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  1. He has a somewhat better chance if he learns from his huge mistakes.
  2. I know…..my answer is meant when his time is up, how can he fail to be Top 2.....
  3. …..but credit where credit's due.....Over all, I agree with you.
  4. .....says quite a bit about these people
  5. I would say positive performances……(from for instance individual players, the team and results)…..counts for more than nothing….. We have players on trials pre-season for a number of reasons…..hardly for nothing? Do you honestly think that self-esteem in our team would have been just as good if we had played badly & lost all the pre-season games?
  6. A suggestion to you, Erik: …..try to see further than your nose....it might help in the future
  7. I'm sorry for not making it 100% clear. I thought it was obvious what I meant…..after he's gone…...sometime in the future
  8. When I saw this frustrating list above.....How can PW fail to be Top 2?
  9. .....some would be close to weeping reading your response
  10. As soon as I hear any kind of rap on the radio.....I go for the OFF button/ or change station......immediately!
  11. The best is yet to come (most likely)…..only 20 years old. I was very pleased with his performance in his debut (pre-season)…..Man-of-the-match? (even though you're one of them that don't pay any attention to pre-season - I've earned quite a bit (to put it mildly) on it by digging into it))....He has already made his presence......hasn't had many minutes on the field, but that doesn't mean the interesting manager (Wild) doesn't think he's worth having? At least I've got (and a few others) a good impression of Jack Earing. I haven't read a single bad word against him. You haven't written your personal impression of him - impressed?
  12. I'm sorry if anyone of these has been mentioned on other threads…...and I know some have......but for anyone who've missed out…..People who have a problem me updating: I hope you can forgive me Ryan Crowther from Hyde United to Ashton United Josh Wilson from Chorley FC to Ashton United Jacob Hibbs from Spennymoor Town to Buxton Short Term Loan Nathan Hotte from Alfreton Town to Gainsborough Trinity Kingsley James from Guiseley AFC to Gainsborough Trinity Tom Nicholson from Alfreton Town to Grantham Town Luke Dean from Scarborough to Matlock Town Gregory Young from Frickley Athletic to Mickleover Sports Simon Lenighan from Halifax Town to Mossley Paul Marshall from Buxton to Mossley Ryan Toulson from Bradford Park Avenue to Ossett United Ousman Cham from FC Halifax Town to Brighouse Town Harry Winter from FC United of Manchester to Radcliffe Jamie Rainford from Ramsbottom United to Runcorn Linnets Daniel Lowe from Bradford Park Avenue to Scarborough Athletic Jamie Jackson from Grantham Town to Spalding United Ross Killock from Scarborough Athletic to Stalybridge Celtic
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