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  1. I honestly don't know why they still have that Iceland when they have the one in The Range, as you say, it seems embarrassingly help yourself
  2. Correct, Charlton televised . Where did those 10 years go
  3. Personal matters regarding their failed attempt to give me an incorrect address and their failure to repair a footpath that washed out in the floods 13 months ago even though they assured me at the time that they had the funds available . Yet if you're 10 day's late with a council tax payment they are quick off the mark with their threatening letters
  4. The length of time it's taking them to reply to an e-mail is astounding, you wonder what we pay these idiots to do all day
  5. My only visit to dreadful Solihull and all I can remember about the game is standing next to a number of members of Scott McManus's family
  6. World War 2 bomb in front of The South Stand . Ordered a replica, should arrive in the morning . Just got to figure out how to sneak it in
  7. I wondered if he was having problems with his left and right ? Maybe he'll go round in circles
  8. Think Dave Verity would be playing in my first season but watching Vardy demolish admittedly rubbish teams was the most fun season ever following halifax (small h applicable in this instance)
  9. Guess the days are gone when an 11 year old could find his own way to The Shay and watch a game of football either standing alone or maybe meeting up with schoolmates
  10. He was lockless last season . Maybe he does perform better with more bush
  11. A surprisingly average selection of Ts available Steve Thornber
  12. Wild has stated on several occasions that he likes to have 22 players in training sessions so that he can play 11 v 11 . Presumably these non competitive games don't involve too much physical contact (or shouldn't involve physical contact)
  13. In no particular order and for a variety of reasons (mostly hair related) Paul Stoneman, Steve Spooner, Adrian Shaw, Terry Shanahan and Bobby Scaife
  14. Bit of a pain when they add a percentage for commission
  15. Really not sure, I had to leave it soon after Jeff King scored . Guessing we lost 4-3
  16. Just hope Jeff King doesn't give away any cheap penalties
  17. Interesting that we signed him as a centre half and I think that's the only position that he doesn't list
  18. I'm predicting that leisure, sport and the fat one from Little Mix will be the big winners post pandemic
  19. You've also got to bear in mind that we don't actually own anything, our only asset is our money in the bank
  20. He would never allow himself to own less than 51% probably not less than 75%, which is why no investors would be interested when he was advertising for investment in 2019
  21. Why not ? Millwall pretty much did . I think my Uncle had 20000 which is now 2 shares that I can't do anything with, anybody who had less than 10000 had them written off . Share issues are very complex whichever way you go about it
  22. But he could write off the shares whenever he wanted leaving the investors with nothing .
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