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  1. Make no mistake, that was the worst performance of the season by an absolute mile. Twice now we've not been able to cope after the opposition go down to ten men, how we adapt to that is something we need to work on badly. Wild got his substitutions badly wrong today as well. He was right to have us transition into the 4-4-2 when we did, but why take McAlinden off when him up front is what we were crying out for? King off at the same time raised a few eyebrows for me too, he probably could have gone on just a little bit longer. Speaking of King, that's one of few positives from today. In the first half you could just tell he was a class above anyone else on the pitch, absolute miracle if we keep him behind January. Cooper? Didn't do too badly to begin with, fingers crossed he develops on this and turns out to be a half decent signing. Binnom-Williams felt like he reverted back to the unfit Binnom-Williams we had at the start of the season. There's quite clearly a player in him, but he's starting to prove that he's not consistent enough to keep his individual run of form going. I know Wild has emphasised that he only wants a squad of twenty, but I feel like we should possibly start looking at alternatives at left back purely to keep Binnom-Williams on his feet. Barnet next, and that's an interesting one for me. They're unbeaten in five, but their results don't really stand out as particularly impressive with three of those games being draws. A couple of weeks ago we could very easily blow them away, but now it looks like it could be another one where we struggle.
  2. By all accounts struggled on-loan at Newport last year, but at the same time played well during his loan at Boreham Wood. Fingers crossed he's found a level he can excel at
  3. Can't speak for the east stand but there definitely wasn't any of that in the south stand
  4. Not quite sure what game you were at, the boos didn't start until all the players had gone down the tunnel? They were definitely still getting a good ovation whilst they were applauding the south stand
  5. Either way Salford don't really have anyone who can fill that role for us, as the previously mentioned Shelton is more of an attacking midfielder.
  6. Looking at Salford's squad there aren't really any defensive midfielders that are out of favour at the moment. The only midfielder that could be considered to be out of favour is Mark Shelton, and he's not a defensive midfielder. Unless the plan changes and we decide to go for a defender to allow Staunton to go back into the holding midfield role, Tuesday won't be about making signings.
  7. They signed Cameron Burgess earlier in the window, then they signed two in Jack Baldwin and Sam Hughes on deadline day.
  8. Liam Hogan hasn't played a single minute for Salford yet this season, wonder if we're using Tuesday to look at him providing he isn't injured? Think he might have picked one up in pre-season but no idea where he's at in terms of recovering from it
  9. Absolutely hopeless refereeing today, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that it was just a poor performance in general today to be honest. Need to learn to stamp our problem of conceding early goals out too, as I thought we looked quite good up until that point. Who knows how differently today could have gone if we didn't concede that? All ifs and buts though, just have to hope today was a bad day at the office.
  10. Town 1-1 Yeovil McAlinden 2222
  11. Lewis


    Was said in jest to be honest, but if he keeps this up there'll be teams sniffing around for him before long.
  12. Lewis


    Cowleys have turned down an approach from Huddersfield, but are said to be in advanced talks with Sheffield Wednesday. Just hope Lincoln haven't caught wind of Wild's exploits so far!
  13. Chesterfield 2-3 Town McAlinden, Sho-Silva, Nolan 3911
  14. Just have to hope that Brown's injury isn't too serious, as whilst Staunton slotted in just fine at the back we've got absolutely no one to play that defensive midfield role now, and without that I felt we suffered. Could be worth looking at bringing someone in on a month's loan?
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