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    However, lets remember where we were this time last year. Six registered players, moral low, a manager disliked by pretty much everyone and the bookies favourite for the drop. We extended our season into the Playoffs, but sadly came up short, but lets be clear, this hasn't been a poor season. Lets get behind Pete, let him bring in his players and have a proper pre-season to build a squad and get back at it next season. We couldn't go any further tonight, but the lads have done us proud in the last 12 months.
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    At a club like ours I don't get the 'I will only buy a season ticket if we sign....' Right now the club needs our support more than most other moments. To be honest, if you follow the Shay expecting to win something, and that's the only reason, you might need some professional help. Keep it simple, stand up and be counted when it matters. STID
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    Money 3 year contract Higher league (probably) Bigger club He’s absolutely made the correct decision. Anyone who thinks he should’ve stayed with us is living in cloud cuckoo land. Good luck Dave, and thanks for everything you did for us.
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    As a sponsor of the 3rd shirt I can confirm that the agreement is equal number of games for 2nd and 3rd shirt throughout the season. Therefore, my preference would be the 3rd shirt I've just agreed to sponsor the home shirt for next season so hopefully we'll get a home tie first in the League 2 playoffs
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    After speaking to the club today there will not be another football card at the moment, the next one has been put on the backburner for a while. The club, and especially the Manager has asked if anyone has any spare cash, the cut outs for the BW game is the way they would like you to go. BW dont get any money from our sales and the club take the majority of the money from each cut out. Pete Wild has said as strange as it may be he would love the players to see all FCHT's allocated seats completely full of faces. The club have been given 300 seats and if we could fill them the likelihood is we would have more cut outs than BW which psychological would give the players a boost, further enforcing the fans are right behind the manager and players. So rather than #projectplayoffs how about #filltheseats? The fantastic initiative from Flea regarding the virtual ticket is also still running and again an avenue the club are still promoting Thankyou all for your support over the last few days on the football cards which brought in an in unbelievable £3600 which was way beyond our expectations when AFC Halifax decided to launch the first one.
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    The verdict of manslaughter brought in against the young lads who killed Jordan. What a waste of a life, all brought about because of a bit of banter and a throw away comment. It's funny how you can look back at your own life and think how many times you found yourself in very similar situations. That young man who could take on the world, the times you were shoved, probably by accident in a packed bar, or the times you accidently bumped into someone, but the aggressive stance that had to be adopted. Just because you had to!! When I've read the situation surrounding the Jordan case, it's all just so futile, yet it happens every weekend night in our Towns & Cities. How many lives have been wrecked, parents, brothers & sisters, friends and the lads themselves. And all for what?? There is a lessen in there for anyone, Walk Away!! It's not a sign of weakness. R.I.P Jordan, Justice has been served (sort of)
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    Plus they’ll have the advantage of playing in front of their normal home crowd
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    Tells me everything I need to know about how we are progressing recruitment wise. No need to panic, sit back, stay safe & let our Management Team do the business.
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    Would not be surprised to see Ducky back at Hartlepool. He IMO will be the biggest miss but yet again the loyalty shown by our club has not been repaid by a player.
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    At least as per forum rules no one will be able to comment on the game afterwards, as they weren't there
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    AJS, you have raised a very valid point. The supporters were set what was considered to be a significant target for Project Playoffs, £20k, by the club and to date thy have responded magnificently putting their hands in their pockets to the tune of over £45k. There is a feeling now though that we can only go to the well so many times, and especially as we know many supporters will be facing uncertain times in their own lives. The current target of £50k is still achievable and hopefully a last push from the cut outs and virtual tickets along with donations still coming in will get us over the line to amass £50k. That said if we can beat BHW on Friday then it may rekindle the passion and we can push on further. However, we need to find some new ways to engage with the supporters, and more importantly the general public of Calderdale, to help with financial support to take us all the way to Wembley. What has enthused me the most is the response of the supporters and fans of the club who have raised such a huge sum of money to help the club. FCHT are not being bankrolled like Harrogate or BHW, nor do we have the parachute money of Yeovil and Notts County, we have to make do and mend, metaphorically, and this creates a bond between the club and the majority of it's supporters who have grown up and moved through life in a similar manner. In this respect I am proud to be considered as a Town fan. So at the end of the day we give what we can afford to give, and fortunately some of us can give more than others, but we should applaud all efforts however small they may seem, that are given in a collective spirit to try to achieve what we all want , which is our place back in the ranks of the football league.
