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    The more I think about it, imo if they are voting against relegation then the only alternative is to scrap the season. You cant have one rule for the top of the league and a different one for the bottom of the league
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    I remain with my previous stance and it really is ridiculous that the leagues are trying to find other solutions. Scrap the season, call it null and void. Harsh on those hunting for promotion; a relief for those at risk of relegation. But overall, the only sensible option given the uncertain times we are in.
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    They certainly tried there best not to score wheras it came natural for us.
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    At least making sure they get a warm drink.
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    Just wanted to let everyone on here know what a great idea this was, to ring some fans for a chat. I registered my 11 year old grandson for one of these and yesterday Josh Staunton rang him for a chat. He was on the phone for 25 minutes and my grandson was completely made up. He couldn't wait to ring me to tell me how it all went. Many thanks to Halifax Town and especially Josh Staunton for taking the time to spend with a young fan. We have been going to the Shay together for 5 years now and I think this will ensure that he remains a Shayman for the rest of his life.
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    Glad to hear that he is OK, there are enough people out there finding it tough going st the moment so it i great to see that people on here are showing concern for one another's welfare.
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    What a farce. League 2 want promotion but no relegation. Assume League 1 want promotion but no relegation. Championship wants promotion but no relegation AND surprise surprise Premier League don’t want Relegation. As many have said scrap the season and let’s keep amused during the Summer watching the Legal Boys fighting for the self interest of their respective clubs.
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    They should not be allowed promotion to League One in that league either then. You can’t have promotion in your league but scrap relegation.
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    Draw is tomorrow. Live feed at 1pm.
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    If you hit the M25 on your way to Stevenage you’ve gone too far!
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    Not done much since Blue Velvet tbh
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    What a farce. Scrap the whole thing and go again next year, or wait until it is safe and conclude by playing all the games. Its unfair on those teams lower down that have already mathematically won their leagues if they are denied promotion, yet teams in relegation spots now don't get relegated, or teams that have not won leagues get promoted. There needs to be consistency. At the moment its one rule for the top clubs, another for the league clubs, then to hell with Non League.
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    Up the Town..it was a good season..
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    Or they are involved in an end of season play off for all top 7 teams, maybe make it 8 by including Barnet who if you use PPG replace Stockport, that way both those 2 teams are involved. I dont subscribe to the promote Barrow idea, they haven't won the league simple as that. If Vauxhall Motors couldn't get promoted and they had actually won the league them why should Barrow?
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    I ended up in the Coliseum having a drinking competition with Tony Kniveton and Tony Parks. Not sure who won, but I got picked up for work at 6am the following morning and spent all day in the storage cabin on site sleeping it off.
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    I know someone who has been in contact with him and chatted with him so he's ok .
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    Josh is one player I would pull out all stops to keep at the club. Good player, Even better person.
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    14th May 2020 7th February 1995 Dave Hanson vs Stafford Rangers.
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    Only three games at home out of nine. One of them Barrow. On our form going into those games I think our likely progression may not have been upward. But who can say?
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    Thought Eraserhead was his peak but Clitheroe? Now I’m not so sure.
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    Unfortunately, the Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden, who looks and sounds as if he wouldn’t recognise a football if it hit him in the face, was busy writing letters to the BBC on behalf of the government, alleging political bias in the selection of some experts they had featured in a recent episode of Panorama.
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    And that barnstorming performance we put in against the mighty Ebbsfleet oh what form we were in
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    Personally I was thinking we could have caught Barrow.
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    Yeah, I've a lot of time for Chorley. Problem is, under this proposal Fylde stay up.
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    Good taste is relative. Only having a bit of fun with Janice.
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    Hope Chorley survive the drop. Nice club. Nice pies.
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    They'll have to rename the pendle hills
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    Biggest cheeer of the game when that happened. It was their final substitution so Zamora couldn't come on.
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    One of two things will happen going on today's news: The FL will invite Barrow to replace Bury. Whether or not the Conference then invite a re-formed Bury remains to be seen. The FL could also temporarily increase each division to 25 clubs to account for their promotion but no relegation nonsense, reverting to 24 teams the season after. This would mean three teams being relegated to the Conference that season, with the Conference North/South divisions increasing from 22 to 24 to accommodate it, promoting one extra team from below via a play-off (with consequences rippling down the leagues). The advantage of this is that FL teams are happy - each gets receipts from an extra home game, no-one gets relegated, and the top two teams in each division get promoted. The Conference gets to promote two teams into the FL as normal, so can still arrange play-offs.
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    There is no point if nobody can be promoted. It’s only if it’s needed otherwise it’s a waste of time. If the premier League or EFL vote for promotion/titles/champions league spots but scrap relegation then I’ll lose a lot of faith in the modern game. It should be all or nothing.
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    Impossible to promote a team on position . You could do the rather dodgy members election to select a team or just promote Altrincham
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    I can recommend Lugano, but there’s no Fox’s Biscuits factory.
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    Barrow could well have been caught during the run-in. Their form had slipped badly.
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    at least he got them the right way round, to be born in Lugano and die in Batley would be heartbreaking
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    15th May 2020 28th December 2015 Kingsley James bags the second in a 2-0 win vs Wrexham.
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    Brighton(Champions) at home. Us wanting a point to stay up with both manager's "Good Buddies" was the biggest lets say "non event"
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    Conspiracy theory, eh? You'll be telling me the goalie had connections to Town next!
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    Kyle Walker is doing his bit to make sure that local call girls don't starve.
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    Probably gutted after Baileys went out in the first round.
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    I wonder if we can get Jamie Vardy to do the same:- Tottenham's Harry Kane pays for Leyton Orient shirt sponsorship in landmark charity deal © Provided by Evening Standard Tottenham talisman and England captain Harry Kane has paid to sponsor Leyton Orient's shirts for next season in a landmark charitable deal. Kane, who played 18 times for the O's during a 2011 loan spell which included his first ever professional start, has dedicated the shirt sponsorship to three causes. Each of the O's shirts for next season - home, away and third - will promote a different message. The home kit will say thanks to the country's "frontline heroes" after their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. The away kit will promote Haven House Children's Hospice, and the third will feature mental health charity Mind.
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    He would probably do stocksbridge rather than us. He doesn’t really talk highly of us much.
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    Whilst there's a thread on here remembering our relegation in 1993, spare a thought for George, who took us back into the Football League five years later. Today would have been his 84th birthday.
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    We’ve now sold out on the Big Football Card. Thank you to everyone who helped and bought teams. We’ve now got to start to reconcile the payments. We’ll confirm the date for the draw later today. #shaymen #fcht
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