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  1. Four Chadwick leaving threads, theshaymen.net? Four? That's absurd.
  2. Clubs with much bigger fanbases than ours famously never fallen victim to the weather of course
  3. Wow, how dare the Courier report a direct quote made by Pete Wild? Shame on them for doing their jobs!
  4. Tim Flowers is another one that is always honest when it comes to his post match interviews, always gives us credit when we deserve it
  5. Oh look, someone who has been to the ground twice today confirming everything that's been said by the club. But I guess because it was a bit warm in TJ's car the game should still have been played
  6. I guess I just dreamt last season then
  7. Would appear to be working as a coach at an academy in York
  8. The same Nathan Cartman who has struggled to get a game for Scarborough on top of only scoring three goals in the Conference North last season? Thanks but no thanks. There's a very good reason as to why he hasn't played at this level and sadly it's because he isn't good enough for it
  9. Awarded as Vanarama's player of the month for December.
  10. Coming up on three months without a clean sheet but apparently we don't miss Clarke!!!
  11. If he's not an option in our player of the season vote then I'll be disappointed
  12. Fingers crossed he's of Sam Graham's ability and not Julian Banton's
  13. Got voted into the Scottish Championship team of the season as a joke by Partick Thistle fans so not sure why we've put it down as one of his achievements! Fingers crossed we're the club that he comes good for though
  14. Lewis

    Nyal Bell

    Recalled by Stockport.
  15. Only at Town would we finally get the 20 maybe even 30 goal a season striker that we've been crying out for for years in the form of Jake Hyde only for him to be called a liability because he's been a bit unlucky with his injuries this season. Christ
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