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    Just seen the pictures on Twitter of how the pitch is looking at present with no games being played and the maintenance work that has been carried out. Must say it looks superb. Congratulations to all the ground staff they have done a fantastic job, and when we eventually get back to playing on it then there will be no excuses for a poor surface anymore.
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    As mentioned in my recent newsletter here are the 4 Town goals from the full match highlights I posted on the 3rd May. First up is Mick Norbury's 1st vs The Boro.
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    Why do some people on here feel the need to be so abrasive and insulting? I know you’ll say if I don’t like it then don’t read it but I like to read the forum to find out the views of others, the majority of whom are decent and sensible. My Mum used to say that if the only way you can argue your case is by name calling then it means your argument is not particularly strong. I am involved with other forums, nothing to do with football, and the general rules are no politics, no religion and no insults. Any posts that don’t follow those rules are removed by the moderators and persistent offenders are given a warning and if they continue they have their forum membership terminated. Who thinks it would be a good idea to have those rules on here?
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    We’ve now sold out on the Big Football Card. Thank you to everyone who helped and bought teams. We’ve now got to start to reconcile the payments. We’ll confirm the date for the draw later today. #shaymen #fcht
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    It takes a lot for someone to get banned on here. As far as I'm concerned there's only one red line, threats of physical violence or other consequences intended to disrupt someone's enjoyment of following the Shaymen. That will lead to an instant and permanent ban. Trolls do get banned, persistent rule-breakers get banned, those whose abuse goes too far get banned. Most bans are temporary but several bans in quick succession will lead to a permanent ban. Some refuse to accept a temporary ban and never return, hey ho. So long as those pushing boundaries in off-topic threads also contribute to debate about Halifax Town, I don't think it's reasonable to say they can't talk about politics or religion. We're all adults here. Not everyone acts like it I guess, but that's the assumption anyway. And adults talk about such things. I doubt your posts make sense to you never mind the rest of us.
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    Cost estimated to be around £39bn by the time it winds up. It's a lot of money but still less than the pension relief for millionaires which comes in at around £40bn per year. In terms of how much the government hands out every year in tax relief, some £500bn, it's less than 10% and you imagine it could be clawed back by temporarily reducing the relief given to multi-nationals, billionaires, etc. But we know it won't.
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    There is no legal requirement for companies to pay the 20% difference that the government isn’t paying to any furloughed staff. Technically employees on furlough are employed by the government, that’s why it’s illegal for any employee to do any work for the firm that puts them on furlough.
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    Notts County would be excellent as we have a 100% record against teams wearing black and white at Wembley.
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    I can see Gilly sneaking into that one next to Billy. Lenny up front, many more familiar faces. It was one of the strangest days following Town, all those years avoiding disaster and then it smacks you in the face. Was in mourning for weeks.
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    I think indifference is often seen as a divide, when in reality it isn't. The only time the Rugby club "bothers" me is when their actions could potentially have a negative impact on Town. A case in point would be the attempt to buy the Shay. As a general rule however, I am indifferent to them. I don't like rugby, thus have no interest in going to a game or showing "support" to them. That doesn't mean I want them to fail, it just means that for me, them winning the bus trophy or getting into the Super League is about as relevant to me as the Halifax Harriers getting a gold medal at some athletics event. In truth, in the not so distant past, the owners of the Rugby Club have not conducted themselves in the best manner. Lies, under hand behaviour and arrogance has put a lot off. However, I know tons of Fax fans and just like with Town fans, they are just there to support their club. You will always get some fans that will blindly back the clubs owners no matter what, however, on the whole to blame the fans for the shortcomings of their owners and directors is like blaming us for the old club going bust. On a personal POV, I wish the club no ill, however I also don't want Town to "get in to bed" so to speak, financially in any way with them. Both clubs are separate entities and other than sharing a stadium, to me, they should have no further relationship. I'm not sure who owns what at the Rugby Club at the moment, however my overall feeling on the club is not one of trust - going on recent history. There is no plausible reason why the Football Club and the Rugby Club need to join forces and share anything other than the ground. I'd rather we were not connected to them in any way that could potentially have money changing hands. The fundraising idea here done by a third party would have, in my opinion, been perfectly fine and I don't get why the club were cold on the idea. A straight collaboration between both clubs however, I wouldn't want to see happen.
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    I'd rather not although I might be in the minority if I don't.
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    Someone actually talking realistically people are struggling I am furloughed on 80% of my basic wage in affect I am losing about 40 % of my regular income .To talk about putting prices up next season will be the death of any club at this level .I think the club are being over optimistic about playing next season I think unless a cure is found we will be lucky if next season even happens.My sister spent 11 days in hospital and is lucky to be alive too many people aren’t taking this serious enough.
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    Great to see one of Halifax's own and a Halifax Town legend doing some great work. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/liverpools-performance-psychologist-lee-richardson-we-need-to-reduce-the-stigma-of-mental-health-bn9ptdfh0
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    Only speaking for myself, but £230 would still be a bargain. Where else are you going to get 50% discount in the current climate, even Tesco's have knocked any multibuy offers on the head. At the same time we are all aware that the financial situation will be somewhat challenging when we return to "normal" and start playing games again, so a 15% increase of £30 would be acceptable to me, if it helped to give the club some contingency funding.
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    We dodn't have any rulesIf we had they would have been vetoed when we let Wilder Bollox on here so feel free.
