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  1. Got to streamline fundraising as much as possible or people will grow wise (weary) and stop giving . During a normal playing season the 50/50 draw and other current initiatives are sufficient (could have more uptake) to keep us amused
  2. Just made the payment online so should be in your account very soon
  3. Superdrug online doctor is emailing me daily, I'll be starting a blackmarket clinic 'shortly'
  4. Keeping it football so that this thread doesn't get moved to the graveyard that is the South Stand Bar
  5. Hehehe! A cardboard cutout complained because OBL was making it feel uncomfortable . We could do project 100 Vardy's ?
  6. Read somewhere that he's now back in full training and therefore should be available to play
  7. Wonder which will be the first club to fill a stand with cardboard Boris Johnson's
  8. They'll need a back of the head shot for penalties
  9. Early bird are cheaper than the actual tickets we would buy
  10. Unless the programme makes money it might as well be done away with the sponsors etc promoted on line and on the teamsheet printed on matchday
  11. You might as well stick me down for Terry Gennoe and Jeff Lee if they are still available
  12. Will the montage be enabled to boo the ref
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