experience looking to work abroad that seemed to fit his description

  5. By my reckoning, at least nine clubs in our league will vote in favour of the new proposal (the top 7 plus Maidenhead and Chorley), and I imagine the eight North/South votes will almost definitely go in favour of it as well.

    That takes it to 17. The exact number needed for the proposal to go through.

    Now let's give the playoffs a good go.

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  6. 2 hours ago, shaymen down under said:

    Don’t think people mind dipping into their pockets to help the club, I think people just want to know where the money is exactly going. Also think people want the club to be creative on trying to extort that money from you.  Things like the cheaper season tickets For every 50 tickets sold or The training with the club competition.

    We are of a similar size to Chester and Darlington and they are both trying and succeeding in raising 100k to boost the budget. I don’t know why the club doesn’t try and engage with the fans to advertise a similar thing.

    Every chance that "Project Playoffs" could be something of a similar ilk

  7. 1 hour ago, Flea said:


    The proposal is all wrong but it benefits more teams to vote for it than oppose it so I expect it to get through.

    Only Chorley and Stockport look like being certain to vote against it in the Prem - and they are outvoted by all the teams that have avoided relegation because of it, Barrow who will obviously support it as it has them promoted, and even clubs like ours, who cant realistically win the title but will get a promotion shot.

    Going into the North/South there is no reason for any club in the bottom half of the table to object so thats 50% of the votes there. The two promoted teams also wont object. Again those voting against would be the ones thinking they could either win the title or are very confident of having a strong playoff seeding.

    The whole thing stinks, then to put a turd on top of the pile the league expect clubs to fork out for tests. The league will hide behind ‘the clubs voted for it’ and get away with pushing an awful resolution through. 

    Regardless of us potentially benefiting it is to me very unfair and against the ethos of what I believe competitive sport should be. I fully expect this vote to pass. 

    Believe King's Lynn might actually be against the deal, at least in the current format. Their chairman's been vocal in how he wants York to get promoted too, so if the tabled amendment doesn't get approved I'm not sure whether they'll vote for it or not

  8. 10 minutes ago, Ash said:

    I was actually thinking this today, do the clubs who have to play first have an advantage over 2nd and 3rd as they’ll have some game time under their belt. Normally those extra games after a 46 game season will take their toll. Here squads are refreshed and lacking game time.

    All depends on whether the teams in 2nd and 3rd are able to get any friendlies sorted before their game

  9. 2 minutes ago, Greggs said:

    Cant really understand the Chorley chief execs problem.. they will refuse to accept their fate till it's been voted through. Like mate you were 17 points adrift at the bottom.. you were going down regardless. 

    Think it's more that they want other teams coming down with them rather than refusing to accept the relegation at all tbf

  10. 8 minutes ago, Kay Shay-ra Shay-Ra said:

    If its overall and clubs vote selfishly most of the North will want gates from York and Chester so it's better for them to agree

    I imagine a few of the sides in the North may want to keep Fylde out of the league as well just to give them less competition for next season

  11. Just now, steve lumb said:

    Hope  the playoff games are on TV, wonder what the start date for them is? July?

    I don't see any reason for them not to be on TV assuming the proposal gets voted in, and where and when they'd take place is still yet to be decided

  12. 3 hours ago, TJAshton said:

    Nope. want better than that 

    Oh I agree, just seems the type of player we'd be all over given who we've signed in the past plus fits the description

  13. Just now, TJAshton said:

    Liam ridehalghs dad lives by me so I can always ask him next time he’s out. He’s on good whack at tranmere though. 

    Yeah that's my only thinking really, was the only one that I can think of that fits the category of a local left back that's not necessarily the fastest though

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