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    To be honest I think some people are still bitter about not getting a fan run club however many years ago it was. The current board of directors have done a fantastic job of running the club. Here we are having just progressed from part time to hybrid model, consistent use of good training facilities, in the playoffs for a return to football league, excellent communication with fans (Wild and Milly answering Q&A's etc), track record of developing players who move on to better things, financially stable (and that has been the case for the longest period of time in my living memory as a Halifax town fan). AND PEOPLE ARE STILL MOANING! Laughable sometimes but there you go that Halifax Town fans for you - I for one am very pleased with the current state of affairs.
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    I've said previously that if this side does earn promotion, it wouldn't quite match the achievement of 97/98. Relegation favourites to Champions, and all that. But after the added complication of the lockdown, the break in the season, no star striker or indeed outstanding individual player, I think it probably would now.
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    Yes there are Bubba but why havnt they offered to help before,I myself have had a business for over 40 years with a large staff but wouldnt like to think I had to run town,its hard work running a business with all the ups and downs and I can only thank David for doing such a good job and hopefully ignoring all the moaners,like browny said the directors have dipped into their pockets for the playoff and we are helping too which is great,like you Bubba we are town fans and always will be
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    And that's why I don't like cricket. ~ Mighty Boosh.
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    Harvey the biggest culprit of our relegation , home and safe and he still got us relegated
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    When a team get relegated 3 seasons in a row there comes a point when they have to bounce back. I would have expected a blow up porn doll could have motivated Hyde to promotion at that point.
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    Maybe just maybe the club had always planned to do it’s own fundraising e.g Project Playoffs and were waiting the go ahead to seeing the season would continue. And they refused on then basis that they didn’t want to people to be having/wanting to fork out twice. In hindsight it’s probably been the right decision as local football has got some money out of it and the club is probably on course to make up 6 or 7 times the amount they would have received from the SOS appeal.
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    I'm not interested any more. It's been explained why 'all lives matter' is so far from the point that you can't even see it in the rear view mirror.
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    It could have been worse. He could have been a left winger.
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    The greatest singer singing the greatest song ver (in my opinion)
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    The last word really offended me. Burnley.
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    Who's moaning? Some people see what they wanna see.
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    If that's the case then that makes it hard to swallow. You'd kind of get it if it was something potentially life-changing, like a move to League 1, but the offer will literally be Stockport
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    That's PR c--p mate. Potentially Rodney could play for FCHT in League 2 next season so why would he not want to play for us, he could get injured in training or picking his wallet up. He really does come across to me as a mercenary, chasing money. His ego is out of control. I used to like him but I'm afraid he's dumped on us once to often for me.
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    Jesus wept. You're still not quite getting it are you? Terrorists and policemen are not the same thing. Go lie in a darkened room, have a proper think about it, then come back when you can make a coherent point, because at the moment you’re just embarrassing yourself.
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    Don’t show facts or tell truths to chrisbo. He will call you a clown and he is never wrong.
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    I feel he’s almost a victim of his own success. Aspin had a poor start, but the situation was recoverable at the point he left. Kelly came in and took us from within touching distance of safety to rock bottom. Harvey then came in to an impossible situation and almost kept us up, and had us with our date in our own hands for the last game of the season. I think if he’d not done as well and never put it in our own hands people would have said ‘oh well, he did his best’ and he would be looked on much better. Did fantastically to get us to Wembley and win, so for that he goes in my good books.
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    Was it down to him? I probably give him the same amount of credit as I give Kingsley James, Nicky Wroe. He also took us down
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    There are two distinctions here. In your view it was not offensive. Others present think differently. The police have said the flying of the banner is not against the law. It is possible to be offensive , but not criminally offensive. Not being criminal doesnt make it right. As for him being sacked the company who employ him need to consider their reputation too. If the him and his group had explained their actions, apologised or been less confrontational then maybe that wouldnt have happened. But thats a matter for them.
