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  1. That's the sort of role he was originally brought in to play after all
  2. Yep great signing for them there. Play it on the ground for him and he'll do well in that league
  3. Huddersfield u19s is one that really confuses me, they're a team that Brighouse beat with relative ease so I'm not sure what we'd gain from playing them bar maybe it being a confidence booster
  4. It's an interesting one. Transfermarkt have it down that he's contracted for next season and Steve seems to think that that's the case, but I can't seem to find anywhere that mentions him signing a two year deal at the time that we brought him and as you say Tom Scargill doesn't seem to mention him as a player that we still have so it's a strange one. Hopefully the club offer clarity before long if this supposed good news we've been promised is going to be contract related
  5. Lewis


    Just been confirmed by the EFL that Macclesfield will now be getting relegated instead of Stevenage following an appeal.
  6. Jake Lawlor has been suggested as someone who might come to us in the past. He's just signed for Harrogate
  7. James Hardy won't be coming back - he's just signed for Telford.
  8. Just checked that and you seem to be right, cheers for letting me know
  9. Yep. Know for a fact that it was someone else who did
  10. Funny how Stockport once had a very genuine rivalry with Man City, and now their fans (or at the very least this Cheadle End character) have resorted to a strange obsession with us because of Devante Rodney deciding not to sign for them. Oh how the mighty have fallen
  11. Goalkeepers Sam Johnson Defenders Jacob Hanson (transfer listed) Matty Brown (transfer listed) Jay Benn Midfielders Jack Earing Forwards Jamie Allen As it stands, we are still waiting for news on Maher, Clarke, Jeff King, and Danny Williams.
  12. On top of all the above mentioned points, let's say we were to somehow get promoted during a hypothetical ground share with BPA. They've got a plastic pitch, so what do we do? Do we spend hundreds of thousands putting a grass pitch back in place at a ground that isn't ours, or do we ultimately end up groundsharing with someone even further away, thus killing any hope of growing our support even more than playing at BPA would do? I've seen a lot of awful ideas be shared on this forum before, but "let's willingly leave the Shay" has to be the worst of the bunch.
  13. On the topic of money it sounds like Woking are about to get a significant six figure fee through their sell on clause for Harry Arter now that are Fulham are obliged to sign him given the terms of their loan deal for him. The fact that it's come about through smart dealings in the transfer market as opposed to it coming through a rich owner makes it easier to take, but that's potentially another side with a step up on us now.
  14. Lewis

    Retained list

    But not one that I'd expect to be that heavily involved with the first team this year. Don't get me wrong, he looked alright on loan at Brighouse, but he didn't particularly stand out as someone who I think could make the step up to our league (at least not yet)
  15. Every possibility that there's been a change of circumstances in his life in the last year
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