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    Memorable day for me for all the wrong reasons as not only was it Towns last game in the football league it turned out to be my dad's last Town game as he sadly passed away before the start of the next season. He said to me after the game "don't worry son we'll bounce back". And we did and I'm sure; like all of us; he kicked every ball of the Kidderminster game from his vantage point
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    You either offer your support or not I'll get one as i dont want to see my club die again
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    Great to see that the FundMe page has now gone through the £2000 barrier. Let's see if we can push it onto £3k now.
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    Whilst there's a thread on here remembering our relegation in 1993, spare a thought for George, who took us back into the Football League five years later. Today would have been his 84th birthday.
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    On this day 75yrs ago, Britain celebrated Victory in Europe, the King broadcast a speech, and it was a great speech. I have taken the following passage from his speech, because even though at this moment we are still battling the virus, I think his words are very apt:- Let us remember those who will not come back: their constancy and courage in battle, their sacrifice and endurance in the face of a merciless enemy; let us remember the men in all the services, and the women in all the services, who have laid down their lives. We have come to the end of our tribulation and they are not with us at the moment of our rejoicing. Then let us salute in proud gratitude the great host of the living who have brought us to victory. I cannot praise them to the measure of each one's service, for in a total war, the efforts of all rise to the same noble height, and all are devoted to the common purpose. God bless the NHS and all the care workers and Emergency Services who continue to battle on, I for one salute each and every one of you.
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    Another idea I’ve seen elsewhere, And I’m not that savvy with these things. Is an even similar to the HalifaxSOS, is maybe for people to buy tickets to a virtual game from the past that can be streamed online. For example we could charge £2 a ticket and for that you would get a link to watch the Halifax vs Man City fan cup game or the watery cup game against Man Utd. maybe the club organise something like this and maybe try emphasise the fact to see if we could reach the same crowd as those games. If you could get 20000 people at £2. You could also contribute some of that money to charity as well as the club. You could also ask the clubs involved or their supporters clubs at Man City/Man Utd to get involved.
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    Some town fans and fax fans mostly town fans I must say live in the dark ages . Never to forgive forever living in the past always wanting to hang the same person twice .for gods sake go sulk in a cave by yourself . Times are about to get harder we all need to stand together both clubs are blue and white both play at the shay .back them . We have some real dinosaurs on this site.
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    Just watching Brian Moore on the Halifax SOS show, he is really good and I am disappointed the club shunned this initiative as would have been a really good platform for the club. Brian Moore is really enthusiastic about the Town and all sport including football. Would love to know why they didnt want to be involved.
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    Stuart Adamson- Legend loved watching The Tube back in the day
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    Geeeeeeex but there are some pathetic people on this forum. You speak to each other like children just shut up and grow up.
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    Yes, as time is limited we tend to do a 2 day run to 100k north of Barcelona, Playa D'Aro, were we have been going once or twice a year for the last 10 years or so. Fairly straight run of about 1200 miles each way, but I manage it on about 10 hours driving each day. Last time I did it back up through France at an average speed of 68 mph and 58 mile to the gallon, courtesy of a very good VW diesel Passat Estate. Mind you it had about 4 case of San Miguel and 6 case of wine on board, with the beer at 1 euro per litre it would be a crime not to bring some home. I have one of the motorway toll sensors so that helps with not having to slow down much for tolls or mess about with money or cards. At my age now I would not look to try and do the journey in less than 2 days, my wife does not like driving, and when possible we take an extra day stopping off at places such as Carcassonne or Rocamadour on the way down, coming back we just want to get home as the holiday is over and I have to get back to work, as being self employed I don't get paid for being on holiday. I have a plan/dream to get my hands on a VW California and then when I do get around to thinking about retirement in 3-4 years we can set off around Europe like you appear to be doing now. Oh the dreams...
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    Could have been written by someone from the BBC. You obviously swallow whole Erik.
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    The gullible brothers
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    Maybe the club could be doing something like a "deposit season ticket". So for example, they say they are doing the tickets at say £250 for next season, however until we know what is happening you can buy your season ticket with a £100 deposit. Once we know what the crack is in terms of what league, when and how many games are open to the public, you then pay a further £100 to secure your ticket - or if you haven't put down £100 on the deposit you can then buy the ticket at £250. Thus, buying early saves you £50, only requires £100 now - and if it turns out we can only play 10/12 games etc that aren't behind closed doors you still get value on the £100. * Note - This is just a theory, it is NOT something to my knowledge that is happening *
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    I like BoJo. Not as a politician but as a host of Have I Got News For You. It's not him I trust, it's the body of scientists that are advising every government on the planet. I'm sure you can find dissenting voices within the scientific community, that's pretty standard, but what exactly are we supposed to do? Trust the 99 who say one thing, or the 1 who says the opposite? There have been times in human history where the 1 has been dead right and they'd have been persecuted for being so. But right now? Where almost everyone in the western world are still free individuals, able to follow their consciences without fear of negative consequences? If Covid-19 was a massive conspiracy, there would be more people saying so, not just those from the Breitbart school of thinking. Almost every individual offered by Trev as proof has been debunked as a crank or an anarchist or someone with a beef against their professional community. And as I said earlier, if the lock-down appeared never-ending, then we'd all start to query how real it is. But the lock-down is being gradually lifted, in some places its gone entirely. Life is returning to normal in pockets across the world, and those pockets are getting larger every week. So, are we to believe that the conspiracy of almost every government, friend and foe, almost every scientist and healthcare professional, of almost every intellectual, was to have 80-90% of the population locked inside their homes for just a couple or so months? To what end? What advantage does that give those behind the conspiracy? If those pushing the conspiracy could posit and articulate arguments as to why their conspiracy holds water, what those behind it have to gain in the short, medium or long term, rather than just constantly resorting to insults, perhaps people would be a bit more open minded. But you don't. You insult.
