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  1. Monday 4pm one hour highlights our game only.
  2. Some of us saw us win there last season..
  3. You’re interest/suffering goes back further than I’ve ever realised...
  4. Each to there own but I think they are quality and Town fans have sold them out.
  5. Must be bored watching Spurs trying to score against a pack of fruit salads..
  6. I’m astounded we got him in first place having heard what was on offer.Must have had some Oldham money subsidising which will probably have now finished..
  7. Surprised he wasn’t in the photo lurking behind the salt..
  8. Let’s not arrange Hartlepool for anytime there’s a possibility of it going ahead..please..
  9. Be surprised if he even found the dugout...
  10. Must be better ways to spend £12 than to endure two hours of blind torture.Looking forward to Tuesday now..
  11. Courier says Wild is to talk to Dann's next week........ This is a ball,this is a blue shirt..................
  12. Old link....Now positive and their game off Saturday...
  13. See they've signed Kiwomya ahead of Saturday..
  14. I think you're right.He was out injured throughout the cup run but still a squad player and one of our best ever pre-Newton...
  15. John Smith ?? maybe Shaymus could name them all for everyone's benefit ?
  16. Probably not,he’ll jump when their position is hopeless to preserve his record of being a greedy,bent,useless **** but without a relegation on his cv.
  17. I find it helpful to quote the right post..
  18. Good news.One piece of deadwood gone two to follow. Dann’s is So bad i’m Not convinced it’s him..does he have a twin brother who doesn’t like football ?
  19. Got a spare of this if you prefer. Dm address if u want it.
  20. Still got a few of these but outdated even for your old bangers..!!
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