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    He is at his level. Doesnt matter how many qualications you have , to be a good manager you need to be able to get the players bought into your vision, style of play and ambition. Kelly had no personality and if the fans dont find him approachable then why would the players. He is the only manager alongside Fullerton who didnt achieve anything with FC Halifax. The rest Aspin, Heath, Harvey and obviously Wild got us in the playoffs and/or promotion or won some silverware. (I dont count Jim Vince as it was too much to expect instant success from scratch). Compared to the old club, the new set up is 100 times more professional and to say otherwise is disingenuous. As the saying goes " its a bad workman who blames his tools!"
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    Great Captain and leader. Would be an outstanding achievement and put him up there alongside the heros of 97/98. Confidence in ourselves is key. Winning the personal battles all over the pitch.
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    CONUNDRUM If TSS had been a right winger instead of a centre forward would he have had less abuse from some contributors on this forum
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    Glad you feel attacking the police is acceptable.
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    I'm sure Billie won't be offended that she's now gender neutral
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    corrected it for you
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    Right, here goes. Black people aren't always treated fairly by the police in America. At the same time it's not uncommon for the justice system to treat them unfairly too. The reason for this can be, and is a lot of the time because of the colour of their skin. So that's why we have a movement called Black Lives Matter. It's not because of one murder of a black man in police custody, it's because there have been lots of black people that have been murdered by police officers. White people have lost their lives too but not because of the colour of their skin. So what black peolle want is an equal playing field where they are treated exactly the same as white people in every aspect of society. Equal rights and human rights. Some black people have this and haven't experienced racism, but many don't and have. So BLM is not a racist movement, it's a equal and human rights movement. The comment you made about the 3 people who were butchered to death on Saturday by a Libyan assylum seeker is irrelevant. They died at the hands of a middle eatern terrorist, not a BLM protestor or a black supremacist. He is a Muslim fundamentist terrorist of some description who looks like he's acted alone. I genuinely hope this helps you to understand what it:s all about TJ. The banner the Burnley lad put up was in bad taste really. Not overly offensive but still a very silly and costly thing to do.
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    Wild has said Rodney has offers and doesn’t want to play in the play-offs for fear of injury scuppering any potential deal.
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    And the club has only ever been run previously by people who weren't businessmen.
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    See supporters have raised £19000.00. Lets hope momentum keeps going and we double original figure
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    been a greedy bitch again today
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    Awful awful song that my mate showed me to take the mick, but it's stuck in my head! (Mild swearing on one line)
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    One went over Old Trafford saying MR'S BROWN'S BOYS IS CRAP. Made me chuckle.
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    There not fast it's just that you are very slow
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    Cabra (goat) is the main one her Chris. Very International set of neighours Argentinian, Italian, German, Slovenian, Swiss, Russian, 1 Spanish and 1 Basque who refuses to accept he is Spanish.
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    Hopefully one of the things to come out of this break because of lockdown and the tightening of belts for clubs is a loss of agents. I've never understood how the clubs get stung having to pay for these parasites. Surely if a player wishes to be represented they should be the ones footing the cost of it and not the clubs.
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    Think most of us have faith that any monies contributed would be used towards the running of the club and not pissed against the wall as you say. For once a younger generation of town fans will have supported a club that’s been relatively successful on the field and ran without the begging bowl coming out for last ditch efforts to save the club from extinction. I personally would make a small regular contribution to the club for a “budget builder” type setup if the club asked us. I respect anybody who disagrees with this. Just my personal feelings.
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    Chester is owned by the fans though. I'd be much more likely to make an ongoing contribution if the same were true of Halifax Town. As it is, I'm simply not prepared to fund a private company wholly owned by a multi-millionaire. I have made a donation to the current appeal but only because of the current unprecedented situation.
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    Yeah why not, might as well sweeten the deal
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    Maybe this is the trick we are missing. The message we should be getting out and focussing on is how the club is in the playoffs when we have no right to be there. Take the position of the club one or two weeks before the season began, anyone with any football intelligence would have had us marked down as doomed for failure with avoiding relegation being seen as a successful season. But lo and behold here we are on the cusp of the playoffs with just as much chance of going all the way as the rest of the teams in the playoffs. Without wishing to sound almost "Rockyesque" we are quite literally the team who would not lie down. Now how do we get that message out there and get everyone else in football, apart from the other playoff teams, rooting for us. Just think what could be if we could get just a small percentage of PL fans to buy a "virtual" ticket for our first playoff game?
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