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  1. interesting why the 2 clubs missed weren't put back in order..
  2. Signed a while ago.Just announced as for whatever reason his official leave date was yesterday. As you say pretty pointless any new signings now.
  3. Has Erik Everard joined the staff ?
  4. Beckett is a 3 Year pub crawl.Be happy If my lad comes home with a liver let alone a degree...
  5. Piss poor shout... Should always be a match day programme.No digital or monthly bullshit. No need to be big and glossy-8ish pages would suffice.
  6. Whatever next Frank Watene's dietician.........
  7. If we can get a fee for Jonathan Edwards....................
  8. Maybe explain why rather than announce another friendley that you can't attend that no-one gives a **** about.
  9. Fortunately beat them easy to get a home tie with Sheffield United.Good season for cups with Ipswich away in FAC too. Both memorable ties.
  10. The two numbers 7s up there with the best i've seen in a Town shirt..
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