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  1. Exactly..however well you defend you can always concede a goal.
  2. Anyone who's watched football for more than ten minutes knows what utter shiite that is though....
  3. We only conceded one goal so that's no excuse for the attacking 'performance'.
  4. We were awful throughout on the back of a weeks rest and a promised reaction from Yeovil....compounded by the ridiculous statement that we set up not to lose....after next Tuesdaywe'll have a proper idea of where we really are.
  5. Has an underlying health issue which restricts the time he can play at full throttle.this was confirmed by the manager.Not sure what we are/can do about addressing this.
  6. Long way to go to rekindle the 'don't bend down' chant...
  7. If their ticket site is accurate we have sold over 600 now.
  8. i assumed it would be this aft and he'd be watching-otherwise what's it's point.....
  9. x2 here. And how did the Salford friendlly go and did it serve it's intended purpose...
  10. Shame-liked the look of him but all the best and in Wild we trust.
  11. Liked the bit about possible incoming transfers---one wrong move could kill everything......ain't that the truth.......
  12. Pretty much spot on there.Three days after I and many others saw us win 3-0 at Telford and began to believe after that performance..... Couple of sobering thoughts though-although Chesterfield had similarities we did concede goals and a certain super Geoff bagged one of his hatricks against Yeovil-can we go a full season sharing the goals around without a striker of that quality ?
  13. From memory won the header to set up Kossy in Chesterfield tv match-other than that was an Edwards doppelganger.
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