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  1. Good, it would've been too bad if Mcdonalds sold our players
  2. It helps to read into things
  3. I'm sorry to say it was hardly surprising that these two were released after their poor contributions when out on loan.
  4. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. I'll be very surprised if the match isn't called off. Odds it'll be on must be something like 1/20..... https://www.yr.no/sted/Storbritannia/England/Guiseley/
  6. Some people don't like the truth
  7. Half a dozen.....15 games were he was from very good to brilliant!
  8. To be fair to BH, I've noticed considerable improvements of late.....in percentages.
  9. Oh dear.....I'm glad BH didn't agree with you. Whatever next?
  10. Hi EE!

    Can you change the heading date of today's game, please?




  11. I must also still be very drunk (even though I've had no alcohol) as I've freeze framed the video and watched it back and can't see the ball hitting his hand at all. It hits his chest, then his knee, but never his hand. Problem is, it appears my non drinking haze is quite contagious, as I'm currently sat with 5 others who also haven't touched a drop tonight and can't see it either. But then, who am I to argue against the arrogant, ignorant know it all bore that is never wrong. .....no excuses then? .....not even your eyesight?.....or not even for your lack
  12. It is a good point.....someone saying different.....
  13. Didn't you notice the handball? Were you at the game? What? The call was made after the handball? You been drinking?
  14. .....like Tomlinson, Dixon and none up front, etc?
  15. The "shot" by Michael Collins 1:06 from The Highlights.....disappointing. Garner not at the races for their opener. Tragic for their second, especially of Tomlinson. 03:36.....Michael Collins on another planet.....Waring took over.....and scored.....Excellent play by Dion Charles. Our pen the linesman got right. The Macc defender took player, not ball. 06:07.....Morgan may shoot a lot from distance, but he showed here why it's worth it from time to time.
  16. If that's honest.....I have of course no problems with that.....it just seemed you were in a mood to knock down Morgan.
  17. It's a shame you've sank this deep, Pliny. I hope you're satisfied not having to read Lanzo information anymore. How poor is this?
  18. I have other things to do than being here all day.....I'm catching up on all the comedy stuff, Pliny. The Heath arse licking is funny. I'm sorry if I offend you having an opinion.
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