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  1. Trump has ordered a wall to block the bridge
  2. If we're not careful we'll fall into the Fullarton trap of settling for a system rather than playing to the strengths of the available players
  3. I'm a big fan of defensive midfielders, still not sure that you need two exclusively defensive midfielders in your starting eleven
  4. Take Nathan Clarke out to get an average of 14
  5. Wilder Bollox


    Could have stopped at The council are incompetent
  6. Didn't know that Steve Spooner is the development coach at Birmingham
  7. Big Sam looks more comfortable at corners with less players in the box . You can use every stat in the book, if we leave two men on the half way line our opponents have to leave three defenders back . That's four players less in the box and means the attacking team can only have a maximum of six players in attack to our nine in defence .
  8. Surprised if Daisy only did play 12 games for us but I saw him a lot for Bradford and he was a 'bit' out of condition when he signed for us
  9. Chadders hasn't changed over the years
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