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  1. Seen Huddersfield Town club officials regular down the shay. The present regime and fans I know seem to have a soft spot for Town. How times have changed. Our derbies used to be quite tasty. Now they dream of beatin Leeds and our big game is... Salford!
  2. Penalty miss! Funniest thing I have seen since Richie Allen put his in the bus depot.. quality that LoudmourhBFC. See you at the return leg.
  3. Alternatively.. To the tune of waterfall by stone roses jamies at the wheel how bad does it feel its always a nil nil bore draw Dream of the day we will score wer in freefall
  4. Even with Dover thrown in it doesn’t make good reading.
  5. No2 would have 1. As a third kit. Both excellent. oh and get shut of the STID on the back . It’s naff.
  6. When will we see Sinn Fein down the shay then @M_McGuinness_SF: Best wishes & every success to Derryman @Darren6kelly in his new role as manager of Oldham Athletic.Well deserved. #Congratulations
  7. Why? ?? Assume first transfer target - wrong choice of word - McLean at west Brom ... Provies all together
  8. Looks like a night in watching aguerro v messi Tuesday because they do not give a toss that is a gut wrenching sight state of that pitch. Unplayable for rest of the season now. #sickened
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