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    Exceptional circumstances, emergency amendments. Its happened with legislation, it can happen with Football.
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    I am 100 percent with Trev on this I'm 74 years old now and learned at an early age how the government cons the people. You believe they are looking out for you .WRONG Like Trev I have looked into this. and it is not good reading. You say you don't trust Boris, but he tells you you should stay in your homes and we can't see you for dust. You put yourselves under house arrest because a man you don't trust tells you to.. Trev has taken the trouble to read up on this and all you can do is call him names. Sheeple
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    Notts County would be excellent as we have a 100% record against teams wearing black and white at Wembley.
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    Jersey Royals don't seem to have the same distinctive taste as when I was a child or maybe I have the virus! Agree about going well with fish.
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    Only 4 ft 8 inch. She certainly had a colorful albeit short life.
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    I'm not trying to stir up trouble here but I'm struggling to understand how the numbers are arrived at. Example a guy breaks his leg and goes to A&E, he has no corona virus symptoms, was fit as a fiddle until he broke his leg. It's a complex break meaning he has to stay in hospital for a week or so. Whilst in hospital he catches the virus, starts coughing, is tested and found to have the virus. A couple of days later complications set in with his broken leg and he dies. Is he then classed as another Corona Virus victim? If large numbers of people are dying because they have contracted the virus whilst in hospital then us all staying at home is only having a minor positive effect. I cannot make up my mind about the following possibilities: a) Are we being told the truth about the number of Corona Virus deaths? b) Are the deaths being exaggerated higher than reality so we are all frightened to go outside and obey the lockdown procedures? c) Are the deaths being exaggerated lower than reality otherwise if we knew the real figures we would all be scared to death? Another thing, it is believed that in normal times around 1600 people die every day of a large variety of causes. So whilst lockdown has been in place, approx 45 days then during those 45 days approx 72,000 would die. Have over 100,000 died in that period?
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    Where as that come from?
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    They stand them near a 5g mast,and if they glow, it's a vivid death! Or something.
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    God. https://youtu.be/C_C9q4tuwXI
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    i believe they share the same hairdresser
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    Ha your slowing down Age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was convinced at the end of January that we would finish 2nd or 3rd but having seen us at Torquay and home to ebbsfleet we'd have been lucky to finish top 7. Play off final always the aim though.
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    Well ! What can you say about that video ? I never saw it on TOTP !!!
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    Agreed, we are only wanting to use the Cali for travelling to and from long destinations, as we tend to use Eurocamp etc. Out of the main season you can get some really good deals and some of the locations are well worth the journey. We want to one in Sicily a couple of years ago and while it was quite rustic the site itself and the scenery were amazing. We have always wanted the freedom to go to different places as and when the fancy takes you rather than opting for a fixed 2nd home. Retirement is down to me, as I work in a role which is now mainly consultancy, so I can reduce the number of days a week as I wish and can shut up shop without too much paperwork. While there is work to be done and my input is in demand I will take the money while it lasts. It all goes towards my campervan fund.....
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    We dont need to see next year. We've got previous years records to compare the current death rate against. And the spike is huge. If this isnt down to coronavirus then I'd love to know the cause.
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    I've had it in the diary since january.
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    Oooh sorry, I missed it. Worth a play each week I think.
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    Listen Thicko, someone above has already confirmed what I said is true, why not exercise your dull brain and see the evidence for yourself? If you want to live the rest of your life under a tyrannical government and that is an understatement, that is up to you. Today is VE Day, our Ancestors who died did not do so so you could hide behind four walls and take orders from Fascists. And to think some of you lot have called me a Fascist on many occasions, you are clueless.
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    well that feckin cheered me up#
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    Gavvo, George, Si Wright, Milton.Sad day but a belting night night out afterwards. Police horse in Main Street.
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    Anyone thought that if the clubs start up with no crowds for a few months how we would survive. Well I have seen some clubs in Germany allow fans to purchase life sized cardboard cutouts of themselves and put in the stands for a cost. Maybe it’s something the club/supporters could do and sell a virtual person for an agreed price. I work for a printing firm and these things are easy to do(don’t know how much it would cost) but could be something we could look into.
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    Although I'm not that bothered about what other people are doing so long as I can avoid them and it doesn't directly affect me the problem is it will slow down coming out of this which will have a longer term impact. It seems too early to me to be making significant changes to the lockdown although I would like to see it more targeted in protecting the old and vulnerable and allowing more freedom to fit under 60's who are less likely to be seriously affected by the virus. A judgement has to be made as to what level of deaths and illness is acceptable maybe similar to flu. We can't rely on the government financially baling us out for too much longer given the long term impact which will probably affect the younger generation more than the older generation.
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    But then again I don't ram my beliefs political or otherwise down people throats at every available opportunity, my life, my choice how Iive it.
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