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    Would only have gone obviously if we were there, not interested if we werent. Would have made a weekend of it like last time we went to Wembley when i stayed the night before and the night of the game. Would love to watch us in a playoff final there though
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    You either offer your support or not I'll get one as i dont want to see my club die again
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    I dont. I didnt vote so why would I do that? I feel the government made terrible mistakes at the beginning of this crisis and its now emerged that the government disregarded scientific advice. I also think its too early to come out of lockdown and that the new information and measures that were outlined this evening are vague to say the least. There you go. An opinion without using youtube or copying government rhetoric.
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    it would be empty
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    Superb! I spotted: 1. Changing rooms where Speedway pits were. 2. Half-time scoreboard at same end. 3. Lovely blue disabled-type car. 4. Still can't take corners for toffee. Should have this clip on Question of Sport.
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    You blamed predictive text last time. Has it mutated?
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    Typical nonsense of a speech from Boris. He should have stayed in bed
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    All based on presumptions
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    I'm a moderator for a few groups and we have very similar rules apart from we stick to topic and we dont abuse each other. Orherwise you're banned. You are allowed to disagree but thats it. One of the groups has 80 000 memberd and Ive only banned a handful of members who were either bots or trolls. Im a member of many groups but not one of them is anything like this one in terms of what goes on and what is said etc.
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    Sorry ITMAN no contest HALIFAX TOWN.
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    Dont waste your time erik, it's like talking to soil, you cant converse with the moron, he's so brainwashed by the right wing media! Plus hes a racist, he actually stood for the NF! POS
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    The further up the pyramid you go the less the fans money at the gate count.
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    I would love to purchase one straight away but have just lost my job. If i get something soon I'll still not be able to part with anything unnecessary so will have to see if i can put a little aside and try buying once a date is set for us to be allowed back in the stadium.
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    It's an early bird offer, exactly the same as we and other clubs have done before
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    I just can't see any relegation if the season isn't finished. The only spot available will be to replace Bury i reckon. My personal thought is that the League will "invite" one team in, most likely Barrow, and to hell with the national league. They can sort themselves out. It's obviously not what i want and i don't think it's the correct thing to do but it's what i think will happen.
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    Feel I've been cursed to post on here before mid-afternoon in case another good artist dies. I've been listening to a bit of happy hardcore, so I'm afraid that's what you're getting.
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    plenty of non-live matches before then
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    Based on a paper football card. Individuals choose a team and pays for it online or other. We then do a live draw to determine the winners. Usually, football cards have 28 teams, but ours had 68 (every team in National League divisions). Thanks to everyone for your valuable support. Sorry to anyone who missed out this time round.
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    It’s a fine balance. Another 12 months of the financial measures in place and the economic downturn and there won’t be much of a world left for those that survive coronavirus to be a part of - pretty much every single business and government will be up the shitter (given the vast majority already are and it’s not been 3 months yet).
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    The first rock n roll record i had ever heard.
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    But price of shopping has gone up and not many offers in supermarket, using more gas and electric, some families will be OK but there will be many that will struggle,
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    The thing is bud it's real and everything Hoddie said is spot on. The virus skipped species and then hit us. It happened in China and then spread all over the world. Many governments including our own weren't fully prepared and its hit us hard. It's not man made. It's not part of a plot to make us take a non existant vaccine or any other illogical nonsense that's doing the rounds at the moment. It's nothing to do with 5G, or Bill Gates, although he does look a bit like the hooded claw from Penelope Pitstop. Wait a minute. I wonder if the makers of Penelope Pitstop were trying to subliminally tell us that a man wearing glasses who pretends to be good is actually bad and wants to hurt us? Sound far fetched? Lots of it about bud. Absolutely fecking rediculous is most of the stuff I read at the moment. Utter codswallop. Meanwhile people are dying. Dying of a new virus that has caught the world on the hop.despite warnings. We've known for decades that the biggest threat to the human race is a virus that will wipe us all out. A long, long time. We are much less likely to die in a nuclear war or if an asteroid hits earth or etc etc etc. This hasn't just dropped out of nowhere. We've had mock ups and been given enough reports from our own scientists never mind the other countries scientists to know that its only a matter of time before a virus comes along and hits us hard. No Bill Gates involvement. No 5G, no shadowy world order sat in their mansions a la the X Files discussing their plans for world domination. Just real life events that have happened naturally. Look at Spanish Flu. The last big pandemic, similar to this one. Well, I say Spanish, it started in America (hold your horses Bill Gates hadn't been born) and then spread like wild fire all over the world. Called Spanish flu because they had a free press and they were the first to report the virus. The American Press were silenced as were others at that time. Spanish Flu happened naturally. These things do. You aren't Fox Mulder we're not Dana Scully . Ignore the gobbledegook and poppycock that's written on those barmy sites and watch some old films or old footie matches. I don't know what sort of music you like but why not listen to some music or take up knitting and maybe even bake a cake. And no, I'm not a snake.
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    Just studied every photo.....sad, sad day that made it worse with the rumours of false score lines.... Strange thing is...there isn't a mobile phone to be seen anywhere
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    Could have been written by someone from the BBC. You obviously swallow whole Erik.
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    The gullible brothers
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    Our Sponsors track record not so good. Why on FCHT website do we still show our address as MBI Shay Stadium ?
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