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    There's lots of help and support out there but it's not available for everyone, or can be difficult for some to access right now. Maybe you just need pointing in the right direction or need a chat. Not everyone has a support network that is local. Halifax Town supporters are a community. We can do our bit to look after each other in these strange times. Need help? If you need anything, from a bog roll to help with accessing benefits, leave a brief message in this thread and maybe someone can come up trumps. Keep your post brief and personal details to a minimum - something like "need help Ovenden" or "self-isolating in Exley, some fresh bread and milk would be great". Once you no longer need any help, you can edit your post to say so (or just remove your message). Able to help? If you're possibly in a position to help out, send the user a private message to make arrangements. Don't be judgemental and please be discrete, now and in the future. Take sensible precautions Follow the official guidelines - keep your distance, wear gloves if possible (especially if you're shopping for someone else), don't shake hands, etc. Don't give anyone your bank details unless you trust them (PayPal is a good alternative). Use common sense and stay safe.
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    No reason why Fax should go belly up. The £48k p.a. rent, or whatever it is Fax are meant to pay is pittance against the prize money they won a year ago. Unless of course the money went out of the club as quickly as it came in. Without doubt there would be ramifications for FCHT should they become the sole sporting tenant at the Shay. However, it wouldnt be all bad and would have to be viewed as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. The club could forge better relationships with the council and caterers; have greater exclusivity to the facilities meaning better commercial opportunities; the pitch would require less maintenance and would only ever need setting up for football. The football supporters have only ever blamed Fax for genuine reasons. Since moving to the Shay, Fax's attitude has stunk - from board level through to some of the supporters. The attitude has always been that they are far superior and ridden roughshod over the fact that the Shay had been home to the football club for over 100 years. There should have been a more cooperative attitude rather than believing that the 'New Shay' was theirs. Fax left Thrum Hall because it was a huge dump, the club couldnt afford to redevelop it or keep up with maintenance and it owed thousands to HMRC. Lets be honest, Fax didnt leave Thrum Hall because they believed in a ground share or working with HTAFC. They left because they had to and were arrogant enough to believe that they could move to the redeveloped Shay and take control of their new home. They have bullied and made endless lies to get their own way and acted like a petulant child when it hasnt. I think it is suddenly dawning on many however that 1) RL is (sadly) a great game in huge decline thanks to the way it has been run, 2) the Calderdale public care little for the sport/club anymore and the decline is ongoing and 3) the club has been run by arrogant/ignorant individuals (which has played its part in number 2 above) for far too long and they are starting to get what they deserve (unfortunately for the supporters). I personally dont want to see the club leave the Shay or Calderdale but the stark reality is that there would be few tears shed should it happen.
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    In this strange time I have reflected how my 'special place' in life is the Shay. Distance means I don't get there as often as I would like, but when I do, it's the only place I want to be. I watch the game with football mates who I have known for decades. We talk shite for a couple of hours, bask in victory when it happens, curse the ref if it doesn't. There is nothing else like it and no memories that match it. I remember results and goals from every decade back to the seventies. I never get bored with it and one way or another, it always evokes some emotion. It's not about success, formations, 'knowing football' or being fashionable. It's about loving this club that we are part of in a way that premiership fans can only dream of. God I miss it. Stand up if you love the Town.
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    Well, your support base will at least be gaining one new fan next season, as myself and the wife are expecting our first child later this year. Obviously, I'd love it to support the same side as me, but seeing as I grew up supporting my local side rather than a good side, I'd find it a bit hypocritical if he/she wasn't a Halifax fan. Be a bit unfair to go to school telling it's friends he supported a shite side from 120 miles because his Dad does. First game v Stockport on NYD? She seems to think so!
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    However, lets remember where we were this time last year. Six registered players, moral low, a manager disliked by pretty much everyone and the bookies favourite for the drop. We extended our season into the Playoffs, but sadly came up short, but lets be clear, this hasn't been a poor season. Lets get behind Pete, let him bring in his players and have a proper pre-season to build a squad and get back at it next season. We couldn't go any further tonight, but the lads have done us proud in the last 12 months.
