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  1. is he any better then Fullarton. Not even a ex player, a fan who supported Oldham becoming their manager. Too much of a gamble. I predict he be gone by Christmas.
  2. Just seen this, anyone interested? https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bohemian-rhapsody-outdoor-cinema-experience-in-halifax-tickets-55466042426?aff=ebdssbdestsearch
  3. Halifax did well last time they had a Scotsman in charge (Mulhall), If he can replicate his success then I would be satisfied.
  4. At least they choose to cooperate with countries rather then fight them.
  5. France has now overtaken us as the fifth largest economy with the recent falls; http://metro.co.uk/2016/06/24/france-overtakes-uk-as-fifth-largest-economy-as-pound-plummets-5964746/
  6. What have you done England and Wales? This is really stupid. The FTSE has really fallen dramatically. Sein Fein calls for an united Ireland due to Northern Ireland voting for remain. Scotland will want another Referendum on independence. We are set to lose our triple AAA credit rating so the debt will soar. And Immigration will just be as high as ever so we be losing on all fronts.
  7. What about employers not paying their way by not paying their taxes and expecting everyone else to pick up the bill? As for the union people who dont work do not have any union and have little representation. We all need the welfare state at some point in our lives as we are all vulnerable, Dont say otherwise unless you think you are never going to get sick or be dismissed from work.
  8. We dont need the eu to cooperate but it helps. There has been scare stories on all sides in the referendum. Dont believe the stories about Turkey joining as they are not going to, There is huge opposition to Turkey joining in France and Germany and it only takes one veto to stop countries joining.
  9. This is due to the shortcomings of the UK government not eu, The eu does not reach into these areas. It was the UK government that introduced student loans. It was the UK government that introduced the bedroom tax, the poll tax. It was the UK government that increased fuel tax, VAT and so on. It was the Uk government that reduced trade union rights, stop blaming the eu. think for a change.
  10. The best speech I think in the eu debate was by Sheila Hancock in the eu debate on channel 4 last night see link below http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/actress-sheila-hancocks-passionate-defence-8262513
  11. I just cant leave this. What a load of boulderdash. You have been reading the daily mail too much mate. First of all the European Union allows you to arrest others in other european union countries through the European Arrest Warrant, secondly you never get to hear about the thousands that are arrested every year due to cooperation in Europe. The Daily Mail and the Sun only publicise the extreme cases. Countries need to cooperate in Europe to get any thing back, if we are left to our own devices I fear the opposite. Immigration is higher in countries outside the EU, such as Norway, Australia and Canada. You cannot isolate yourself from the world.
  12. The brexit campaigners always ignore the lack of accountability in this country. A government elected by only 36% of the electorate is hardly a mandate. Most of UK laws are drawn up by unelected whitehall civil servants and a lobby industry that is as powerful as ever ignoring the people that elected them. We also have an unelected house of lords and political parties that are funded by big businesses.
  13. I am voting for remain because euro legislation has helped me keep my job. I have been transferred between various companies at least three times in my lifetime and the tupe legislation has kept me in employment, This is guaranteed by the transfer of undertakings directive. Can any you leavers guarantee me that these rights would remain if we leave because I do not believe that a conservative government would keep these rights. Also european law also guarantee maternity, paternity and paid leave.
  14. I do not think Corbyn is that extreme, he is only suggesting policies that many other countries have. Many European countries have an nationalised train system, even Singapore which is one of the most successful economies in the world has an nationalised train company. Germany has student grants instead of loans. Anyhow I thought this site was supposed to be about football not politics.
  15. He never said he was a IRA sympathiser, just one tweet in support McGuinness. I thought Northern Ireland is peaceful now, it shouldnt be an issue. Forgive and Forget that all I say, isnt that a good christian ideal? There has been wrong doings on all sides, and part of the peace is reconciliation and able to forgive all sides as long as it does not start again.
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