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  1. Like way Chesh stands two steps further up.
  2. Clears up the drop ball mystery..
  3. It doesn't-so let's hope we doing the Alty rain dance again at 450pm....
  4. Should certainly be looking to strengthen the obvious weak areas-that should always be an ongoing situation. Problem being however much we spend guarentees nothing and budgets will always prevail with DB like they did when we did nothing to help Aspin at the back end of the Cambridge playoff season.
  5. Bigger area on the side left to that judging by this season's highlights
  6. It was how easily the ball got to Beck that was the issue with the second goal.
  7. Nolan 100% to blame-totally switched off-watch the highlights.
  8. Much more physical too as we found out down the levels.Getting his confidence back that the injury is past and the psycological aspect is over is probably the biggest hurdle he has to clear.
  9. But on a scale of 1 to 100..1 is 100 the other about 10 hence the lobsided publicity importance.
  10. Been given a 14 day reprieve-no idea why though.....
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