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  1. I think you'll find that most owners of multi million pound businesses are pillocks . They wouldn't have a multi million pound business if they weren't . But I can't see any reason for anybody to not get the Covid vaccination regardless of if it is eventually proven to be ineffective . These are probably the same people that are too dumb to realise that they've got to abide by lock down rules even if they claim that they don't believe in lock down
  2. Latest pitch inspection with TJ driving, Jeff in the passenger seat and Steveonatroll clinging on
  3. Steveonatroll will have a big influence on this one
  4. I'm sure hartlepools will have far more important things to do on that day and steveonaroll will be busy paint shopping
  5. Paying the interest on the loans won't be an issue, it's repaying the actual loan that clubs simply can't do
  6. What date's our next destiny with postponement ?
  7. Players are contracted and still to pay even if we end the season
  8. In reality the prize money hardly covers the cost of staging the games
  9. Problem is that some clubs are able to use the grants as extra funds whilst others just about cover their overheads . I know it's a lot of work but clubs should only be getting money on a week to week basis when and where they need it rather than flashing them a wad of cash and telling them to spend it recklessly
  10. It's proper Pete here and going to be turning Millington by the weekend
  11. You can't judge a player in these conditions
  12. Weather had improved but it's not too pleasant now
  13. You having a laugh, if the rain turns to snow it'll be the clubs fault
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