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  1. chances of having a fixture a week on saturday look good with so many teams with a blank date, obvious choice would be notts county who we should have played tomorrow, or aldershot away who we could switch from a tuesday night, whoever, we need to play, as our first void game against macclesfield is in mid november , the last thing we need is a backlog of games.best way of getting last saturday out our minds is to get back on the park and show what can do.
  2. any updates ,7pm kick off
  3. ilkeston v hartlepool get the bbc live screening for the 4th qualifying round
  4. draw at 1-30 today on talksport 2 with 25 northern teams drawn ,last drawn gets a bye into round one, the shaymen are number 3
  5. second round draw was on a friday 1pm ,think the same for the 4th round, so 16th of october
  6. obviously you are a bit of a youngster , tommy
  7. absolutely agree,for not such a tall keeper he was the best ive seen at the shay ,as we used to say ,A-L,A-L-E,A-L-E-X-, ALEX
  8. 79 teams won through to the 3rd qualifying round over the weekend with one other tie tonight, that will leave 40 teams through to the 4th qualifying ,plus 23 national league teams, therefore will there be a bye when we enter or a lucky loser in the round before , similar to darlington,i think ,a few years ago when man utd didnt enter , playing in a world club comp instead.
  9. after the confusion on coronavirus , comes the climatic storm caroline,with rain falling today tomorrow and friday ,the heavens open on saturday and torrential rain falls from 8am to midnight , could it be a deferred start to screening at the shay. lets hope the weather forecast isn't as bad as suggested
  10. agreed ,but it might have been boston we played
  11. so if we draw a non elite team ,away from home, we could possibly have 100 to 150 tickets to watch the game ,otherwise its behind closed doors. as of york city awaiting ticket information for their away fixture at warrington rylands
  12. is there a commercial side to screening, with pubs ,clubs [even cinema] able to screen at a higher cost than normal, £100/£200 say, and then fans who attend could maybe put £5 each into a pot for the club at half time.
  13. in a joint statement last night ,the national league north stated that they would not take part in a this seasons league without funding ,and wanted a one vote one club system throughout the national league.
  14. dover chairman stated on breakfast tv that they would close if no fans are let in, in october, hope this is not the begining of the end for small clubs!!!
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