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  1. The only decent stream comes out of one of the commentators noses.
  2. It wasn’t a place to draw too much attention to yourself in those days....
  3. Scored in both games at Pompey at time,we also lost both 3 1.
  4. The budget for the management TEAM on Wild's appointment was around 80% of what I would consider a top earning player to be on,if that put's this into some form of perspective..
  5. Monday 4pm one hour highlights our game only.
  6. Some of us saw us win there last season..
  7. You’re interest/suffering goes back further than I’ve ever realised...
  8. Each to there own but I think they are quality and Town fans have sold them out.
  9. Must be bored watching Spurs trying to score against a pack of fruit salads..
  10. I’m astounded we got him in first place having heard what was on offer.Must have had some Oldham money subsidising which will probably have now finished..
  11. Surprised he wasn’t in the photo lurking behind the salt..
  12. Let’s not arrange Hartlepool for anytime there’s a possibility of it going ahead..please..
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