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  1. 1000 possible reasons . Maybe disciplinary, maybe personal, maybe Covid related . Unless ITK it's not ours to speculate
  2. At least we don't have players that fall over when they try to run with the ball . Our set pieces are tuned to perfection . Our throw ins are our speciality . And we don't tolerate coloured boots and alice bands
  3. Possibly, but it should be seen as a separate sport . But if you are able to negotiate funding then why wouldn't you ? The National League are always going to struggle as the 5th tier on the cake but do seem to do a poor job selling themselves commercially
  4. You have an unhealthy knowledge of women's football it's clearly in dire need of funding and, like the mens game, they are happy to piss the funding away on over the top wages and the elevation of the bigger clubs . Maybe they'll eventually get bored when they realise it's just a game of football . I guess the main media interest is that they'd love to see a female playing in the mens Premier League
  5. I don't know why people dislike females participating in sport . In most cases their abilities are inferior to men but I don't see why that should prevent them from any involvement in sport .
  6. Can't get beyond willy warmer . That's some shopping list Tommy
  7. Not bad if the weather is right . The seating is probably the worst viewing point
  8. A player is going to go to ground at the slightest contact
  9. Whether you're a royalist or not
  10. The onfield objective is to win a game of football and (like it or not) dirty tactics are part and parcel of trying to gain some sort of advantage . The behaviour of supporters and so called supporters might be somewhat influenced by what happens on the field but is a different issue
  11. Their website says it's at The Jamie D which is Altrincham
  12. Will we be allowed to socially distance in that big open to the elements end of the ground (or will we need to be qualified forkers)
  13. Will you still talk to us when you've made your first £££€€€$$$Billion
  14. Free to use social media like Twitter thrives on multiple accounts and And millions of traffic per minute . It's impossible to Police or moderate ( and a lot of the self appointed social media moderators are as bad as the trolls they moderate ) . Much of it is finding a perceived weaker person to bully
  15. Passed away aged 77 following a long illness . Sounds like his passing was a relief and blessing to those that loved him
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