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  1. Lewis


    Trust me, there was a lot more happening than the stuff he acknowledged
  2. Lewis


    Genuine question, why do you seem to ignore any points that throw his man management skills and what he's like to deal with into question? There's more than enough evidence to suggest these statements have some truth to them
  3. Spoke to him on Instagram earlier today and he has no idea when he'll be back for. Based on today and Wrexham fingers crossed he isn't out for too long
  4. Aldershot 1-2 Town McAlinden, Cameron King 1749
  5. I imagine at the moment any statement by the club would be along the lines of "The club have been made aware of an incident involving Dayle Southwell last Saturday. No further comment will be made at this time."
  6. Screenshots have emerged from a Lincoln City Facebook group that show that Southwell *was* involved in an incident in Lincoln, just not the one we thought it was.
  7. From what I remember when I was part of the media team, an overly complicated system is used for commentary (like I don't remember too much but what they use somehow initiates a Skype call and I guess the commentary's recorded from the device that receives the call?). This is a system the board pay to maintain, and whilst I personally don't know the ins and outs of options for commentary I imagine there are much better and perhaps simpler alternatives that could be implemented without too much of an extra cost instead
  8. Wrexham 1-1 Town Cameron King 5149
  9. There's no denying that he has good aspects to his game, but based on today his positioning could do with some work. Besides, would it hurt to have another option at left back just in the event of injury?
  10. Was really happy with a lot of things today, but if I'm being honest I've got to say I'm worried about the positioning of Binnom-Williams. More than once he was caught well out of position with one such instance very nearly resulting in a Dagenham equaliser. If it's not something that gets stamped sooner or later teams will learn to exploit this, so I'm hoping Wild can either coach it out of him or bring in another option at left back (any idea what happened to Ben Wyatt anyway?)
  11. Town 3-0 Dagenham Sho-Silva, Allen, Cameron King 2199
  12. In relation to the attacking football it sounds like Oldham did play an attacking style under Wild tbf, so hopefully it won't end up an empty promise like Fullarton's commitment to attacking football
  13. Now that Luke Armstrong has signed for Salford we have to at the very least ask the question of Rodney coming back if we haven't already done so. Not a chance he'll get a look in now
  14. No one really knows the true reason, but it's commonly accepted that he left as a result of intervention from the owner. Another suggestion was that he was unhappy with the idea that they were going to get rid of his backroom staff
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