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  1. When was the first televised match for Halifax Town ?
  2. Noticed a few old footy matches on youtube etc. Does anyone know when Town were first filmed and is it still avaliable to watch ?
  3. In my enforced lockdown just bought FM2020 0n steam (33% off) and thought I'd take an uncomplicated approach but no matter what, find myself in bottom 4 after 10 games and facing the sack! Playing 4 4 2, counter attack and pass into spaces. Team is Johnson, JBW Clarke Brown Hanson; Williams C King Cooper Josh Mac; Allen and Rodney Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong ? All advice gratefully received
  4. Not football related but: Saw an item today where a person in Ripon has issued a green and red square to all houses in his street. Put green in window if all is ok, Red if you need help so that people can get in touch. Thought it was a great idea at little cost
  5. Derbyshayman


    Not into greedy premier football but note there is much controversy about VAR with a feeling it is spoiling the game. Why is VAR not used like it is in Cricket (not VAR I know). What if each team had two appreals each per 45 mins and VAR is only used if a team captain calls for it when appealing (say) offside or handball etc. Then the game could revert to how it should be managed - by the Ref. Just a thought. .
  6. why is there no explanation as to why the match highlights from Maidenhead have not been posted on shaymen player ?
  7. Why is there no expanation or apology for there being no highlights from Saturdays match. Quite happy to take our money but don't seem bothered about the service !!
  8. Can't understand why managers at this level think they can play weird formations and expect the team to perform!!. I'm sure I heard Wild say in an interview that he doesn''t worry about the opposition, just plays to our strengths. So why are we playing different styles every week? Our strength is not in having star players who can switch it on wherever you play them. Our strength (it seems to me) is that we play well as a united force where players play where they are best suited and we use our overall collective abilities. Can we please revert to and stick with a 4 4 2 formation with quick wingers and two in the box. We should play that week in week out so it is second nature to the team. Let's play to OUR strengths and as Peter Wild says - not worry about what the opposition are going to do
  9. Also never met you but thanks for your work in keeping this board open. IT LOOKS AWESOME !!!
  10. Seen his name in the updated squad - who is he and what position does he play ? Thanks
  11. Been reading that thread and it seems curious that one individual can own the club without any other input or personal risk. Maybe I'm wrong, and you experts out there will advise, but is the following true? Ham and Peacock are named as directors but have no shares and therefore no power. DB has one share, which might only be valued at £1 but he has sole control over the club. The "directors" have made no personal investment in the club with any previous loans having been repaid. If the above is true then they have really only been managers of the clubs resources and have no personal stake in our future and whether they (or DB) are wealthy or not is immaterial as they are not investing any personal finance in the business.Why then would they worry about relegation as they would not feel any effect from that. If someone wanted to take over the club it would be solely up to DB whether to allow that or not. Thoughts ?
  12. Derbyshayman


    Among all the reasons given for the lack of progress no one has mentioned the fan base. Realistically, we have no chance of survival in a higher league with our current fan base and given how fickle supporters can be we would soon be back to the 1500 or so level as soon as we failed to be in the plays offs or there abouts. Town have never been well supported and (in my view) never will be - TV rules now. Get used to enjoying this level 'cos we ain't going higher anytime soon
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