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  1. Let’s not arrange Hartlepool for anytime there’s a possibility of it going ahead..please..
  2. Be surprised if he even found the dugout...
  3. Must be better ways to spend £12 than to endure two hours of blind torture.Looking forward to Tuesday now..
  4. Courier says Wild is to talk to Dann's next week........ This is a ball,this is a blue shirt..................
  5. Old link....Now positive and their game off Saturday...
  6. See they've signed Kiwomya ahead of Saturday..
  7. I think you're right.He was out injured throughout the cup run but still a squad player and one of our best ever pre-Newton...
  8. John Smith ?? maybe Shaymus could name them all for everyone's benefit ?
  9. Probably not,he’ll jump when their position is hopeless to preserve his record of being a greedy,bent,useless **** but without a relegation on his cv.
  10. I find it helpful to quote the right post..
  11. Good news.One piece of deadwood gone two to follow. Dann’s is So bad i’m Not convinced it’s him..does he have a twin brother who doesn’t like football ?
  12. Got a spare of this if you prefer. Dm address if u want it.
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