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  1. Guaranteed at least one from Harrogate in the shape of MrB
  2. We've only played about 10 games so the bulk of the squad should just be starting to show how good they really are
  3. No drinking, I'm a Middlesbrough fan but watching the Halifax 'quality' midfield playing like strangers was hard to stomach .
  4. Went in the Middlesbrough end for this one, got refused at the first gate because I opened my big mouth, so had to go through at the other side of the ground
  5. Two losses aren't the problem . A sudden attack of on field ineptitude is a concern that needs addressing before it becomes an habit
  6. It'd be great if he can fit into our system but I have serious doubts . On a equally sad note, I'm not convinced it's going to work out for Josh MacDonald I challenge them both to prove me wrong because I believe both could play football league
  7. All those happy memories come flooding back
  8. Same system as last season . Seems to work if you have pace and movement up front but is a disaster when it all gets slowed down
  9. Good to be back to facing teams with no history
  10. Two people in Town asked me how we'd done v Yeovil, was happy to tell them without worrying why they couldn't be arsed attending
  11. You're more likely to go bust if you're one of lifes strugglers, success brings money
  12. You don't build a fan base by just surviving . You don't even keep existing fans interested if your only ambition is survival . The only trophy we'll get is an American Trophy Hunter driving us to extinction, we have to have big targets, aims and ambitions
  13. A certain Mr Aspin was a big believe that only one goal would win or lose a game
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