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  1. No such thing as an intelligent plumber
  2. Shame that they'll only have parking for 400 cars
  3. Like reading The Sun then !
  4. Buy the Courier wants to be closer to East Anglia but makes no actual mention of his health issues
  5. Staunton was just a tall Jake Hibbs (unfortunately)
  6. Bernie Winters ? Only appears when Josh farts
  7. JGN1 ? TommyH will do it as a quiz question .
  8. We should all start worrying when Steve Lumb starts worrying . Chadders has climbed off his fence to assure us that everything is wonderful
  9. I'm crap at detecting who is who other than JGN1 is as you say now Shay (and we all know his real name) . I think changing ID is a bit desperate unless you're a criminal, but I'll eventually get around to changing my phone (long overdue) so who knows what the future may hold . We should play whatever happened to ? I'll start the ball rolling with ArchieTaylor and his lovely Tina
  10. Strikers should only be paid for the goals and assists, I'd be offering TSS 10k per goal
  11. Be a great nil nil spectacle
  12. Not sure how it works but should be reclaimable through the PFA injury scheme
  13. Isn't it an exchange of possession ?
  14. BPA is now a plastic pitch but still an horrible stadium in an horrible part of town . If Halifax played their home games more than 10 miles away, I'd attend very few
  15. Often the discount code doesn't self paste and you have to ring the call centre helpline to activate it . Or in English, they are a con to get your business and they hope you don't spot that the discount hasn't come off the checkout price
  16. The same Fullarton that was desperate to offload Brown ?
  17. We'll be looking for gems in the Halifax leagues
  18. King and Williams will be wing backs if they stay and if we don't get better
  19. Hanson hasn't really done enough for me to want him to stay and if we are playing 3 at the back I don't want Brown in that 3
  20. Courier said so must be factual
  21. Duckworth sadly too often injured, Cooper and TSS simply didn't improve on their early potential
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