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  1. Or dual reg a keeper from Brighouse, they have two very promising young keeper this year in Matt Smith and George Clarke. One of those could be very useful and I'm sure not too expensive.
  2. Another local lad. Looks a good signing. To keep the radar in West Yorkshire maybe be Elliott Kebbie next
  3. Probably. I'd expect to see a CB joining soon then.
  4. I know that, but suggests he's already not part of the squad.
  5. Seems to insinuate that Brown may already have gone? Or at least not be included in the clubs plans? 'I keep in contact with him' 'I'm sure he'll go on to have a great career' 'Big shoes to fill' All past tense too.
  6. Contracts not expired until end of June?
  7. It was a BH performance yesterday. Long high balls, ill discipline at times, not much quality on display, scrappy. Pitch and weather didn't help. Hanley had an absolute shocker too.
  8. Matty Kosylo looked like he was made of rubber today. Everything bounced off him touch wise, nothing seemed to happen for him.
  9. Pudding pitch, swirling winds and some individual stinking performances. Did enough for a point-just. Looked very lightweight up top.Tomlinson very poor until his goal. Was a game Denton would been effective in.
  10. I agree about weird him not changing it. Denton should have been on about 15 minutes sooner.
  11. Indeed, didn't Money walk out on his latest job after about a week?
  12. Same squad that had the excellent start to the season. If he can them playing again, then we'll be safe.
  13. How do you know he's cheap? Surely the wage offered to Fullarton would be the same as the one offered to others?
  14. Indeed, might bring back the Brazil style attacking football Town fans have become accustomed to.
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