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  1. Can’t rememberer anyone questioning Duckworth’s ability. The only concern has been how injury prone he can be and the fact that he hasn’t yet ( with us ) managed a full season. If he can stay fully fit and can put in 40+ games then with Brown and Clarke we probably have 3 of the best defenders in the league.
  2. I ordered on the last day and got book number 966.
  3. In answer to the first question, yes, we played 7 games last August but the Saturday after the bank holiday was in September rather than August.Last season in August we won five of those seven and ended the month top.
  4. Does that figure include all season ticket holders even if they didn’t attend?
  5. Not necessarily. If the first few had signed instead of giving back word we probably wouldn’t then have tried to sign the others.
  6. Given his previous managerial experience he bloody well should have done. If not I would say DB’s business acumen is on the wane.
  7. What, and JF didn’t get the game postponed. Can’t believe that.
  8. Some friendlies should be there regardless of the manager, like Boreham wood v Arsenal or North Ferriby v Hull city. Away at brighouse should be the club telling the manager that is one that has to be played.
  9. If our manager knows so much about the pitch at Frickley why would he even bother to arrange a friendly there in the first place?
  10. neilstewart

    James Hardy

    So, announcing players that are under contract until the end of June is allowed.
  11. neilstewart


    The title of most Boring pre season has already been won. That was the year 2013 after the Brackley win when the club only started its planning for the following season after that match. At least the club is now starting to do its planning for the following season before the last one has finished.
  12. Totally agree. Every time a goal is scored the first instinct of the VAR is to work out how to disallow the goal. In every league that uses VAR (bar Germany) the average goals per game has decreased from the last season when the system wasn’t in use.
  13. Even those who can’t spell trials.
  14. Ability wise the conference was probably a division too high for him. (IMO)
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