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  1. The real excuse is several were instantly forgettable...
  2. 17/20 Not an anorak like GIlly...and John.
  3. Funny seeing captain Mainwaring at Thrum Hall..
  4. You’re both right filmed at both venues.There is good footage of the old Thrum Hall in acting scenes but the games are filmed at Belle Vue.
  5. Is that where you did your knee Chadders ?
  6. He loved his new find so much it found it's way to Ebay within a day.......
  7. MacShanahan.....
  8. There's many out there who would echo those sentiments.The challenge is to turn the obvious interest into another body through the gate.
  9. Fair assessment.At what point would you attend regularly again,out of interest.
  10. I'd rather not lose to anyone......
  11. eddies mate

    Game off

    Did all three...don't tell Shaykehands....
  12. eddies mate

    Game off

    We're open to suggestions....
  13. F**** sake.Good early call for them driving-suppose flying is always a gamble.....
  14. Trial night at Woodley Sports.
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