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  1. Madonna pulled out at the last minute (think she got peroxide)
  2. It's pissing my pants laughing sad . Hope my mate ginger Nick is there to cheering our 6 fingered friends on
  3. You were too young, I nearly was . The Dead Parrot, The Lumberjack Song and The Ministry of Silly Walks stick with you for life
  4. The one stand holds 3.5k plus corporate guests
  5. The new club are basically inheriting the players old contract . If they are increasing the value of the contract no problem . If they are decreasing the value of the contract an agreement has to be reached regarding the difference
  6. We may have a Chantal expert in our midst
  7. Must say I had to waste 2 minutes of my life googling that one
  8. Some of our 'fans' will be mortified if you aren't a bunch of chavvy thugs
  9. Is this a spoiler on the dates of our fixtures next season
  10. He'll be back to haunt us next season
  11. Unused sub at Park Avenue, was struggling to get in the team but their fans like him
  12. Only seen them at Park Avenue so can't really judge on that . Like to keep it on the deck and use Gash to unsettle defences and Marriott to pick up the scraps . Ross Barrows is in their squad
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