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    It's okay home and away cardboard cutouts will be corregated.,........ sorry segregated inside the ground.
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    Good interview I know he’s got a lot of stick in the past, but think Scargill has been very good over this lockdown period.
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    Fullartons football wasn't pretty to watch but he did move the club forward. It was him who badgered our chairman in to getting the training facilities it was him who then brought them up to the standard they are today, quoted by Pete Wild as being better than a lot of league 2 clubs. He didn't improve the football much but moved the club a lot further forward that many give him credit for.
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    King hasn't been let go, he no longer wants to play for FCHT, he was offered a contract don't forget. Let's move on and get some players who do want to play for the club.
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    I would imagine we're one of the few clubs that could accommodate their regular crowd while enforcing social distancing. And they said we'd never fill the stadium. The fools!
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    They've let nobody down!
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    Some people are really hard to please. ‘Misses a few headers’, indeed. Staunton plays (played) for Halifax Town, not Liverpool. Anyone who saw him work his proverbials off, body on the line, etc. at Orient the season before last would be in no doubt as to his qualities. He is a huge loss; Maher would be the same. It’s not as if these are fringe players; they are first-team regulars. We are rebuilding yet another squad from scratch, and if we can’t afford to keep hold of the players we are losing, we’ll likely end up with yet another group comprising mostly journeymen and young hopefuls, who will need time to bed in. Will happily eat humble pie, but am unconvinced at present.
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    Just a time to re emphasise how important it is we are well run and if you are able too why now is the time to get a season ticket
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    I wouldn't. If he managed to find a cure or a way to combat whatever issue he has it would massively improve his quality of life.
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    On reflection after digesting the retained list I am of the opinion various decisions on the list were made for both squad flexibility and financial reasons. Redshaw showed occasional glimpses of true class at our level but went missing when the chips were down and by all accounts is a high earner. Brown has been a tremendous servant to the club but issues over training and perhaps finance has allowed Wild a situation where he can keep Clarke and find a quicker and younger centre back. I like Staunton versatility but last season proved he is not a long term answer at centre back. No issue with any of the others who have been released and am sitting on the fence regarding Williams and J King. Cam King fitness will always be an issue but presumably Wild will be looking to strengthen the creative area of the team Cooper and TSS seem to have caused the most debate and both need to improve on some of last season’s displays but I feel that Wild sees that both can improve their game depending on the formation we play. Releasing a third of your players leaves you room for strengthening the squad without losing continuity. We tend to overlook the fact that we lead the league and stayed in the upper echelon of the league throughout the season despite some dire home performances despite our pre season crisis
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    Let’s look at this in reverse. Bring in four good players in the right positions and we have a good squad. Pack Centre half if Browny goes. Two strikers An experienced midfield player. Then a loanee from a top club Its called building on a successful season. This idea that you move out 12 and get another 12 better has in my opinion never worked for Halifax Town.
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    Their keeper made two quality saves first half, and Town had plenty of the ball second half to have won it. A bit of luck or a bit more quality and we would have won at a canter. We weren't disgraced by any means, and to suggest they went out on a whimper is taking the proverbial imo. You can't expect Premier League quality in tier 5 football, and if you can't handle that then I suggest you need a new team to follow.
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    Do a pre-season for NL behind closed doors in September, scrap the county cups and front load the start of the season with local games etc... Start in October, run through until it needs to end. We can go a little over the "normal" May end if needs be and then we have a summer of Euro2020(1) to look forward to.
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    Just put my banner over the balcony to let people in this town know we have a huge match coming up. If anybody has a flag, scarf or banner then I urge you to do the same and get a little buzz around town going. I've seen Liverpool flags being flown in recent weeks so let's have our own hometown team as the star of the show. I'll get a photo tomorrow.
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    That would end up paper mashe.
