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  1. Is Tailford another of our youngsters ?
  2. Advertising is a cheap way of avoiding/discounting tax for the bigger companies and probably some of the smaller ones .
  3. Possibly one of the first people in the world to know that he'd signed for United from Albion
  4. Because some streamers will have bought more than one season ticket and some season ticket holders won't be interested in streaming . Mothballing doesn't necessarily mean the club not distributing this seasons Season Ticket and doesn't mean they won't be needed should fan access eventually be allowed (which I'm confident will happen in early January if not before under the same guidelines as should be happening now) . There is also the possibility of limited access for Cup games
  5. Get distributing flyers in Whitby
  6. My opinion would be that streaming and season tickets should be kept separate . Season tickets should be mothballed with a view to possible attendance at some point this season and if that doesn't materialise the option would be a refund or carried over to next season
  7. Lower death rates were recorded over the winter period so it would follow if more deaths were recorded over spring . Not having the official figures and a wall of boring graphs I'll leave it to the "experts"
  8. Wilder Bollox


    Exactly what I was thinking, OK they could still field a full team but couldn't guarantee that Hull would be safe . Then Hull get accused of negligence for a situation created by West Ham
  9. I don't mind standing in the cold freezing my tits off watching a pile of crap but not in the comfort of my own home
  10. As said, fans aren't going to want to watch their team losing every week .
  11. The only real winners are those that wouldn't attend the games in person . Obviously dependent upon the pricing of it all
  12. Which looks unsustainable without significant extra funding
  13. A reasonable assessment of the situation . The biggest problem is the variable funding required, the majority of National League North Clubs appear to function on crowds in t region of 200 (£4000 per home game) whilst a few (like York) will have budgeted for significantly more
  14. Meeting at the moment so can't make a statement before the conclusion of that
  15. If you don't pay your second installment you will be in default and the club won't have an obligation to refund you . So financially you might be better off paying the second installment and taking it from there
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