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  1. Good on ya Steve but i would hate to be as old as you. Must be terrible to wake up and see your teeth smiling at you from a glass.
  2. We can have an opinion but no need to be nasty.
  3. Flea stick to your football comments, you obviously don't have any friends who are religious.
  4. Town to win 1-0 goal scored by a player who hasn't scored yet.
  5. Thanks Hoodie Didn't realise how much i attended this forum until it was off line, the day seemed a bit lost without it.
  6. Just put the turf on boards like we did during the speedway years
  7. Like most people on here i have never heard of him. Don't get too excited and hoping to fire on all cylinders from game one, let the lad settle in and work out who has and who he wants. As for being a one club man, Sir Alex spent most of his career at one club and didn't do too bad with them. Hope Clark does get a position within the coaching ranks, two young enthusiatic young men who could work as a team. Looking forward to the first 10 games to see if there is any progress over this period.
  8. What is that supposed to mean?
  9. OK enough is enough. I shall be there in five weeks time and my assistant will be DJ and fitness guru will be Lanzo. Now all go to bed happy.
  10. Can i put my name forward as the worst supporter, what is the prize. Scott i enjoyed reading your posts they were always constructive and given in a very well presented way. I will be in Glasgow in a few weeks time and also having a few days in the Highlands, Probably won't meet up but i shall have a drink on you.
  11. Age has nothing to do with it. I am now 70 and my pace is the same as when i was 17, very slow but still the same.
  12. John Getting down to zero at the moment. Leave for the UK 5 weeks today, hope to get down to the Shay for a couple of games.
  13. I think the players would refuse play in those pyjamas.
  14. We had new turf laid at the Bruce Stadium in Canberra a few years ago, cost a fortune. Unfortunately they got the turf from tropical Queensland, as soon as it got cold in Canberra it died and had to be done all over again. The decision was made by politicians and not the groundsman.
  15. I don't get to see any games but!!!!! i am coming over for a holiday in six weeks time for the first time in five years. I was hoping to see the boys play but i am getting worried that i may never see them again.
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