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  1. No...lives in Oxford,so he doesn't travel 250 miles to get himself ejaculated from grounds..
  2. Trying to show how hard he was.
  3. One possible silver lining if it's Rodney but not MFT who's just left the sheep.
  4. Would have run off if he could...
  5. Totally agree and on last nights effort Nolan needs to step up too.
  6. Spot on assessment with the obvious weak links identified.Hopefully Wild has enough in the squad/budget to change things around when needed.
  7. 100% we can't expect to be 4-0 every game and give him last 10/15 mins.
  8. Unless we sign another at 7pm......
  9. Don't know how it works and the club is never forthcoming but he told his friends/family,one of whom i work with that he could join Brighton as a free agent.Apparantly Man Utd wanted him too and were prepared to pay some compensation but he turned that down.
  10. Messi and Ronaldo together would struggle wi that.......
  11. Pity Pooran couldn't see it through.......
  12. More like a Stella in this ******* heat....
  13. If you want to take over Scot's mantle you need to work on your spelling....
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