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  1. Love you Bodes. I believe in you pal
  2. I've got £5 on Bristol City, Wrexham, West Ham, Ac Milan and you guessed it Halifax. Can guess the only team letting me down. Get Bodes on
  3. 1-1 Don't understand why our most consistent performer in Kev Roberts, not getting a start. Also feel a tad sorry for Bodes. Class striker, just we choose to play a way that doesn't suit him.
  4. The only thing that shocked me today after the Woking game was the fact he didn't start with Schofield or Jackson. Two of the only pluses from the Woking game. Dyer is hopeless. Boden is wasted. Peniket isn't the man. Glennon is stuck to his line and Roberts doesn't look interested.
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