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    This is the key here. When it hasn't worked, PW hasn't hidden behind "Pyramid of emotions", but instead has said so. He has on several occasions spoken with fans at away games explaining his game plans, his reasonings for using certain players and his ideas. He engages not just with the fans, but also the players in a positive manner so that everyone is buying into what the vision is. As such, when we get a total flop of a performance, yeah its not nice to stomach, but you can at least appreciate the idea and thinking that went into it. A few times last season PW got criticism for playing a certain player or a certain way, however when asked about it at games he gave his reasonings for doing so - and the reasonings were always sound. I can't recall which away game it was, but there was one where he had started with TSS and dropped Redshaw and Allen to the bench. When asked he said the game plan was to tire out the oppositions midfield and that a certain player of theirs was a concern of nullifying Allen/Redshaw. The plan was to target that player to tire him out, get him subbed or so knackard that he couldn't go on, then sub on Redshaw and Allen to run the show. An hour into the game that player is blowing out of his arse and Redshaw/Allen come on. I think we got screwed in that game by a bad ref call or a deflection and ended up losing, but it was due to bad luck rather than bad planning. He got dogs abuse for benching Redshaw, however having been told his game plan before hand and seeing the impact both made when they came on and how it nullified the opposition player, we could see exactly what the game plan and intention was. We were going for the win, not to make up numbers. Were all the performances great last season? No, but it was a huge marked improvement on the year before. It was more fun going to games, we expressed ourselves as a team well and actually attempted to win.
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