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  1. But for the chaos theory we'd be playing our good friends from Altrincham in round two
  2. A front line of Terry, Jack and Vera would walk this league
  3. Horsfall and Ironside but both previously condemned on here . Fitzpatrick was always a good left sider that plays well against us
  4. If you'd given me a map of the MK Dons ground I could have put my index finger where Tully got injured but I couldn't remember that it was Tully
  5. Three right Macca was the right answer to question one which ever Way you read it
  6. 10 out 10 at the third attempt I'll take that
  7. Scott McManus was big on apps, if there was an app for it he'd have it
  8. Question is clear Which Town player has the most Apps on his mobile Bring back Shaymus all is forgiven
  9. A first for everything . TV finally acknowledges than ManU are manure
  10. Promotion next season it is then ! I seem to remember that Wrexham was our only chance of getting to Wembley
  11. Will certainly help fund a big Christmas knees up on Richmond Road
  12. As you base your vote purely upon manifesto and policies I take it you'd happily vote Conservative if you felt they were presenting the best package
  13. Because Wales will still receive that funding in the EU or out of the EU (or that was the promise in 2016 - maybe things have changed since)
  14. An angrily dejected Damien Allen inadvertently blasting the ball straight into MrB when he was hooked at Wakefield
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