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  1. Already on the bbc website as Tuesday evening.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8005751/Financial-Fair-Play-UEFA-protection-racket-payback-clubs-hate-Manchester-City.html
  3. The answer to the first sentence is that Man City are new money and the elite don’t like new, they like the status quo, they want to ensure that the elite stays as the elite. Financial Fair Play wasn’t introduced to prevent clubs heading for disaster, it was introduced by the elite to make sure the small clubs remain just that, small. To stop clubs like Man City from smashing down the barriers and joining the party. Another club taking from the pot means less money for the already established elite. During the noughties the four English champions league places (apart from one or two exceptions) were taken by Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. Then a decade ago Man City’s billions came into play and those four became scared that one would be missing out on champions league revenue (after all everyone knows 5 won’t go into 4) and that had to be protected. Hence FFP was created. Another club also now competing for the few genuine world class players also makes it harder for those that have been pushed out to now attract those players. How many world class players now want to join Arsenal, or even to a lesser extent Man Utd. The mediocrity that has now come at these clubs that have suddenly missed out on a couple of seasons of champions league revenue is partly why clubs like Leicester and Wolves are now forcing their way in and creating competition to a league that was dominated by the big few.
  4. Clubs going from league 1 to the championship have 3 years to turn their ground into an all seater stadium, I can remember a few years ago a Scunthorpe fan at work telling me that they might miss that deadline but in the end it didn't matter as they were relegated anyway.
  5. My Grandad used to do the half time scores. He used to take the numbers home every summer and mum had to repaint them. ( all before I was born obviously).
  6. Fa trophy bookings are separate, if he got booked against both Wrexham and Torquay then yes he could be suspended.Jeff king was booked in a trophy game but played yesterday as he previously only had 9 league bookings.
  7. https://www.flashscore.co.uk/player/king-jeff/CWUVH1k8/ Tenth league booking according to this.
  8. Was one of those bookings in a cup game?
  9. We are staying up say we are staying up
  10. Cameron King was credited with one last season against Maidstone (3rd game of the season), that was going well wide before it took a deflection.
  11. Can’t pass, cant tackle and doesn’t go for the second ball but yer apart from that he’s fine.
  12. If he wants to keep Cooper then he’s a bloody idiot.
  13. Which is what should have happened, yes I agree it was too straight, but it was too far out to shoot from.
  14. Whilst I wouldn’t go as far as that you have to admit it wasn’t a good free kick all round. He isn’t good enough to score from 30 yard out. When the free kick was awarded their were 5 players who went and stood by the ball. You would like to think that at least one of them would have come up with an idea of what to do with it.
  15. And that they do but it still goes against the reasons given for home fans not being allowed to transfer between stands.
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