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  1. People are saying how much cleaner the air is without cars and planes but are totally blind to the fact that mobile phone companies have pumped up their signals to meet the increased demand and that this is much more dangerous than exhaust fumes
  2. I've studied viral pneumonia for 40 years . They have to keep banning the more powerful drugs because Americans have an habit of self injecting small doses as an happy drug and large doses as a suicide drug
  3. Is that the same as an all you can eat buffet ?
  4. Russia set 500 lions free to keep people in their homes . I suppose us setting criminals free is the most powerful weapon we have
  5. No immunity to pneumonia . Even a specific CV19 vaccination (which would take 10 years to trial and license) would not 100% guarantee that you are safe
  6. What's the total all inclusive number of deaths over that period and what's the normal National average daily death rate ?
  7. Checking what you've purchased would be a breach of social distancing rules . Just say no comment and move away from the thought police
  8. 19 over thought the last one Tip - work out who it isn't
  9. Not at all, sometimes we forget that we are animals
  10. Times are getting desperate
  11. I did make the point earlier today that this is a very mild form of viral pneumonia . The current stance appears to be to try and rid us of human viral pneumonia to hopefully avoid the more severe mutations that are to come ( of course they won't beat it but it's kind of fun watching them try) . I've said all along that vets know more about how to deal with this than doctors
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