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    I think under the current circumstances that its only right that we extend our very best wishes to The Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It doesn't matter what your politics are at times like these, he's a relatively young guy whose girlfriend is expecting a baby and it it proves conclusively that it doesn't matter who you are or where you live or what you do, we are all at risk. So good luck to Boris and everyone else battling this disease, and all the thanks in the world to our brilliant NHS, from the top man to the cleaners and porters, god bless them all and keep them safe.
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    DJ had a call for about half an hour from PW he is absolutely over the moon, a great gesture. Thank you presume Mr.c activated it. We can pull together when we try.
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    ... Off the pitch and after an emotional week for the club where we paid our respects in a wonderfully dignified manner to Jordan Sinnott two moments of class from yesterday epitomised to all what our club is all about Firstly Copley Primary School who were playing at half time in the schools competition donated one of their shirts to the #shirtsforjordan appeal a fantastic gesture Then after the game in the bar a young lad in a wheelchair had his day made when the gaffer and all the players chatted with him and had their pictures taken with him and the look and smile on his face when Jack Redshaw; his favourite player; spent time with him will stick with those of us who were lucky enough to witness it and there are pictures of young Charlie and the team on social media STID
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    The thing is IT'S NOT THE ****ING PAST is it? They're STILL ****ING AT IT. It's like having neighbours for years who acted as though they were better than you. They let their cat **** on your lawn and piss on your doorstep, then send you a strongly-worded letter telling you that your lawn and your doorstep is a disgrace. They're also having a sly dig about the old 3-wheeler parked outside your house. It's not the best looking car in the world but it works. Just about. They have a nice shiny new car in their driveway and they go on expensive holidays, always remembering to send you a nice postcard so you know all about it. What they don't tell you is that the car is on hire purchase, and that they're drowning in credit card debt. But they have a plan. They've managed to persuade your landlord to let them move in with you. They've told him that it makes financial sense, he'll get a bit more rent, and they'll use the money they get from selling their house to put double glazing in and build a picket fence to keep the stray cats out. They're going to tidy up you ****-stained lawn and wash the piss off your doorstep. They move in, change the wallpaper and move the furniture around. They've ordered a nice new cuckoo clock but used your credit card to pay for it. They tell you they've mislaid theirs and the bank hasn't yet sent a replacement because of all the kerfuffle of having moved house. You don't mind, you know they have some cash in the bank. You even agree to sort out the double glazing and for the new picket fence to be built, after all, you don't want to wait and you know they'll pay you at least half eventually. You're a bit nervous so you ask for some cash just in case the builders need a bit for materials. They hand you a few coins and agree to write a cheque which they'll leave behind the cuckoo clock when it arrives. So the glazers turn up and take out the old windows. The fencing company arrives and tears down the old privets. They both want a first instalment but there's no sign of your new lodgers. There is, however, a cheque tucked in behind the cuckoo clock as promised, so you agree to pay the tradesmen. For some strange reason the cheque is one of those comedy oversized ones. There's a polaroid of your neighbour holding the cheque aloft on the mantelpiece. A few days later, having banked the cheque, you notice that the lodgers have taken over the spare room. You're not bothered, you weren't using it after all. They're even talking about a grand extension to the house because they need more room, and say the landlord should be able to afford it because now they're getting more rent. Then things start to go wrong. The cheque you banked has bounced. Work grinds to a halt on the glazing and the fencing, with both jobs half finished. Before you know it you're in court. You're bankrupt. The bills were all in your