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    In this strange time I have reflected how my 'special place' in life is the Shay. Distance means I don't get there as often as I would like, but when I do, it's the only place I want to be. I watch the game with football mates who I have known for decades. We talk shite for a couple of hours, bask in victory when it happens, curse the ref if it doesn't. There is nothing else like it and no memories that match it. I remember results and goals from every decade back to the seventies. I never get bored with it and one way or another, it always evokes some emotion. It's not about success, formations, 'knowing football' or being fashionable. It's about loving this club that we are part of in a way that premiership fans can only dream of. God I miss it. Stand up if you love the Town.
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    Had a text from him the other day saying that he was chuffed to that he had received a get well card and a face mask from the club. He is still awaiting a date for the operation but this gesture cheered him up no end and he passed on his thanks to Louisa and all at the club.
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    When I received this mysterious envelope Friday I was gobsmacked at the contents and just stared at what was in it to the amusement of Mrs Funky, what a lovely gesture from our club and really cheered me up. The contents consisted of a get well soon card and great looking FC Halifax Town Face Mask from Pete ,Louisa Chadders and all at the club and will wear with pride at my next visit to the hospital. I could not wait to get on the phone and tell other fans from Blackpool; Fleetwood, and Afc Fylde what our club had done and got many strange comments asking what I had been smoking or lockdown was getting to me but boy did it feel good. My favourite nurse is a Fleetwood fan so we always have a good natter over Vardy in fact just done her a DVD of Jamie's goals at Halifax which I will take next time I go. The reason I did not put anything on the forum because it felt like I was bragging, I did ring the club to thank them but Louisa was not there but I did leave a message and will ring tomorrow because this girl is going to get a hell of a Funky Hug.Well I have had all the tests including CT Scan, ECG ,Blood tests, Lung tests and been assured I could last 90 mins if needed. At this moment Covid 19 is not good in Blackpool so could be in for a long wait as operations have not started so looks like Boxing day could be the day, so once again a big thank you to all of you for your good wishes and to my special caring. friend Mr Lanzo for always being there .PROUD TO BE A SHAYMAN.
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    The winner of the 1st prize, the season ticket has said they will be donating the cost of their season ticket to the play off fund!!! What an outstanding contribution. Thank you very much
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    Very well done Marcus, probably the best result of your young career. Kids wont go hungry now.
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    I think PW has done a superb job. We were in with a chance of actually winning the league for a huge part of this season. Considering he had 10 days to build a squad and he is a rookie manager completing his first season, as far as starts go, its a pretty bloody good one in my opinion.
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    I'm surprised we have sold that many tbf. - We don't know when the next season will start - or what division we are in. We don't know if when the next season starts we will be allowed to go to games or not. We don't know what the make up of the FL or Conference will be like if so many clubs fold in the summer. For many, some don't know if they will still have a job or disposable income in 3/6 months time. Some may feel putting the prices up by 50% on last season, having not had all our games this season, is too much considering the uncertain financial climate. The lack of news and clarity coming from both the club and the league over the past few months doesn't fill people with confidence. I am sure once an announcement is made saying the season will start on X date, you will be allowed to watch all the games etc... sales will increase.
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    That's like saying 'Justice for everyone' on the anniversary of Hillsborough rather than 'Justice for the '96. No-one at any point has said all lives don't matter, but it's about addressing current issues and inequality.
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    Worth it's own thread, a twitter user asked if the channel had this absolute belter vs The Shrews so felt it should be shared with a wider audience
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    Devante Rodney decides he doesn't want to be a part of our club and what does it turn into?.....Some clowns having a pop at a player who will be trying to get us promoted....unbelievable!
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    Huge, huge credit to Pete Wild for what he’s achieved this season. Unbelievable effort to make the playoffs. I’m not even gonna lie, I told all my friends back home to lump on Halifax to get relegated in pre season given the state of the club at the time. They aren’t too chuffed. Hope you now go on to win them and the first football game my daughter watches will be a football league one.
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    30/6 £32100.00 Well done everybody
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    We didn’t have Rodney in the team when we were quick out of the blocks in August. If ever there was a time to get behind the current players it is now
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    Can confirm that £1600 made from the football card has been handed over today.
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    Not trying to be prickly, but I genuinely think club interaction has been really good this season? Particularly in this enforced break with updates, players calling fans, re-runs of games? Or maybe I’m just being rose tinted.
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    We've been quick out of the traps the last 2 or 3 years. Hopefully we treat it as a new season.
