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  1. You're not imagining we usually do. Away especially.
  2. I don't think they didn't deserve to lose IMO. Johnson hardly had a save to make. They had a fair chunk of the ball in the first half granted but they didn't do much with it. Only time I felt like we were under the pump was when we went 1-0 up and then they really started putting pressure on our defence and to it's credit they stood firm. Hartlepool did play some nice stuff but I fear if they lose a couple more Hignett will leave (will probably return 2 years later for like his 4th spell haha).
  3. I don't think it was Silva who shot.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was Jeff King who played the cross field ball to Allen as the Staunton goal came from an Allen shot.
  5. It was Jeff King who played the cross field ball to Allen I believe.
  6. Sounds like a breath of fresh air does Wild. I’m looking forward to the season and so much more than I was if Fullarton was in charge still!
  7. The club have kept this one quiet
  8. I think he opts out of the sessions
  9. I see the Halifax RLFC conditioner is taking them through their paces (Andy Holleyhead).
  10. Clearly they'll release their actual new kit tonight. Paddy Power all over the media currently which is what they want.....
  11. Our first 5 league games are going to be like pre-season! This is not looking good at all.
  12. You have got to be kidding me. Open your eyes mate the guy was an absolute fraud who has the personality of a dour scotman. Our football last season to watch was absolutely terrible and I agree with Flea chesterfield away was absolutely abysmal! I have no issues with your opinion and you are 100% correct in that you are entitled to have one but you cannot seriously say he did a decent job at the Shay! I wanted him gone last season and we didn’t and yes he kept us up but for me that is not good enough. In sport you should try to achieve and with Fullarton it was never exciting, his interviews were beyond bizarre and I never once thought yes this is the man to take us forward. He chatted like a politician at the open evening to which I attended and he did not provide me with confidence nor excitement that we could build under him. Now unless the club clarify the situation which has led to him resigning then we will never know and I am very open to the idea that Bosomworth is partly to blame if he wouldn’t sanction signings etc. One thing I know for certain is that Jamie Fullarton not once got me excited and I can safely say that if you think what he did was a decent job than you most love watching a tin of dulux dry on a Saturday afternoon!
  13. Butler Brown Bushell Gregory
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