name, after all. The lodgers are complaining about the draught coming in through the half-finished windows. They're complaining about the neighbours' cat coming in and shitting on the lawn, and they're wondering why you had the privets torn up. They're on at the landlord to sort it all out, they're writing to their MP and the local paper. The landlord thinks **** it, I'm selling, I don't need this grief. You're afraid that the new owners will turf you out, so you get your friends and family to rally round to try and persuade the landlord, and your lodger rounds up some of their friends and family too. The landlord relents, agrees to finish the windows and the fence on condition that you both pay a little more rent. All agreed, the new fence is spectacular. The windows are flawless. Everything's great. Suddenly your lodger complains that the cuckoo clock keeps them up at night, so they start paying less rent than they agreed, telling everyone who will listen that it's a fair reduction for the noise they have to put up with. Secretly it's not the noise that annoys them, it's that YOU'RE enjoying the cuckoo clock even though you didn't choose it. To try and solve their complaints you remove the batteries from the clock. Then the lodger is late for work and asks you to pay them compensation for the wages they lost. Eventually the landlord threatens to kick them out. After all, they've bent over backwards to give you both everything you ever asked for. They didn't ask the neighbours to move in, they didn't buy the cuckoo clock. It gets so bad that they change the locks. Your lodger grudgingly pays but only on condition that someone swaps the cuckoo clock for a digital alarm clock. They tell all their friends that the landlord has agreed to buy them a mega fancy digital clock, and that they should all come and see the grand 'plugging in'. The landlord is happy to buy a new clock if it solves all the problems, but the latest rent cheque from the lodger bounced so they afford to buy one. The lodger is embarrassed when all his friends turn up to see the new clock only for the old cuckoo clock to still be there instead. The lodger is so annoyed that they tell the landlord that if a new digital alarm clock isn't in place by the end of the week, they'll move out. They think that because he's paying off a loan for the windows and the fence that he can't afford to do without their rent. What they don't know is that the landlord is SO PISSED OFF with them that they're considering calling their bluff. And the worst thing. The worst thing of all. They never even paid you back for the cuckoo clock. And you miss the privets.
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    Good news not the big "C" but internal probs they can sort out.
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    Just wanted to let everyone on here know what a great idea this was, to ring some fans for a chat. I registered my 11 year old grandson for one of these and yesterday Josh Staunton rang him for a chat. He was on the phone for 25 minutes and my grandson was completely made up. He couldn't wait to ring me to tell me how it all went. Many thanks to Halifax Town and especially Josh Staunton for taking the time to spend with a young fan. We have been going to the Shay together for 5 years now and I think this will ensure that he remains a Shayman for the rest of his life.
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    I think people may know that I am biased toward the NHS. In the past couple of weeks my dad has complained of chest and back pain. He is 90 and fairly fit, for his age. It got worse on Friday and we rang emergency services. They said it didn’t sound like cv and sent an ambulance. He’d had a heart attack. They had a slot on Friday afternoon and he had stents fitted. He is back home in front of the fire this evening with a care package in place.We are so lucky in this country to have the NHS.
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    It really makes me uncomfortable when it turns in to a pissing contest of who can be the most respectful and do the “best act of remembrance”. This should be about a moment of reflection and celebrating Jordan’s life. It’s not about Halifax Town, it’s not about Alfreton, etc. It’s about Jordan and his family.
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    Had a text from him the other day saying that he was chuffed to that he had received a get well card and a face mask from the club. He is still awaiting a date for the operation but this gesture cheered him up no end and he passed on his thanks to Louisa and all at the club.
