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  1. For me, he's not far off the level Rodney was, and he took his goal with aplomb on Saturday.
  2. I reckon we'll be up there! There we go, I've said it!
  3. Real buzz about the place when picking up my tickets today. A really professional and smoothly run operation by everyone at the club. Really well done. Let's get to 1000 tickets-got a feeling we're in for a successful season von the pitch.
  4. Think we'd be okay for midfielders of we signed him. King, Earing, Nolan, Maher, Staunton, Macdonalds, Allen.
  5. If he's injury prone and without a club, could maybe get him on a deal based on appearances or pay as you play?
  6. Correct, but isn't there any procedure or protection in place through the LMA or another body that would regulate this process? Also, how would Wild be cheaper than Clarke?
  7. I've been on many many interview panels and I'm assuring you they do have to ask the same questions, otherwise it isn't a fair process. A disgruntled candidate may find out he was asked different things and they didn't give him chance to express himself properly, this would leave the club open to legal action. You're correct about experience, but that is where a salary band comes in. So for example they may be offering band L1 to L6. The difference may be 10k between the bands and the more experienced candidates can say they expect L6, and the less experienced the bottom end of the band. They can't just pluck a figure out of the air, it's ridiculous even thinking that.
  8. It contravenes the equality act, as a candidate could find out another candidate got offered more and claim its because of his race, background, gender etc. It's really shakey ground and there has to be standards in place. It's like at the end of any interview when they ask, 'do you think you've had a fair interview?' They have to ask the same questions to all candidates. It's not just a case of making it up as you go along.
  9. Yes but how is that proven? Hence why laws are in place. The 'cheap' option line is utter bollocks. A standard salary or salary band will have been on offer for the job, the same amount for all candidates. The only time further costs may be incurred is if they are in employment and need to be bought out of a contract. At the next BOD open to questions, I'll ask how the process works, including salary etc.
  10. I'm pretty sure there are employment laws they have to follow, offering different salaries to different people is discrimination.
  11. Everything I read an him from Oldham and Bury fans and other football coaches is positive. This could be an inspired appointment.
  12. Fair point, but the band isn't usually massive maybe 3/4k either way so hardly saving loads if it was based on experience etc.
  13. He's probably watched the last couple of games.
  14. Explain how he is on the 'cheaper side' Surely when anyone applied or was shortlisted for the job, they were told the wage that was being offered. That will have been the same to all candidates. If a candidate didn't like the wage offered, they could withdraw. But they won't have changed the amount offered based on who it was, one, that's illegal and two football is a small world and the other candidates will have got wind of it.
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