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  1. Hasn't scored for weeks and missed a pen at weekend-wouldn't get in our side ahead of Redshaw at moment.. On a serious-it's been flogged to death by Sky recently.The opinion being that Slavvachops and Rashford will be fit for Euros and failing that it's an opportunity for someone younger.Vardy and Rogers both say he's 100% committed to the Leicester cause and uses any International breaks for recuperation.
  2. How's 2-2 an easy home victory ?
  3. I agree,every time he bends down to pick them up he'd fall over...
  4. i wouldn't and neither would anyone who could see further than end of their nose.
  5. Got the move he deserved for not concentrating on his football and being more interested in future contracts.If he does well at Stockport they'll lose him at end of season.A prick we're well rid of.
  6. Rapidly going downhill in quality-be Huddersfield next...
  7. eddies mate


    EDL Woody-film star.. rarely see him at Shay these days.
  8. Saw it signposted was a good place to visit as a kid.
  9. I blame the witnesses that gave evidence......
  10. Be too tempting to push him in....
  11. Molloy’s Babbacombe was decent Saturday.Short walk from Plainmore.....
  12. Beat us 2-0 at Shay 2004 Wilder days FA Trophy 2 days after he'd got smacked at Staines.
  13. Can only assume the 'interesting' players we got offered turned out to be of little interest...
  14. Eastleigh...to compond things..I remember Trophy winning season having to drive midweek to Bromley,Braintree and Torquay-and that was a relegation season....so bring it on..!!
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