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  1. Correct but his shove in the back cost us the Maidenhead equaliser at home if you’re going down that route. I’m not anti Jeff King I just think Duckworth is better in that position
  2. Well J King hasn’t shined for me so Duckworth should be in IMO. At the end of the day if we keep winning I’m not that fussed if Peter Wild plays right back
  3. I understand competition for places but Duckworth is better than J King! Duckworth has been player of the season IMO so I cannot fathom why he is not getting picked. Duckworth > J King every day of the week.
  4. I totally get where you are coming from but for me Duckworth should start over J King even if he is not suspended. Binnom also is not match fit and you could state taking out of the team doesn't help this but I feel Brown starting will make us more secure at the back. Duckworth is a better player than J King. End of. So he should be starting.
  5. I think we would average 2800. Got to think even the smallest clubs in league 2 would probably bring 100 plus to the shay.
  6. Duckworth in for J King on Saturday and Brown in for Binnom. Binnom is not match fit at all. I'd even be tempted to play Allen from the start in place of Redshaw maybe if the knock he got in the 1st half last night keeps him out.
  7. I wish bet365 did! They’ve given it as an own goal
  8. Jeff King is an idiot. Absolutely needless foul yet he decides to push the guy in the back. Booked again as well.
  9. But they can’t do it?
  10. They can’t actually do that though it’s against league rules. If the home fans have the option to stand and it’s cheaper (£15) then they cannot charge £22 for the away fans! Get yourself your £7 back
  11. They can’t charge that though as far as I am aware because we don’t have the option to stand up?
  12. Completely random but can anyone at the game confirm how much an adult ticket was? Purely because it should be £15 as I know we don’t have the option to stand. I believe it’s £22 to sit in the stand we have been allocated.
  13. The Acapulco nightclub is an absolute must.
  14. It hasn’t been condemned but apparently can only use it when lighter nights come back around so I don’t think we’ll be seeing it being used for a while.
  15. I booed that performance off and shouted for them to have some pride because it was embarrassing! £18 to watch that garbage.
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