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  1. And cut ourselves off from a potential cash stream sponsorship wise?
  2. Just wait until you find out we're not the only team that play in blue.
  3. Lewis


    That Non-League Tittle-Tattle account is very hit and miss, fingers crossed it's just a case of whoever runs that account seeing the speculation on here and taking it as fact
  4. Lewis


    If he does go to Stockport then fair enough, he'll be on a hell of a lot of money there. But he'll be back to twenty minute cameos on the wing as opposed to starting up front every week for us. Make the right call Rodders.
  5. Lewis

    Lois Maynard

    Played 43 league games for them last season?
  6. Have to say I'm not massive on either option tbh, probably go for the first one if I had to choose though
  7. From what I understand whoever runs our Twitter also runs the Sandal BMW account, this is the second time this has happened recently
  8. Won't happen given that the Scottish Premiership sides youth teams are the ones that play in the competition, not the first teams. Very much their equivalent of the EFL Trophy
  9. I meant more in the season of if we have the ability to get promoted or not.
  10. Surely it's only right to be concerned after losing to a team three leagues below us given that we want to be in the Football League in three months time?
  11. Nah it's just another mistake from the media team, should be Nolan
  12. Not a chance he'll leave this season, and even then it'd take a seriously good offer for him to even consider leaving Barrow. Far too committed to the project there for him to walk out
  13. If Liverpool had used their usual prices, everyone would be having a moan about fans having to pay first team prices to watch their youth team. But because they've reduced the prices (something that Shrewsbury will have agreed to), the moan of the day is that Shrewsbury are missing out on an even bigger jackpot. They can't win in some eyes.
  14. Was told when he signed that he's very much a confidence based player, maybe the break from playing (albeit through injury) has helped get his confidence back a bit?
  15. If he were to go there it'd be at the end of the season, if at all. Seems very committed to the project at Barrow given what he said following approaches from Chesterfield and Fylde
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