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  1. James Bolton becomes the first ex-Town player to (publicly) be diagnosed with coronavirus. (Unless I've missed anyone?)
  2. Strange decision given that I imagine the league'll be postponed come next weekend, but it's one that I'll take regardless. Fingers crossed we get a good pay day from the Prem/EFL season ticket holders off too. If this is to be our last game for a while, let's go out with a bang.
  3. I meant it more in the sense that at that level a lot of the fans are of an older generation
  4. Difference is that until a total lockdown is in effect, many businesses will still have their main source of income available to them in the form of sales unless they decide to enforce self-isolation on their employees. You'd hope that there'd be something in case to protect these companies and businesses should they become affected though
  5. If games are to be played behind closed doors then the government and the FA will need to cough up compensation for a lot of clubs where their main income will now have been cut off completely. Otherwise, we'll be seeing clubs going bust left right and centre before long. The solution is clubs providing live feeds for games at prices close enough to matchday ticket prices, but what do you do about the ability for these streams to be shared illegally? And what do you do about clubs that don't have the facilities or money needed for streaming, as well as clubs such as Brighouse where you'll have a lot of fans who don't use the internet on a regular basis?
  6. Lewis


    Completely different game if Rodney scores that one on one where his touch was just a little bit too heavy for his own liking, but that shouldn't take away from how embarrassing today was. Big questions to ask of why our heads dropped immediately they went 1-0 up particularly after a week of Wild bigging up how this is a squad that never gives up
  7. Helps that they train in Manchester, you'd feel hard done by if you were a local playing for them though having to make that journey for training
  8. Mixing real life and your Football Manager save up never ends well.
  9. I'll second this. Spoke to him for a uni assignment earlier in the season and he was incredibly open with me
  10. Lewis

    Bury AFC

    I suppose the difference is the total breakdown in relationship between Dale and their fans. Can't imagine many will want anything to do with a club run by him
  11. Lewis

    Bury AFC

    You'd imagine 99% would support the phoenix club surely? No chance anyone still supports the original club with Steve Dale as owner if it somehow survives and enters into the league system again
  12. Wild opted to play a striker that not only got a goal and an assist the last time he played against Torquay, but in his eyes was more suited to play against a very physical side in Torquay than Redshaw (as much as I disagree with that decision myself) He made a mistake, it happens. You'll have an incredibly hard job of finding a manager who doesn't make any. All about whether he learns from it or not
  13. I can understand why Allen's on the bench given how well he fits the impact sub role, though I completely disagree with the decision to have Sho-Silva play over Redshaw. Be happy to be proven wrong though
  14. And cut ourselves off from a potential cash stream sponsorship wise?
  15. Just wait until you find out we're not the only team that play in blue.
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