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    26k already raised. That’s a great effort is that
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    Feeling optimistic.. my bones say we can and will win the playoffs third time lucky and sense the players supporters and everything about the club is up for these three games keep the faith nick
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    Just Google Little Mix and select their boyfriends
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    If Stevenage win an appeal then surly Macclesfield go down, this would be so much simpler if the EFL just relegate both, job done
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    I know it’s great. We go up and stabilise for a while more than happy with that. Accrington and Rochdale are the models we need to follow
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    In the words of Chris Martin "nobody said it was easy" I honestly believe though. Some will think delusional but if you think positive then good things will happen. I'm not building myself up for an almighty fall but why can't we believe. We will need some luck along the way just like every club in the play offs, why can't it be us who spawn our way through them. Sho-Silva will redeem himself like Peniket did against Salford because football and fate is funny.
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    Despite a couple of disappointments Town have good experience of how to do the play offs. We have as good a chance as anyone, remember Huddersfield won their way to the Premier League without scoring a goal..... It’s a lottery and the so called best teams don’t always win, we might just have the winning ticket
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    I’m see-sawing from believing we can do it to thinking we’ve got no chance. This is probably the most open the play offs have ever been due to the break. If Cam King has 3 good games we’ll be promoted.
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    Exactly. Lots of silly kids and virtue signallers there for the cause and the struggle! I'm all for being an ally and having your friend and fellow humans back but I really do believe the message gets hijacked by the virtue signallers. The BBC are a great example of being too frightened to upset folk and try their best to look like a nice accommodating bunch of folk. Riots in Brixton, Notting Hill and Maida Vale the other night but no reporting because it will damage the BLM cause. It was mainly blacks involved but it's a dickhead matter. People are dickheads irrespective of colour but folk are using BLM as an excuse to act idiots and know the police are wary of being heavy handed.
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    Yeah it's a wrong or right thing. I'm on the left but the far left are seriously getting on my nerves lately with the whole world in general. I'm starting to learn that everything is an excuse with them and they blame others for everything going whether it be Covid or recently racism. I've got 2 very good black best friends and one of their parents is a great person to me. They're fed up with the virtue signalling. I'd love to send screenshots but I don't want to give away their identity but I assure you it's true and I aren't using thrm to point score. BLM is a worthy cause but please stick to that and do it sporadically. Don't ram it down the throats because people will get fed up imo. You know deep down abd they will. We have to accept we will never persuade some people but hey how that's life. Spoon feed it nice and slowly and maybe one day we'll get there.
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    I'm also no fan of the Israelis, but theres a time and a place for such things. A group wanting to promote togetherness and tolerance to then put out a tweet like that is just hypocritical however. BLM should be important for the fact that black lives are being disadvantaged. The movement however had quite clearly been hijacked now. It seems some have issues when the far left get called out, but not when the far right get called out. Both are equally as bad as the other.
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    In a nutshell and what I've been saying for weeks.
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    The official BLM accounts tweeting anti Semitic, offensive material to the Jewish Community, proves, as many warned weeks ago.. That the far left have hijacked a legitimate, important movement for their own gain.
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    Based on the restarts so far it takes a competitive game to get going. We beat boring wood and when we play harrogant we will have already played a competitive fixture Vs Harrogate's zero, so that should then level out the indifference in ability throw in our higher level of desire and the world is our oyster. The final... Everyone knows that can be decided on the flip of a coin form, skill and ability are all out of the window in a final. It's time to believe.
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    I would love to see us promoted, the club (which I believe is on the whole properly run) and it’s supporters deserve it after years of struggles and disappointment. However, I can’t help thinking there is an awful lot of misplaced optimism brought about by inactivity. Looking at the criticisms and weaknesses that have been levelled at the side earlier in the season, how many have been cured by a three month layoff? Have our central defenders suddenly discovered some extra pace? Do we now have a creative midfielder that can play multiple games in a short space of time? Has TSS developed into a prolific goalscorer? Has Pete Wild managed to devise plan than doesn’t make us look a plodding one-dimensional team with no idea on how to change a game? I hope we don’t end up spending money chasing the gold at the end of the rainbow when the money may have been better spent preparing for next season. It could be that the clubs not competing in the playoffs will have a significant advantage over those that do but don’t succeed. Lots of questions, be interesting to see the answers.
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    Massive well done to all Shaymen.net users who have contributed, you have all paid up. Just waiting for a couple of more to pay and then I will give all the details of when the draw will be done and where you can watch it live
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    And even better for the coffers, we'll be playing Bradford & Huddersfield in League 2, we'll be sitting top 12 points clear of the chasing pack and Huddersfield will be facing the drop to the National league for the first time in their history. And they will also make history by being the first team to drop from Premier League to National league in consecutive seasons!!! (if there really is a god, please?)
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    Everyone is getting excited about the playoffs and promotion, yet the FA have not even ratified they are going ahead
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    Any club would have appealed. Relegation affects every aspect of the football club, from player contracts, sponsorship to ground requirements and future budgets. It's at least a million less in terms of income, and they're absolutely right imo, relegation should be determined across a season, not part of it. Unprecedented times and all that, but they have to make at least a token attempt to retain League status and that million, otherwise they're stupid. I'd expect no less from Halifax Town in their position.