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    Dont worry, Ive worked out what you are like. We are repeatedly told by people like yourself how divided we are as a country. But this division is stoked and encouraged by people like yourself. A self-appointed voice of liberal progressiveness. If anyone disagrees with you, they are wrong and morally bankrupt. There is no respecting of alternative opinions. Look at this weekend. There’s not (hopefully) anyone in the UK who looks back on slavery with anything other than disgust. Whilst there may be arguments for the removal of the statue in Bristol; arguments about Churchill, etc we cannot erase history. Yes, few ‘heroes’ of our past share the values that we cherish today, and most will have done things uncontroversial at the time. In the past, we (hopefully you too) have watched in disgust as the Taliban have destroyed historical monuments with which they disagreed. But we should examine history not to shame its participants but rather to learn from it. Allowing the statue in Bristol to be disgracefully removed creates a dangerous precedent. Should the ‘right wing’ be allowed to destroy the Harold Wilson statue in Huddersfield because people didn’t agree with his history? Allowing a mob to rule questions whether we live in a country where law and order matters and is disgraceful. But, its similar to Brexit of course. The country has voted and the people should come together to make sure Brexit is a success. But those opposing it are in Barnier’s camp, not Britains. You would prefer the EU to hold the upper hand so that any prediction of a broken economy will come to pass. You want Brexit to fail so that you can remind us all that you’d told us so. You would probably suggest that anyone who didn’t agree with the statue being torn down in Bristol, supports slavery. Similar to that people who voted Brexit were not only stupid, but racist. Yet the UK has consistently shown to be one of the least racist and most diverse countries in Europe. People like you are part of the problem. We all know there are divisions in our country; you preach inclusion but only create division. You preach tolerance, but brand people who disagree with you as thick racists. You encapsulate everything that is wrong with the modern-day ‘progressive’ left.
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    {EDIT 19TH JUNE} The club have listened, and now you can buy your virtual tickets via the club shop at the following link - https://www.fchtshop.com/virtual-match-ticket-donation---bwfc-vs-fcht-1701-p.asp So, obviously, we can't go due to the lockdown and the problems, so the next question is, what can we do then to support the club? The club recently requested as fans we raise £20K to help supplement the cost of the Playoffs and a quick looking at figures got me thinking that by a simple gesture, us fans who would have gone to that game could easily put a huge dint into that 20K request. So, with this in mind, why don't we try to do the "In There In Spirit" donations. We lobby the club to let us buy a Playoff Ticket for the Borehamwood Game - its a virtual ticket that obviously we can't use, but its a symbolic gesture we make. Tickets go on sale for £20 Adults, £15 Concessions (Just like they would have on the day) and by going to the fchtshop, or via paying the Supporters Club, we get to purchase a ticket for this game. If you would have gone to the game anyway, the chances are you would easily have paid more than the entrance price once you factor in food/drink/travel etc... We took 1000 fans to Brackley for the Playoff Final. If just half of those fans showed an interest in this, so 500, and paid for an adult ticket we would hit £10K, or half of the requested fund raising just off this alone. If the club were to be open to this "Spirit Ticket", would you agree to buy one?
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    Saturday 4 July announced raised £37000.00 Really good effort and still can reach £40000 only 15 legends to purchase and nearly there. see supporters club have raised over £12000.00 in past year well done to all on the committee for their hard work. At the end of the day we’re not a bad bunch of supporters
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    I was going to go for Odelusi and Lenighan as it was fecking criminal to have them in the centre of midfield.
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    26k already raised. That’s a great effort is that
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    Back in employment so as long as things go well I'll be putting some cash aside to pay in full once we know when crowds are allowed back.
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    Let's see what the league decide regarding loan players for the play offs. Plenty of cash for the gaffer should equal a decent loan striker. If not then Allen and hopefully Redshaw up top. Rodney was crap in his last game anyway so we don't need him. Massive underdogs now. Remember Denmark in the Euros? Remember Greece in the Euros? It can be done. The pressure is off, lets just go and prove everyone wrong. UTS.
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    Just thinking Colwyn Bay would be a good shout, decent vantage point from the fields?
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    This is a massive opportunity for the club irrespective of how its come around and how we were playing in March. What is important is how well prepared and the attitude of the lads when the action starts, it's the most open play offs ever and form in March is irrelevant as so much has changed and so many things can now affect the clubs. What we must do as fans is come together as one, and despite the fact we can't offer our support at the game/games we can all do our bit to achieve the goal of the EFL. The club are going to ask for our help in a number of ways I expect, I hope we can all offer some help, but what we an offer is a positive outlook and massive positivity on this forum and on social media. The club read these posts as do players, so let's show them that we are behind them 100% and try our very best to offer our support in anyway we can!!!! Up The Shaymen
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    Hasn't Rashford raised around 20M to help fund projects in Manchester during the lockdown already before ths? The lad is certainly showing his worth and class. Fair play. No objections from me if he wishes to use his profile for causes like this. A shame "esteemed" elites like Branson and Ashley don't feel the same desire.
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    I'd personally rather pay 22% tax than 20% tax if it meant kids didn't live in poverty. Guess it depends whether others or you and you only matter. (Not meant to be having a go by the way)
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    New voting options released.
