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  1. Rodney couldn't get a game for Salford yet turned out to be our saviour in both spells with us, his first one even more so despite being someone who couldn't get a game for a team in our league. Give Nyal Bell a chance before you write him off man
  2. Lewis

    Good news!

    A return to The Shay could be as early as next week now if (albeit a very big if) Calderdale stays in tier 2 as the Barnet game is moved to the Wednesday
  3. Already writing Sutton on Saturday off, absolutely no chance we beat them away from home with the form that they've been in recently (you just know who's nailed on to score for them too...). If we don't beat Barnet in our next home game though then we are in serious trouble
  4. Two in two isn't bad for a lad who apparently isn't a striker
  5. Yep have to say myself it would be a very sideways move unless Chesterfield are able to prove that their worst days are behind them (which doesn't appear to be the case)/life changing money gets thrown at him. Can tell why they're interested but can't see anything coming of it
  6. Can't blame the automatic camera for not wanting to watch the game based on how it's gone so far
  7. Spoken to a lad I know who goes to watch Tranmere given that's where he was last at (unless you *really* want to count Radcliffe...) and the consensus is that's he an absolutely brilliant signing who plays like he's ten years younger than he is and one that he'd have happily kept. Under any other circumstances I'd have snapped your hand off for him but it's just a weird one to make when we needed a striker and we've got enough midfielders as it is.
  8. Feel free to DM me if you want the lottery numbers
  9. Wild does prefer the tactic of getting the club to leave signing announcements as late as possible so there's every possibility that we've already got someone signed
  10. Nine against twelve was always going to be an uphill battle to be fair
  11. Ged Garner at Fleetwood would have been the perfect solution but we sat around twiddling our thumbs when they were looking to loan him out
  12. We just gonna ignore the fact that King's easily been one of our best players this season? It's a shocking challenge from him of course, but Hanson made a bad mistake himself when he got a chance last season against Torquay. Can't be acting like he was the perfect right back that we were missing all along
  13. Club have said the stream'll start at 7:35
  14. Yep Nick Crane played a couple of games for us in pre-season, centre back
  15. You would have thought the club would have wanted to communicate that those two were called up mind. Not very often we have one let alone two internationals on our books
  16. Lewis

    Boston Utd

    Given that that day was a Monday and we were away at Brackley the next day I highly doubt we'd have played Boston that night
  17. Lewis

    Boston Utd

    Saturday 4th March 2017
  18. Unless I misheard did the BBC just claim on the highlights they showed of the Marine game that this takes them into the second round for the first time? Glad to see that our loss to them has been wiped from history
  19. They're against the issues that are posed by games being on tv until they're set to get a big payday from it which says all you need to know
  20. Anyone who's ever dealt with him knows he cares about no one other than Danny Racchi and Danny Racchi only
  21. They were in the top flight of Scottish football but it appears as though he only played four games there
  22. Lewis

    Just Saying

    Would you complain if we had a striker who had netted six goals via penalties and back post headers so far this season?
  23. It's the clubs at step 3 and below that I feel for the most out of all this. Their season will be stopped yet again, and to put it bluntly, they will die without income even if this second lockdown is to only last a month or so. An emergancy fund has to be provided for those clubs, end of.
  24. Confirmed that elite sport will continue behind closed doors
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