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  1. Long live the traditional programme. **** the digital bullsh!t.
  2. Doesn’t make much difference really.We needed ten players of Cameron’s ability now we need eleven..
  3. Wouldn't tape off half the south if that was the case.
  4. Yes..Thank you David..
  5. Like making a total bollox of spelling SHAY man 2......
  6. On twitter they're urging fans to stay away from the ground....
  7. eddies mate

    Water Break

    Not enough water breaks for me....
  8. Hasn't aged at all...although he looked 40 when he left school.....
  9. Think Gilly will take that as a compliment...!
  10. Look's like he'sJust getting a message through that Brenda's dumped him....
  11. Think it's smokebomb's brother Barry Greaves. On the other side next to Kirbymoorside Wrigley/Duckworth is Gary Main who ran off with the 3 pigeons landlady...
  12. Think he got sent off against us in a WRC game once.Maybe one of our wrinklies can confirm..
  13. 1-1 think you're(half !) right about kick off from memory.Played Walsall at home following sunday and won 3.1 Lost to Cambridge on sunday later in season too.
  14. Don't you remember,people still twik about it today.
  15. eddies mate


    I blame Eddies Mate junior....
  16. Bout time we sacked off Norman Collier though...
  17. eddies mate


    Probably not this year but around that time we got jumped at Smithy Bridge-was anyone on here on that train ?
  18. eddies mate


    Put em on here so we can all have a gander in or is it a private love in...
  19. As a guide just won the 09/10 away for £60. only one i didn't have since reform.Wife chucked it because it was clicked to ****.Obviously we're separated now.....
  20. The one that got away was Marc Roberts..
  21. Doubt it if we were at home..
  22. @gilly hope he’s aware of this and can put a case for the defence..
  23. What a pair they were and that’s just Mabel...
  24. **** off...piss is warm like real ale.
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