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  1. Doesn't help that he's being played out of position. He's a winger not a striker
  2. We're good but even we can't score that many surely?
  3. I'll have what you're having if 5 in 8 isn't seen as productive. As for Vale, he's being played out wide (to surprisingly good effect seeing as it didn't really work there at Stockport) and they absolutely adore him
  4. If it's anything other than the Kian Spence signing that we all know about I'll be amazed
  5. Lewis

    FA Cup

    Suppose the only positive is that we'll be in contention for being the game shown by the BBC. Can't see too many standout candidates unless they want to go for an all National League game
  6. Yeah I wouldn't have gotten your hopes up about Hyde starting even before Wild came out and said that. He prefers to ease a player back in after injury as opposed to throwing them back into the deep end immediately and it's a fair assumption to make that it'll be the case when it comes to Hyde and Noble-Lazarus' returns
  7. Lewis

    FA Cup

    Played*. Believe he plays for Hayes & Yeading now
  8. Lewis

    FA Cup

    Well, that's one I'd rather have avoided to say the least. To say South Shields are bankrolled would be the understatement of the century and the side they've built on the back of that would see them do alright in our league so they'll certainly give us one hell of a game. Would imagine that it'd have been a new ground for the majority of our fans too, and seeing as current restrictions mean our fans won't be allowed in there's disappointment in that regard as well
  9. Was this good in the same position last season as well. Glad to see others are finally realising how good he is
  10. Can tell you for a fact that this isn't true
  11. It's a good point on its own, but with a good striker in that lineup we win that game. The sooner Hyde's back the better
  12. Sadly I think he'll be a case of being a good physicial presence that ultimately isn't good enough in front of goal. That was the impression given to me when I asked a Yeovil fan I know about him and I can see the same happening here, more than happy for him to prove me wrong though
  13. Bit of a difference between someone who's 6ft and someone who was last recorded as being 5ft 8 though, there's being a small centre back and then there's that. Just have to hope he's grown a little since he was last measured
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