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    When I received this mysterious envelope Friday I was gobsmacked at the contents and just stared at what was in it to the amusement of Mrs Funky, what a lovely gesture from our club and really cheered me up. The contents consisted of a get well soon card and great looking FC Halifax Town Face Mask from Pete ,Louisa Chadders and all at the club and will wear with pride at my next visit to the hospital. I could not wait to get on the phone and tell other fans from Blackpool; Fleetwood, and Afc Fylde what our club had done and got many strange comments asking what I had been smoking or lockdown was getting to me but boy did it feel good. My favourite nurse is a Fleetwood fan so we always have a good natter over Vardy in fact just done her a DVD of Jamie's goals at Halifax which I will take next time I go. The reason I did not put anything on the forum because it felt like I was bragging, I did ring the club to thank them but Louisa was not there but I did leave a message and will ring tomorrow because this girl is going to get a hell of a Funky Hug.Well I have had all the tests including CT Scan, ECG ,Blood tests, Lung tests and been assured I could last 90 mins if needed. At this moment Covid 19 is not good in Blackpool so could be in for a long wait as operations have not started so looks like Boxing day could be the day, so once again a big thank you to all of you for your good wishes and to my special caring. friend Mr Lanzo for always being there .PROUD TO BE A SHAYMAN.
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    At 1:15am this morning (Christmas Eve), the wife, Rachel (who some will know from games, supporters club presentations, and maybe her dad) gave birth to the rather amazing Annie Olivia. I’d be shocked if she’s (The baby) not at a match before the end of the season. Happy bloody Christmas.
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    Being called a pub team by supporters of a club that could travel to 90% of their own team's away games with a Trans-Pennine day return ticket. Somewhere out there is a tree working extremely hard to replenish the oxygen used by such people. They really should apologise to it.
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    At a club like ours I don't get the 'I will only buy a season ticket if we sign....' Right now the club needs our support more than most other moments. To be honest, if you follow the Shay expecting to win something, and that's the only reason, you might need some professional help. Keep it simple, stand up and be counted when it matters. STID
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    Money 3 year contract Higher league (probably) Bigger club He’s absolutely made the correct decision. Anyone who thinks he should’ve stayed with us is living in cloud cuckoo land. Good luck Dave, and thanks for everything you did for us.
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    Well what can I say but thanks to Louisa, Chadders ,and Pete Wild, thought it was somebody having me on but what a lovely thought and once again ill say I now know why I follow the Shaymen, spent the rest of the day ringing people up and the first thing they all said no way, my Blackpool mate could not believe it and the Afc Fylde fan said I should change the tablets. We had a long chat and it was just like talking to an old friend and even Mrs Funky had a chat with him when a delivery man came to deliver a big box of biscuits which my daughters had ordered,got back in the house and Mrs Funky said who was that ? the Halifax manager Pete Wild got a yeah right and it seem to amuse her and did not believe me as I tell a lot of porkies .Thanks for all the good wishes and the banter and a big hug for Louisa when we all get back to normal ok then one for Chadders.
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    I have in the past knocked Bosomworth along with many others, but what Bury need now is a David Bosomworth. I don't think many Town fans realise how lucky we are having David Bosomworth owner of the club. This Bury and Bolton carry on brings sound ownership to the front. Thank you Mr Bosomworth.
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    You enjoyed a home game as much as today? Pete Wild has done wonders to turn the mood around at home games. Last season it was often depressing and demoralising being at The Shay watching negative football, negative tactics and players simply not expressing themselves. Flip that on to what we have seen so far this season - and more to the point today - and what a difference. Hard to single out a negative from today really. Games like this is what will bring people back to The Shay. It was fun to watch, it was exciting and it was entertaining. Long may it continue.
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    Let's give the man a chance. Hopefully a young and ambitious manager with coaching experience at higher levels, and also it seems, with the contacts that people on here were screaming out for. Some on here were talking about giving Collins a chance because of his experience with BCFC U21's so why not give Fullerton a chance. Welcome to the club Jamie, some people will be quick to judge, but I hope the majority will back you to the hilt and wish you well
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    Sadly the ignorant and stupid are the only ones that remain to support HRLFC. Most think they helped us out by moving in, instead their failure to honour any promises regarding paying their share of the development costs put us out of business. How any Halifax Town fan can ever feel any sorrow for the decline of this club is beyond me. They tried to push us out of the stadium during my time on the Shay Stadium Trust, and then again on reformation of the new club. They tried to buy the stadium while lying about not knowing anything about it. Those are just the headlines. I could add hundreds of other examples of how they have behaved. Good Riddance, please go and go now.
