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    The winner of the 1st prize, the season ticket has said they will be donating the cost of their season ticket to the play off fund!!! What an outstanding contribution. Thank you very much
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    30/6 £32100.00 Well done everybody
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    Can confirm that £1600 made from the football card has been handed over today.
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    Saturday 4 July announced raised £37000.00 Really good effort and still can reach £40000 only 15 legends to purchase and nearly there. see supporters club have raised over £12000.00 in past year well done to all on the committee for their hard work. At the end of the day we’re not a bad bunch of supporters
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    I was going to go for Odelusi and Lenighan as it was fecking criminal to have them in the centre of midfield.
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    26k already raised. That’s a great effort is that
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    He’s spent quite a bit of money on some appalling premier league players in the last year or so. Bournemouth regularly broke FFP regulations on their way up too, more so than most clubs in the championship. He’s spent over £50m on Dominic Solanke, Jordan Ibe and Phil Billing. As much as I’m sure the fans and club appreciate what he’s done in the past, he’s going/gone backwards as a manager and his signings have been awful and that will see them relegated.
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    The government have agreed with the FA that from the 4th of July Huddersfield Town can visit other teams penalty areas if they feel safe to do so
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    "The Lord has opened his ARSENAL and brought out the weapons of his wrath,” - Jeremiah 50:25 “I am a foreigner and stranger among you. Sell me some property for a burial site here so I can BURY my dead.” - Genesis 23 “...and on his way home was sitting in his chariot READING the Book of Isaiah the prophet.” - ACTS 8:28 “A poor MANSFIELD may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away” - Proverbs 13:23
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    In the 70s, Natty Lane probably had better facilities
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    A lovely problem to have. I hope its us !
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    2 full player sponsorships courtesy of Shaymen.net well done to all who chipped in!!! Please can you all make sure you have paid. Thankyou
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    It's what you put in mexican food! It's made with avocados, garlic and lime juice!
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    Just Google Little Mix and select their boyfriends
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    I`ve just been down to Rogers and paid him (Kevin Roberts). I would like to congratulate and thank the organisers on this fantastic initiative and to all the punters that have taken up the gauntlet up and bought a "player". Fantastic. As someone else has said "Proud to be a shayman!!"
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    All 100 legends have now been sold, we will be chasing all outstanding monies over the next couple of days. Thankyou to all contributors and good luck in the draw, date and time will be revealed when all payments are in.
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    Would only ever do it if they money went directly to FCHT. Physically being at the game is one thing, but when I’ll be watching on BT I would rather give £10 straight to the club rather than have any involvement with Boreham Wood. Would have been quite hard pushed in paying the cash to them if we were allowed in in all honesty
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    They should let everyone who bought early bird tickets go. Easily fit all those in the ground
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    Dave Whelan broke his leg in the 1960 league cup final you know.
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    The return of Paddy Roche's soup kitchen
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    A target of 20k smashed. A target of 30k now smashed! Just shows us fans are really behind the players and the club!
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    Yorkshire Airlines? Alan Bennett class
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    After Jalal agreed terms with Boreham Wood transfer fell through due to him not being able to play in play offs as not signed by 16 March.
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    Did anyone know that Yul Brynner was a lifelong Liverpool fan? He also never wore aftershave. In fact, Yul never wore cologne.
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    Despite a couple of disappointments Town have good experience of how to do the play offs. We have as good a chance as anyone, remember Huddersfield won their way to the Premier League without scoring a goal..... It’s a lottery and the so called best teams don’t always win, we might just have the winning ticket
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    I’m see-sawing from believing we can do it to thinking we’ve got no chance. This is probably the most open the play offs have ever been due to the break. If Cam King has 3 good games we’ll be promoted.
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    We have shown we can pull together when we need to, look at the money raised so far, and this is not just pledges but real hard earned money. Now we should all do the same with the players, get behind Tobi and he may well be the one to deliver the goods. Believe and it will happen
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    BHW offering a virtual 'flat pint and cold welcome' for £20.
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    Down with this kind of ting
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    I think I’d prefer ‘bees around a honeypot’ as an analogy, but I take your point.
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    Can't listen to this song without thinking of this.
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    yes guarantee to do your head in
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    Congratulations to the winners thanks to the organisers and to all the participants but the real winners now and after the next three games will be Halifax Town!!!!
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    They should have gone down instead of us back in 93. They've had a few flirts with relegation and always pulled away. It's their time now.
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    Yeah it's a wrong or right thing. I'm on the left but the far left are seriously getting on my nerves lately with the whole world in general. I'm starting to learn that everything is an excuse with them and they blame others for everything going whether it be Covid or recently racism. I've got 2 very good black best friends and one of their parents is a great person to me. They're fed up with the virtue signalling. I'd love to send screenshots but I don't want to give away their identity but I assure you it's true and I aren't using thrm to point score. BLM is a worthy cause but please stick to that and do it sporadically. Don't ram it down the throats because people will get fed up imo. You know deep down abd they will. We have to accept we will never persuade some people but hey how that's life. Spoon feed it nice and slowly and maybe one day we'll get there.
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