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  1. Forcing accounts to not be anonymous doesn't fix the problem, as Facebook (where almost every detail about a person is accessible) sees just as much racist abuse take place. Plus, it endangers people who have very legitimate reasons to stay anonymous on social media, such as someone needing a space to vent about an abusive partner, or those that are acting as whistleblowers, just to name a couple of reasons. It's an idea with the right intentions, but ultimately it would end up causing more problems.
  2. The role of in-house club media is to act as a propaganda machine for the club(and having been on that side of things myself before I can say that it's definitely the case with ours) by putting a positive spin on as much as is humanly possible. As such, that is always going to carry over into commentary too. What I will say is that the two commentators we have do a very good job (I've worked with one of them before and on the media side of things he's done a lot of good work for the club), and whilst the stream obviously has issues those two are nowhere near being a problem. If it's true
  3. Could have been six or seven here and Weymouth could have no complaints. Certainly had the chances today but just not taken them
  4. One day we'll be able to cope with set pieces. Today is not that day
  5. Almost as though the idea that Nathan Clarke can't pass a ball is a myth
  6. Make no mistake, while this is still a game that we should be winning (especially if we're serious about making the playoffs), Weymouth are no pushovers nowadays. Since signing Dominic Revan (who did a decent job of marking Mo Salah when he played against Liverpool) on loan from Villa they've become a very tricky side to play against, with Hartlepool, Bromley and Stockport being just three of the sides that they've gotten three points against since the aforementioned Revan has come in. Will we win? I think so, but it'll be a much harder task than it was down at their place.
  7. Except they were at the time of the sacking
  8. England (from you), Northern Ireland (from your wife), Gibraltar (through your children being born there) as well as Australia for your grandchildren (their birthplace)
  9. When certain referees are constantly awful whenever we have them of course that's going to get picked up on
  10. Spoke to her for uni before the new year and she came across as a genuinely nice person, plus as others have already said she's been one of the better refs we've had in recent times for sure. She'll go far
  11. Lewis

    Jamie Allen

    But with Zaha it's a case of him feeling that the knee is now an empty gesture that football authorities have used to avoid taking any genuine action to put an end to racist abuse within the game rather than "oh the nasty lefties are making us take the knee so I won't do it"
  12. Signs on loan from Huddersfield until the end of the season. Scored against us for their B team
  13. Talk about a kick in the teeth and a half there. Any other day and we're three or four up and home and dry, and yet we've ended up throwing it away. Two points well and truly dropped
  14. Town 2-2 Sutton (Sho-Silva 90+4) incoming
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