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  1. Don't you remember,people still twik about it today.
  2. eddies mate


    I blame Eddies Mate junior....
  3. Bout time we sacked off Norman Collier though...
  4. eddies mate


    Probably not this year but around that time we got jumped at Smithy Bridge-was anyone on here on that train ?
  5. eddies mate


    Put em on here so we can all have a gander in or is it a private love in...
  6. As a guide just won the 09/10 away for £60. only one i didn't have since reform.Wife chucked it because it was clicked to ****.Obviously we're separated now.....
  7. The one that got away was Marc Roberts..
  8. Doubt it if we were at home..
  9. @gilly hope he’s aware of this and can put a case for the defence..
  10. What a pair they were and that’s just Mabel...
  11. **** off...piss is warm like real ale.
  12. Not too well i believe @kit can probably expand.
  13. From what i saw only on a few secs and didn't say anything we didn't already know.
  14. Why ? you never go further than Stockport..
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