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    Man City

    I’ve been past forres mechanics...nice ground, loads of ‘nice’ grounds in the Scottish league. Brora and wick in the highland league are further north.
  2. We need to go to the tangerine and pale blue, totally unique and works for some reason....imho
  3. This is fifty years ago....this has to be the home kit....come on!!!! Genius colours.
  4. According to that historic football kits website this is the 100 year anniversary of us wearing this....al la rangers. Think this should be the first strip.. Not that keen interest the the ones on offer for the away as shown. I like the tangerine and I like the yellow this season....spose I’d be the yellow and black if I had to chose.
  5. Yeh, I’d agree there. I work with Leeds fans, and the odd Sheff weds / utds... (it’s not their fault, just born that way), but honestly given lasts years dirge I’m pretty thankful, we look like a team, not a complete unit...yet. Having spoken to my Leeds mates they’re not feeling it this weekend (surprise surprise) so tbh I’m just enjoying the ride, it will be what it will be. At least it’s not Fullerton.
  6. Lets be honest, Yeovil (my exemplar of playing dirty) played exactly the same sort of game, and they were tooled up like bromley today, But they had more quality. We were the better side all the first half and the opener from Maher was essentially the penalty we should have been awarded. Don’t really understand our inability to finish off a 10 man team mind.
  7. We played far better 11 v 11, but that’s already been discussed. Fully deserved result given the first half performance, they scored with their only shot on target and we deffo got into them in the first 45, but I get tired of refs who become the subject...the ‘drop-ball’ incident in injury time summed up what I felt was one of the worst referees I’ve seen down the shay ever! Simply did not get what he was looking at. Yeah I’m biased but not that biased....you want a ref who is watching the game not each incident, it’s like they’re making it up as they go along, no concept of the flow of the game or what an infringement means in certain areas of the pitch. Bizarre.
  8. We were playing the ref as well today, not sure I’ve seen such incompetency in black.....terrible. They knew when to push, when to fall down, when to foul...and he let them do it. Very poor. He was dying to rob of us points some how. Granted we sat back 2nd half but we really should have been at least the 2 up at half time. I’m interested in the histrionics and ‘professionalism’ shown by Bromley today, I think they came for the draw full stop, they’ve been on a poor run and needed it to stop etc. I am stunned though by the level of what is essentially cheating by (this week) Bromley and similar by Yeovil....outright semi career ender attempted by chambers etc. They were admirable in the 2nd half but generally just dirty and negative and deserved to lose...I’ll get off my soapbox now but I’d be disappointed as a Bromley fan if I was truly honest with myself?!?
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