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  1. Isn't it if it leads to a goal scoring opportunity?
  2. Great defensive blocks from those blokes called defenders. Whatever next? We're lucky to have Brown and Clarke putting their bodies on the line game after game. And if it does get the ough, we've got one of the top goalkeepers in the league. How many shots on target did Hartlepool manage last night? Oh and Billy and Jamie both were smart in suits but couldn't get us playing decent attacking football. Pete Wood can come out dressed as Mr Blobby for all I care as long as he's got the players and fans going. All for a moan, just think this is clutching a bit good sir.
  3. Sign Rodney on loan until Jan. He realises he's loved here, sign him permanently in Jan. He fires us to the football league and goes to a championship club at the end of the season and we're quids in! Rodders - come home mate
  4. Aspin as manager Clarke as assistant?
  5. 100%. I also think it could be used as a massive selling point for the club. How we developed players was amazing. That needs to be back in place ASAP.
  6. htfc17


    We went from looking dead on for relegation before he came in. Then looked like a comfortable midtable team afterwards. I would say he would.
  7. htfc17


    Sign Rodney we'll be top 7. Don't sign him and we'll be bottom 7.
  8. When did Kosylo win us games on his own last season? Think most would agree it was like playing with 10 men on some occasions.
  9. htfc17

    Pre Season

    A good relationship with Salford (despite grievances of how they go about things) can only be a good thing. We could get quality players on loan as we're in the right neck of the woods! I think Mr Neville enjoyed games with us as they're always full of passion and intense. Something he loved back in the day no doubt.
  10. For Rodney, he's still young. He could become another cult-hero, loved by the fans, be a guaranteed starter and make a huge move next Summer in the same vein of Gregory and Vardy. For a young player, confidence is huge. We could be the platform to big, big things. Or.. He could join a biggish club at this level and have to prove himself. Be a bit part player, probably picking up a bigger wage, but not getting the chances to prove himself and sticking at this level or League 2 as his confidence will be knocked not playing every week. So. Stick with us, play week in, week out. Be loved by fans and get a big move with more money (matter of time). Or go somewhere new, play a bit, move clubs and repeat. If you're reading this Rodderz, pls sign. You could be a FCHT legend!
  11. I'd like to see someone genuinely with non league experience. Punting on Fullerton and Kelly hasn't worked. We showed what we could achieve with a a manager who had great success in Heath in the North. Why not give it a go with someone a bit more experienced?
  12. Barnet 0 - 4 the Shaymen We could have won 10 - 0 that day. We were awesome. If I remember correctly, us and Barnet were vying for that last playoff spot and we smashed them out the park.
  13. This was my first game when I was only 4 years! Can't remember a thing obviously but a really great watch and nice my first game was a win! Following the Shaymen, as many have said, is like a bug. You want to shake it off, but you simply can't. I always am proud to say I support the mighty Shaymen to whoever I come across. Its not like supporting any other club, its one of a kind through my blue tinted specs! Shaymen til I die isn't a saying. Its in my blood and always will be.
  14. htfc17

    Solihull game

    Alty lost again today. Scary to see how far they've dropped.
  15. Not been to any games yet but from what I can gather, we have some really good spells in games and some bad ones! If we score in the good ones, then we'll be fine. No need to panic at all. Cast your minds back to Kiddy a few seasons ago. Hadn't won in the first 10 games.. finished 2nd. It will all tick soon
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