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    Had a text from him the other day saying that he was chuffed to that he had received a get well card and a face mask from the club. He is still awaiting a date for the operation but this gesture cheered him up no end and he passed on his thanks to Louisa and all at the club.
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    When I received this mysterious envelope Friday I was gobsmacked at the contents and just stared at what was in it to the amusement of Mrs Funky, what a lovely gesture from our club and really cheered me up. The contents consisted of a get well soon card and great looking FC Halifax Town Face Mask from Pete ,Louisa Chadders and all at the club and will wear with pride at my next visit to the hospital. I could not wait to get on the phone and tell other fans from Blackpool; Fleetwood, and Afc Fylde what our club had done and got many strange comments asking what I had been smoking or lockdown was getting to me but boy did it feel good. My favourite nurse is a Fleetwood fan so we always have a good natter over Vardy in fact just done her a DVD of Jamie's goals at Halifax which I will take next time I go. The reason I did not put anything on the forum because it felt like I was bragging, I did ring the club to thank them but Louisa was not there but I did leave a message and will ring tomorrow because this girl is going to get a hell of a Funky Hug.Well I have had all the tests including CT Scan, ECG ,Blood tests, Lung tests and been assured I could last 90 mins if needed. At this moment Covid 19 is not good in Blackpool so could be in for a long wait as operations have not started so looks like Boxing day could be the day, so once again a big thank you to all of you for your good wishes and to my special caring. friend Mr Lanzo for always being there .PROUD TO BE A SHAYMAN.
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    hopefully he will score winner in final
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    When Cam King is on song he is the BEST in this league.
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    Nothing to fear, just get stuck in! We can do it! Come on shaymen!
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    We owe all 3 teams a beating but I'll be over the moon with a win against Boramwood. Win that first game and things will start to hot up and we'll start to really believe.
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    We got in this position without Rodney, we can make it without him as well. My prediction is if we beat Boreham then we’re due a win against Harrogate and I think we’ll turn them over as well. Remember the saying footballs a funny old game, after all the stick he’s taken and all the poor performances you watch TSS score the winner to take us up......
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    I said furloughed not redundant.
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    Let's see what the league decide regarding loan players for the play offs. Plenty of cash for the gaffer should equal a decent loan striker. If not then Allen and hopefully Redshaw up top. Rodney was crap in his last game anyway so we don't need him. Massive underdogs now. Remember Denmark in the Euros? Remember Greece in the Euros? It can be done. The pressure is off, lets just go and prove everyone wrong. UTS.
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    He has gone move on! Lots more talent in the squad, everyone needs to be on their game and we have a chance with or without Rodney. He didnt want to share the journey and doesnt want to be part of the fun! Up The Shaymen.
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    He seemed quite chipper in our weekly zoom party last night unless he was some imposter lookalike
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    Has today received the evo stik prem player of the season. If I was Wild I’d certainly be looking at taking a punt on him.
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    Can see Cam King has put a best highlights video of himself on social media. Reckon he is putting himself out there really for other clubs. Wild might not offer him a contract and is probably fed up of having to pick and choose him. I would want my best creative players available at all times, not every so often. James hardy would be a perfect replacement for him.
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    Well it would be hard to construe training as income generating. That's like saying a taxi driver having his car serviced whilst on furlough is breaking the rules by having his taxi serviced?
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    PW had 10 days before we went to Ebbsfleet and smacked their backside
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    The original version and sadly very apt at the moment. The bottom one was stuck in my paste box so you've got 2 for the price of one today.
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    I have a signed matchworn away shirt No.6 Paul Stoneman from season 2002/03 season if anyone would be interested in bidding on it? I will put images up tomorrow. If you are interested send me your bid by private message please. I will donate the wining bid to the FC Halifax Town Project Playoff fund. Thanks
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    PW stated only players registered by 16 march can play.
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    Although a fantastic player, he never came across as management potential whilst at Town. He's proved me wrong. Let's he continues to do so in the future.
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    Alas not. They did briefly when the league decided to hold the play offs but they only offered the cost of the bet.
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    without a doubt..hopefully he can push us through the playoffs
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    I dread to think how much money I spent in Bradleys over the years. Well I bought a few thousand records from there over the years so it must be over £5k easy. The only regret I have is that I didn't buy more.
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    I remember buying this and Radiohead ‘Creep’ for £5 from Bradley’s vinyl section in the corner of Borough Market. Radiohead was 99p. Different times my friend, 1992 I believe.
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    aye if we get him to fall over in the box and try and ping shots off his arsenal
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    We didn’t have Rodney in the team when we were quick out of the blocks in August. If ever there was a time to get behind the current players it is now
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    He'll be lucky to get four goals in three seasons
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    Bury would snatch your hand off to be run like that.
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    We have a rich benefactor, he is rich because he is prudent or tight
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    Get him signed we need a left back
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    Its a brilliant song. Guitar work is on point and the lyrics are very good.
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    We are now pretty much doomed.
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    Our chances just went from slim to none.
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