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    It's ridiculous isn't it and it days like this that make me question my love for the beautiful game. I'm excited about going to Nuneaton FFS. Nobody should ever be excited about going to a place that is the B@stard child of a drunken threeway between Birmingham , Coventry and Leicester without inherting any of the their very few redeeming qualities. A drab ground on an industrial estate and a day that is undoubtedly going to be tarnished by a couple of dozen broken condoms dressed in Stone Island doing a high school rendition of The Firm. Then i realise that i get to put my Blue and White striped scarf in my car, adorn my replica shirt and cheer on 11 men in bright blody orange kicking a ball in the sun all in the name of a town that foolishly brought me in to this world. Sure my mum deserves some of the credit too but she couldn't give a **** about football. COME ON SHAYMEN.
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    As a sponsor of the 3rd shirt I can confirm that the agreement is equal number of games for 2nd and 3rd shirt throughout the season. Therefore, my preference would be the 3rd shirt I've just agreed to sponsor the home shirt for next season so hopefully we'll get a home tie first in the League 2 playoffs
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    After speaking to the club today there will not be another football card at the moment, the next one has been put on the backburner for a while. The club, and especially the Manager has asked if anyone has any spare cash, the cut outs for the BW game is the way they would like you to go. BW dont get any money from our sales and the club take the majority of the money from each cut out. Pete Wild has said as strange as it may be he would love the players to see all FCHT's allocated seats completely full of faces. The club have been given 300 seats and if we could fill them the likelihood is we would have more cut outs than BW which psychological would give the players a boost, further enforcing the fans are right behind the manager and players. So rather than #projectplayoffs how about #filltheseats? The fantastic initiative from Flea regarding the virtual ticket is also still running and again an avenue the club are still promoting Thankyou all for your support over the last few days on the football cards which brought in an in unbelievable £3600 which was way beyond our expectations when AFC Halifax decided to launch the first one.
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    The winner of the 1st prize, the season ticket has said they will be donating the cost of their season ticket to the play off fund!!! What an outstanding contribution. Thank you very much
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    Very well done Marcus, probably the best result of your young career. Kids wont go hungry now.
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    Made by @dj funky: Halifax Town once more pay tribute to Jordan 'Sinbad' Sinnott. A fan made video from countless hours of capturing his, and our beloved Shaymen.
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    Halesowen fan here in peace. I travel home and away following the Yeltz and have done for 5 years, apart from when we play neighbours Stourbridge (when a few chavs turn up) I've never seen any trouble with our fans so I'm not sure where the above stories come from - ive never seen trouble. We're regarded by most as a friendly-but noisy lot, we travel well and we will on the 8th. The club has had its troubles off the field for a few years with poor owners but the club is in fantastic hands and we're certainly on an upward curve. Look forward to visiting your place soon. #uptheyeltz
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    We’ve got him for the season!! Great signing for the club!! That shows ambition! Will be a massive help to get us into the play offs. Credit to Wild for bringing him in but even more credit to DB for making it happen.