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    Anyone who thinks leaving the Shay will benefit FCHT is bonkers.
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    We nearly went bust 2 seasons ago after being sold to Cockney chancers,who milked the club dry. we’ve got a good chairman now,who’s streamlined the club & things are now looking promising.
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    Macca was a cracking player for us. What we needed, when we needed it. It was good watching him mature and settle with us and for him to bag that goal at Wembley just sort of capped off his legacy for us. He'd easily make it into a FCHT "HEROS" XI
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    of course it does, for the sponsor!! They pay us money so we advertise them and hype them up, why wouldn't we. They pay money for the publicity
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    Kit matters because without him who would do bucket collection at south stand turnstiles
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    Jamie wanted to come back up north so i can't see him wanting to go back down south
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    Like making a total bollox of spelling SHAY man 2......
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    I thought we played very well tonight and were unlucky to lose. Pleasing to see Sho-Silva do so well. He's a great lad on and off the pitch. Yes we're out but certainly not down.
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    Over the course of the season the squad and management haven't let us down. Yes we had an unbelievable start followed by a bleak period in the Autumn then after Christmas we came good again. Yes we were poor before the season was curtailed but let's be honest if it wasn't for the curtailment we wouldn't of been where we were tonight. Pete Wild gave us hope and a shot at the Football League when all expected a relegation fight. For that he has earned my gratitude and hopefully we can recruit well and go on next season.
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    Cheers Tommy, to be honest they could play in skins for all i care as long as we get the win!
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    Look, I'm dead against the supporters funding the normal running costs of the club beyond the normal season tickets, gate admission, programmes, meals, etc. It's a private company at the end of the day, and although you could make an argument for altruistically putting additional funding into the club because, ultimately, it's your club, it gives you pleasure, or whatever, I don't buy that. If it was a members club then sure, but it's not. There's nothing stopping you giving the club £10k or £200 a month, but what guarantees do you have that it would be put to best use? It comes down to trust, fine, and you may trust the current BoD. But what about the next? Or the one after that? If you want to set up a way to provide additional funding to the club on an ongoing basis, as ITMAN has suggested a few times, how about the club meets us half way? There are various ways they could formalise an arrangement such as this, legally I mean, so as to bind any future owners in a way that risks the funding stopping should they renege on the deal. For example, a Platinum Club, costing £100/month, entitling members to get into all games. Additional rewards could be a dedicated turnstile, first choice of match tickets for any big away games, access to the players bar after games, early access to match shirts with a simple embroidered Platinum Club motif above the crest, a full set of matchday programmes in a presentation binder, delivered at the end of the season. All extra work, sure, but if just 20 people joined, that would be £24k per year, which is more than double what those 20 people would otherwise put into the club by way of match tickets and programme purchases. There are loads of things the club could do to earn a few extra quid, such as sticking any surplus matchday programmes on the club shop or Ebay., but all we ever hear is "there's only so many members of staff. Regards 50k, we should easily hit it with virtual match tickets if we get to the next round.
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    I have watched Town since 1957 and over the years the player who I enjoyed watching the most was Rick Holden , played with a smile on his face and when he got the ball and set off down the left wing the “crowd” used to sense something good was about to happen and often it did !
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    Cam King. If he's the standout, Town will win in style.
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    my thinking is we do rather well on the artificial grass , so borehamwood and harrogate away would suit us fine,leaving just wembley to worry about , then again we never lose at wembley,do we !!!
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    I did one for my daughter. Very easy. They trimmed the picture to make it fit the shape better....
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    Knowing you it will probably need a good wipe first.
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    He's got himself a guaranteed pay day for 3 years, subject to Port Vale not going bust. In todays current uncertain job market, you can not blame him for that.
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    Soon be available for loan
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    Hardly surprising when we’re shouting from the rooftops that we have the lowest budget in the division
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    We should all start worrying when Steve Lumb starts worrying . Chadders has climbed off his fence to assure us that everything is wonderful
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    Cooper stays ? Are you having a laugh ? What you drinking pal ?
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    In the current climate given the pandemic, job stability, pending recession, etc, it is astonishing.
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