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  1. Lewis

    Pete Wild

    Think the issues there might have been sorted for a while now, or at the very least their owner sold up last October
  2. If I'm being honest, they'd probably think there's something in it if you were to go and put £100 on us winning the league. Unless you were to get someone putting similar money on Wild being the next Grimsby manager, you wouldn't see the odds fall the way they did in such a short space of time
  3. I imagine Grimsby did make an approach at some point leading to an itk putting a bet on it tbh, no one would put a bet on a 33/1 outsider without good knowledge. At this point though I really can't see him leaving
  4. Down to second favourite now, with caretaker Anthony Limbrick now favourite
  5. Lewis


    Weird way of phrasing it though don't you think?
  6. Joins Boston on a month's loan.
  7. Limbrick is currently their caretaker, was assistant to their previous manager
  8. Harrogate 1-0 Town 1311
  9. Doubt there's anything in it but it seems like Wild's somewhat of a contender for the Grimsby job. Was at 33/1 for the job a day or two ago, odds have since fallen and is now the second favourite at 4/1.
  10. Have to say I'm getting the feeling that a side with any sort of competence would be punishing us here. Eastleigh putting us under quite a bit of pressure but aren't able to do anything with it, just have to hope half time sorts us out
  11. Town 0-0 Eastleigh 1811
  12. The marquee signings at Romford have begun, two of which being none other than Adam Morgan and Mekhi McLeod!
  13. Woking 1-1 Town McAlinden 1899
  14. Been a dodgy situation at Macclesfield for years now, seem to remember the year they got promoted there were occasions when they couldn't pay their players on time
  15. Interestingly enough, it was Fullarton who made the decision to let us have him on a permanent basis!
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