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  1. Just popping out to the shops
  2. BT, they all hang from the same rope
  3. How many games are Sky screening ? Bishop Storford v St Albans on Monday ???
  4. I'm sure they do but unfortunately their squad is nowhere near good enough . They are low end Championship high end League One . They need to shop more wisely if they want to keep up to their ambitions
  5. My homestead is eco friendly (which is Yorkshire for bloody cold)
  6. Jeff King should possibly take more advantage of this blemish in the laws of the game
  7. Maybe a lot will tune into their live estuary
  8. My favourite stat was that we'd also lost our opening 4 Premier League games this season
  9. Think they have pushing 500
  10. The freeze frames on Match of the Day don't help matters . In the Liverpool incident he was slightly offside then onside rather than heading into an offside position . It's like the silly ones where you're offside in your own half because you've run backwards 20 yards
  11. I've just read a ridiculous editorial in the Yorkshire Post in which a financial advisor type bloke is telling everybody to take out loans and spend lots of money to lift the nation out of recession so that we'll be in a stronger position than all the other recession torn nations . I'm in the Hoddie camp with my deep pockets and short arms .
  12. If we bankrupt all the other clubs we might win the league
  13. You can take Halifax out of Yorkshire but you can't take Yorkshire of Halifax
  14. If more players test positive next week they have a problem and will have to postpone games, at the moment they are massaging the rules to their advantage so that they aren't expelled from the FA Cup . If they after all do end up having to forfeit the FA Cup our league game will also be postponed
  15. Those players will be available from the 26th so unless others test positive next week (which would result in the postponement of our scheduled fixture) they will be available to face us . The fact that they would have had to forfeit their place in the FA Cup is the probable reason that they didn't request a postponement yesterday
  16. The ref has little power to deal with such incidents and they are dealt with at a later date (having not seen the incident myself)
  17. Their crowd was capped at 300 with only 60 or 70 per cent of season ticket holders allowed to attend and no non season ticket holders allowed
  18. I bet you're glad you didn't win 50 million
  19. Unfortunately I'm starting to enjoy not going to football
  20. To win more than £5 would be a victory for me
  21. Zurich Holden (wish you'd all stick to Switzerland)
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