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    Oh would you look at that, white people turning the BLM issue around so that it's all about them. How on earth can you be offended because a player's shirt says "BLACK LIVES MATTER" instead of their name? Are you racist? No? Do you want to support the fight against racism? Yes? Great. If you answered differently to either question then you're part of the problem.
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    https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/my-time-town-billy-barr-it-meant-everything-me-2876908 A Halifax Town legend imo. Still loves the club and one of the best
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    Strongly agree, mate. I think I've worn a groove in the pavement between the Shay and Three Pigeons!
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    He’s spent quite a bit of money on some appalling premier league players in the last year or so. Bournemouth regularly broke FFP regulations on their way up too, more so than most clubs in the championship. He’s spent over £50m on Dominic Solanke, Jordan Ibe and Phil Billing. As much as I’m sure the fans and club appreciate what he’s done in the past, he’s going/gone backwards as a manager and his signings have been awful and that will see them relegated.
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    The government have agreed with the FA that from the 4th of July Huddersfield Town can visit other teams penalty areas if they feel safe to do so
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    Man U get a quick mention as well 1 Corinthians 4:13 when we are slandered, we answer kindly. We have become the scum of the earth, the garbage of the world—right up to this moment.
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    When first Matchcard sold out - Wonder if there would be any interest in a second Matchcard with a selection of 80 former Halifax Town footballers?
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    Frank Lampard has helped Liverpool win more Premier League titles than Steven Gerrard.
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    To be honest I think some people are still bitter about not getting a fan run club however many years ago it was. The current board of directors have done a fantastic job of running the club. Here we are having just progressed from part time to hybrid model, consistent use of good training facilities, in the playoffs for a return to football league, excellent communication with fans (Wild and Milly answering Q&A's etc), track record of developing players who move on to better things, financially stable (and that has been the case for the longest period of time in my living memory as a Halifax town fan). AND PEOPLE ARE STILL MOANING! Laughable sometimes but there you go that Halifax Town fans for you - I for one am very pleased with the current state of affairs.
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    Chester is owned by the fans though. I'd be much more likely to make an ongoing contribution if the same were true of Halifax Town. As it is, I'm simply not prepared to fund a private company wholly owned by a multi-millionaire. I have made a donation to the current appeal but only because of the current unprecedented situation.
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    You can’t just call people racists for saying something that’s clearly not racist. You’re everything wrong with it and don’t help at all getting the race card out at any opportunity. ———————————————————————— Poppy’s not allowed to be worn on football shirts but black lives matter is. Black lives matter is branded all over but as soon as white lives matter flies over he’s apparently a racist and it’s not okay? A policeman killed a black person in another country but somehow protests happened in this country against our police for something they didn’t do and don’t do! I can understand why people are pissed off at all of this now
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    We bought it off the Rugby club as they have no need for it now
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    Maybe, maybe not...but either way all ST income should be ring fenced for next season.
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    13th June 2020 Paul Hendrie vs Manchester City...
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    Norway has been one metre through this whole mess the best social distancing is shut the borders stop it coming in in the first place
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    I've copied this, author unknown, but I agree with every word:- According to the BBC today, I'm complicit in hate and racist crimes because I'm White and I won't join in with the meaningless pieces of shite that are protesting the length of the country. I've never heard so much bollocks in all my life. I won’t kneel with the masses, I won’t be told my fate, By people who hijack tragedy, To perpetuate their hate. Don’t you shout Black Lives Matter, Whilst running through the streets, When your people are burning Foot Locker, Stealing Nikes for their feet. Don’t dance on The Cenotaph, Like it’s Carnival or Mardi Gras, That sacred granite edifice, Marks people who died in war. How dare you besiege Number 10, This isn’t even our fight, If you want to go and protest, Get a 4,000 mile flight. Social distancing flouted, Police punched in the face, Missiles hurled at Downing Street., This isn’t about race. It’s rent-a-mob and anarchists, Versus police led by lambs, They just stand there and take it, Lefty Cressida tied their hands. Meanwhile America’s burning, It’s a tragedy we all agree, That George Floyd lost his life, For all the world to see. Justice must take its course, The cop has lost his job, Now he faces twelve good and true, Not a braying mob. So Monday I won’t be kneeling, I won’t even bow my head, Because someone I don’t even know, Has wound up dead. An armed robber and a felon, In and out of jail, As a model citizen, He was a total fail. I’ll weep for whom I choose to, I’ll say where and when, Not because a lifelong offender, Bought it in the end. I don’t condone the officers, They rightly face the wrath, But ask me to kneel for a criminal? Don’t make me laugh. You can keep your lefty rhetoric, Your dismantling of our state, It’s BLM not Middle England, That’s peddling the hate.
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    If you ever get a chance to see this lot, suggest you do, although Social Distancing on stage might be challenging!! They also have a brilliant version of The Furs "Love My Way"
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