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  1. Also never met you but thanks for your work in keeping this board open. IT LOOKS AWESOME !!!
  2. Seen his name in the updated squad - who is he and what position does he play ? Thanks
  3. Been reading that thread and it seems curious that one individual can own the club without any other input or personal risk. Maybe I'm wrong, and you experts out there will advise, but is the following true? Ham and Peacock are named as directors but have no shares and therefore no power. DB has one share, which might only be valued at £1 but he has sole control over the club. The "directors" have made no personal investment in the club with any previous loans having been repaid. If the above is true then they have really only been managers of the clubs resources and have no personal stake in our future and whether they (or DB) are wealthy or not is immaterial as they are not investing any personal finance in the business.Why then would they worry about relegation as they would not feel any effect from that. If someone wanted to take over the club it would be solely up to DB whether to allow that or not. Thoughts ?
  4. Got a really bad feeling about the total lack of communication on any issues from OUR club. The BOD seem to think we are children only to be told things when they deem it time to tell us. No news on signings clearly spells out NO SIGNINGS. The BOD have not and will not invest in the club's future at all - all the decent transfer money has just kept us where we are. They clearly will be happy with relegation to they can just keep us going at the minimum level. Pathetic !!!
  5. Same old same old from this club Announce that they are making an announcement so we all get excited - now pushing 4pm and no word from the tin pot club !!!
  6. When the men's world cup was on our Town (in Derbyshire) had loads of flags, cars were covered in stickers and the pubs were heaving. Now you wouldn't even know that this major event was taking place at all
  7. Thanks for all your help. They don't get any NHS funding and rely totally on donations as far as I know. I'll post the items to the Elland address
  8. I live in Derbyshire and I'm packing things to move homes. I've got some old town shirts and some programmes and Sandall to the Shay book. I normally give things to the Air Ambulance but not sure Town items are going to be much use to them in this area. Is there an Air Ambulance or other worthy charity in or near Halifax I could post them too? Appreciate your help. Richard
  9. Clearing out an old wardrobe and have found an orange Town shirt with Holland Decorators sponsorship - what year was this ?
  10. I'm probably wrong but here goes I think Fullerton is too much a theorist. It's almost like he's playing Football Manager and tweaking every little factor about every player and then trying to combine the results and produce a winning team. This GPS stuff sums is up really, if you don't run far enough in training then you don't get picked - regardless of how good you might actually be.. When he first arrived and we got good results he'd not had time to muck about with the squad so they played to the "best" of their own abilities. Now he's trying to manage his perceived abilities which don't match up to what the players can actually do. In short he's over-complicated things. Look at Man U now (sorry!!) - manager lets them play on the deck to a basic shape - after that it's up to the team on the pitch to play to their strengths. Not a complicated game unless you make it so
  11. I can't remember reading any after match report on opposition fan's forum that ever said we are a good team. Just outplayed Salford but their forum says we were rubbish. I find this on all other boards. Can anyone remember when another team said we were good ?
  12. How much will we be paid by BT sport for the Wimbledon game ? Also, is the FA cup 2nd round money of £36,000 paid to both cubs or just the winning club.?
  13. For me, Aston Villa away in 1970's. Can still see Dave Chadwick's goal in my dreams
  14. Get Collins in as player manager
  15. Why do chairmen interview for the manager post if they know little or nothing about how to run a team? If I were chairman I would get another manager to interview candidates with me and sit in to see if I could work with therm. Does that not make sense ?
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