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    Sorry !!! Wrong video, wrong thread I hope
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    Should’ve been at the Piece Hall today watching them in the flesh. Nevermind.
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    I was the only one to play the full game.......Ha Ha when Alan heard I was from Halifax he came and sat next to me at the after dinner, a nice lad.
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    Well done Steve! But running on with the half time oranges doesn't actually mean playing in the game?
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    He was a great DJ and producer in the late 80's and early 90's.
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    I’m Cockroft ..Stoke City...never forgive Terry Conroy !!!
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    Peruvian side Deportivo Wanka are the only team to be named after Scarborough Athletic striker James Walshaw.
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    Watch the 5 minute Jonathan Pie video above. He nails it. Someone graffitied on a wall in Norchich saying Black Lives Matter. A local resident complained and it wss removed by the council. In the online article comments section, the council were accused of being racists for removing it. Whoever decided to remove it should be sent down for racism, the council worker that removed it should have refused to do their job and not removed it so they are also racists and fascists too etc etc etc. Oh, and it's not just one comment from the fools it's about 80. Anyway I said that graffiti is actually illegal and that the council haven't actually done anything wrong. At the same time, the council have actually promised to have a mural put in place of the graffiti to promote equality and integration. So, I was labelled a white privileged, inhuman, fascist, nazi racist by two people and numerous people liked their posts. One woman posted a picture of George Floyd being murdered and asked me what I thought of that. All this because I'd been the voice of reason and pointed out a fact. I well and truly put borh of the clowns in their place, self righteous gobshites. On this particar occasion one was black and the other was mixed race. But a ****wit is a ****wit no matter what their skin colour and I treated them both the same when I ripped their silly comments to pieces.
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    It's £10 for the player shirt sponsorship, but it is highly likely another card will be along next......
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    You're welcome, get your name down on the player sponsorship thread. Still looking for 4 more sponsors
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    Gateway comments, maybe? There are Labour voters, supporters and even members that beliebe that Israel should be wiped off the map. That isn't isn't a tweet that someone has liked, it's actual opinion expressed both online and in person. THAT is the big problem within the Labour party and dithering Corbyn did feck all about it and let it spread amongst the party members. So, we now have a situation where it's zero tolerance and you follow the brief or you're gone. Too many Trots hiding in socialists clothing, within Labour and I hope, as many have threatened to do if RLB is not reinstated, they'll feck off and leave. If that happens we might actually get a centre left party that will beat the useless nesbits sat accross and help to make our coumtry a better place to live.
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    I think it's that they're meant to be "black Lives matter" but are sticking their oar in with other things that gets people's back up. Solely be for black Lives. They have been infiltrated by the far left (or are they the far left) who are using BLM and their current high profile to push agendas.
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    Sadly I called this happening weeks ago when the nutty left started knocking statues down. Imagine the mess if Corbyn and his cronies were now in charge.
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    Talking about an era I know whereas I couldn't name you the England team now.
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    Yeah, I think that's what wound him up. But for me he was another one of those great players who disappointed in an England shirt.
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    Be interesting to know how amount made up.
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    That greatly improves our chances
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    Appropriate choice or word
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    Pay palled it .. this morning nick .. derby.. picked due to a great league cup game at baseball ground and tony Rhodes
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    This saga longer than game of thrones.
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    Sorry Icke. You are going to be pi**ed off with me The question works better verbally The answer is Ted McDougall
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    Harold Tetlaw and Jack Brown were the only members of this group actively involved when I first joined the Supporters' Club in 1983. I think there had been some sort of fall-out with Paul Wrigley, Booey and Zeb before I joined, because they weren't involved then. The chairman was future councillor and mayor John Hardy, Harold was treasurer, though I think Steve Kell took over the role, and Jack Brown worked on the car park on match days. Reg Eastwood didn't do anything (he may have had the title as president), though he used to get free tickets for matches, I believe. Dave Allinson helped with the car wash until our defeat by Whitby Town. Lawrie Plumbe was around, Dave Dibb, Richard Hanson, Mick Lord, as well as Brenda England and Glenda Southernwood. It was only a small bunch. I worked on the car wash (on one occasion totally on my own for nearly three hours), and collected money off visiting supporters and non-members on the door of the Sporting Club on matchdays. Happy days. We did guess the gate, but I don't recall any major Christmas raffles or anything big. I got into Sunday football in 1984 and by the time I got involved with the supporters' club again in the early Nineties, Derek Newis was chairman and there were regular guests at the monthly meetings, usually held in the NALGO Bar, Northgate House.
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    Alvin Martin once scored a hattrick against 3 different keepers in the same match against Newcastle in 1986.
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    I feel he’s almost a victim of his own success. Aspin had a poor start, but the situation was recoverable at the point he left. Kelly came in and took us from within touching distance of safety to rock bottom. Harvey then came in to an impossible situation and almost kept us up, and had us with our date in our own hands for the last game of the season. I think if he’d not done as well and never put it in our own hands people would have said ‘oh well, he did his best’ and he would be looked on much better. Did fantastically to get us to Wembley and win, so for that he goes in my good books.
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