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    I enjoy going to the shay whoever is in charge I am there to get behind my team What I don’t enjoy is watching shaymen both at the ground or on the message board constantly slagging off the board / management think back years of financial strife - creditors - tax man - unpaid wages - re-election annual begging yes the opinions are good it always good to debate but the one thing that should not be in question is we are shaymen get behind the team get with programme we have been here before when it get tough it’s in our DNA Heath Aspin Harvey Vince Wilder they come and go as do the players get behind the team
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    Fax supposedly meeting with Council today to try and hammer out a compromise. If I were the guy at the Council, I'd tape this to my door and go home for the day
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    Ban the lot of them! The club don't want them there and neither do 99% of the rest of the town fans who go to football to watch just that and have a good day out doing so
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    The verdict of manslaughter brought in against the young lads who killed Jordan. What a waste of a life, all brought about because of a bit of banter and a throw away comment. It's funny how you can look back at your own life and think how many times you found yourself in very similar situations. That young man who could take on the world, the times you were shoved, probably by accident in a packed bar, or the times you accidently bumped into someone, but the aggressive stance that had to be adopted. Just because you had to!! When I've read the situation surrounding the Jordan case, it's all just so futile, yet it happens every weekend night in our Towns & Cities. How many lives have been wrecked, parents, brothers & sisters, friends and the lads themselves. And all for what?? There is a lessen in there for anyone, Walk Away!! It's not a sign of weakness. R.I.P Jordan, Justice has been served (sort of)
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    Plus they’ll have the advantage of playing in front of their normal home crowd
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    I went with Simon Denton of SDS fame to see Rathbone speak at a pub behind Euston station in London when his book ‘The smell of football’ first came out. We were the only two Town fans there and were heavily outnumbered by Everton supporters. I had the temerity to raise my hand to ask him not about the well-documented Hereford game, but the last away game at Gillingham. I began by apologising to the Evertonians for diverting the conversation away from all things Goodison when one wag shouted out in a broad scouse accent, ‘Don’t worry, mate. Were all Halifax fans here.’ Rathbone spoke well and was full of the good-humoured and wry, though humble affection for the club that comes through in Tom Scargill’s article, though his anecdote was clearly tinged with regret and sadness.
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    Big shout out to Josh who went to visit a young lad after the match today to give him one of them shirts that CORE was giving away. The child and adult couldn't get to one of the events, so Josh offered to try and get one. He did and to myself and the child and adult surprise he turned up at their address to hand this over, even came in and had photos and a chat with the child. Credit where credit is due...
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    The 3 gents who have run our club over the past 11 years deserve full credit for all their efforts. They have been a breath of fresh air in our chequered existence. In my view it will be a sorry day when the remaining 2 decide to call it a day. Yes they have made mistakes, but so have we all in this period.
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    Think that was Steve Bruce.
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    If we win on Saturday that would be a record of 8-1-1 Eerily reminiscent of our usual formations in recent years.
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    Shaytrev when the Sligo friendly's announced:
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    Just for the record both the physio and kit man were there yesterday and agreed to work for nothing to help the club as we would have been in a pickle otherwise. Credit to them for doing this particularly considering the personal abuse received by one of them on Facebook, some of it from people who post on here.
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    The "Heath out" brigade loved it last night. The team was playing well and conceded late on. Within seconds of that goal "Heath out, Heath out" The team could have given up like the outers did. They are made of better stuff than that and managed to get a deserved equaliser. Dover then snatched it at the death and the "Heath out, Heath out" started again. Final whistle seconds later and boos were the order of the day. That team did not deserve booing off at all. For me it's not the football that's turning me off attending The Shay, believe me I have seen far worse over the last 40 years, its the idiots demanding the managers head at every chance they get that make a the place toxic and not a very good place to watch football. Grow up and back the team and manager and fair play to Tomlinson and Nicholson if they had a go at the Town fans who thought it would be a good idea to stick the knife in.
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    Was walking home the other night with a few friends (been studying in Leipzig as of late) and we encountered a group of 4 Bavarian lads, they must have been around 16 years old. We got talking about footie of course, and they then asked me who I supported. I winced and said 'Halifax Town', with my routine speech prepared to explain who we are, what level we play at etc. But as soon as I said Halifax Town they actually started cheering and leaping up and down like mad and yelled 'JAMIE VARDY!' They actually knew who we were because of him. Best response I've ever got to the age old question. Thanks Vardy for giving our club some credit!
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    Seems his Uncle was killed on Bloody Sunday, which is very sad. He called Martin Mcguinnes a legend on Twitter, he says, for his part in the peace process and signing a photo for his Mum. He says he never said he supports the IRA. We have to take his word on that. He's here to manage our football club, I'm sure he's sick to death of all the controversy. Let's get behind him.
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