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    The last time there was proof of Erik Everhard at a Town game!!! Some famous Shay fans on that photo
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    Whilst there's a thread on here remembering our relegation in 1993, spare a thought for George, who took us back into the Football League five years later. Today would have been his 84th birthday.
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    You're missing out on offers for new sandals.
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    On this day 75yrs ago, Britain celebrated Victory in Europe, the King broadcast a speech, and it was a great speech. I have taken the following passage from his speech, because even though at this moment we are still battling the virus, I think his words are very apt:- Let us remember those who will not come back: their constancy and courage in battle, their sacrifice and endurance in the face of a merciless enemy; let us remember the men in all the services, and the women in all the services, who have laid down their lives. We have come to the end of our tribulation and they are not with us at the moment of our rejoicing. Then let us salute in proud gratitude the great host of the living who have brought us to victory. I cannot praise them to the measure of each one's service, for in a total war, the efforts of all rise to the same noble height, and all are devoted to the common purpose. God bless the NHS and all the care workers and Emergency Services who continue to battle on, I for one salute each and every one of you.
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    Gavvo, George, Si Wright, Milton.Sad day but a belting night night out afterwards. Police horse in Main Street.
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    Used to watch them on tv Sat teatime before going out.
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    I work for the NHS & am currently on voluntary redeployment emptying bins so cleaners can be on wards & theatres where they need to be. My wife is also on voluntary redeployment, she is decontaminating PPE that comes from Covid wards. Call me a thicko if you want but at least my ancestors might be proud of what I am doing, can you say the same?
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    The sooner you shut the f**k up with all the s**t that you come up with then the world will be a better place. We are all in this together & dickheads like you stirring up fake news & conspiracy theories are pure scum
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    We had such a good day at the Trophy final, but this time I think with so much at stake we would be a lot more nervous. We really would need to take our chance as they won’t come round very often.
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    This just tells you the season can't end properly if teams are letting players go
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    Probably, but political spin, smear campaigns, manipulation of media and other kinds of 'foul play' have existed since the dawn of politics and all parties are equally guilty. Personally I think Hoddie's version is most likely.
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    Two different players. Kiler had it all in his head and read the game well. As you said, Hulmey was a box to box midfielder who would give his all. I think the only two player sthat have come anywhere near Hulmey since his time with us are Steve Bushel and Matty Pearson.
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    Very youthful faces... Would be interesting to do a now and then...... Presented by Rancid Ronnie..... In a sort of Eamonn Andrews style....with months of built up piss soking his joggers #lockdown.
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    Are the ones who don’t post on here any good?
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    well that feckin cheered me up#
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    Indeed. Without a lock down. We're almost there with 80% of population staying inside. Number would be far higher otherwise.
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    Lovely song. I posted it on a grey day last week along with ‘Things behind the sun’. Gentle, plaintive and yearning.
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    We all die eventually . If CV19 was involved in the death then it was involved in the death . Should be more concerned about the circumstances that lead to the involvement of CV19, how the deceased came into contact with it and how they could have avoided it
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    The question should be would they have died if they didnt have covid 19! There is simply no sence in magnifying the death count,it serves no purpose.
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    A lot of people forget they were making music in the 1920s
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    Regardless of if we had got there, I would have been going. Its been our end of season game for so many seasons now. There is always a good splattering of Town fans at the Playoff Final. The Cairns family, along with Adam and his parents are regulars along with my group of 4 that always go.
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    On you tube , HTFC v hereford 1993, some good but sad photos
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    Is this supposed to be day 32 ?
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    Glynn at front with rudd guillet hat,
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    Anyone thought that if the clubs start up with no crowds for a few months how we would survive. Well I have seen some clubs in Germany allow fans to purchase life sized cardboard cutouts of themselves and put in the stands for a cost. Maybe it’s something the club/supporters could do and sell a virtual person for an agreed price. I work for a printing firm and these things are easy to do(don’t know how much it would cost) but could be something we could look into.
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    See Solihull have released of a lot of good players who I’d hope we would be looking at. One being Jamie Reckford. Another target man in Nathan Blissett who always looked good against us and at Macclesfield.
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    8th May 2020 20th November 1999 Defender Graham Mitchell scores vs Reading in the FA Cup 2nd Round.
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    The local Toyota dealer here told me that cost price was 21% below list price, but that Toyota mandated discounts of up to 20% for fleet customers, diplomats and certain professions. Not only that but dealers were required to pay list price up front with the difference paid back at the year end, with bonuses for hitting targets, etc. So, technically, the margin could be as little as 1% if targets weren't met, and cash flow could be an issue - perversely, particularly if sales were high. He did say that sales were a bonus though because the servicing side of the business is where they get their main income. This all came out when we ended up negotiating a 22% discount - he was using cash figures rather than percentiles when doing the calculating. He ended up showing us legit-looking documents showing cost price, permitted discounts, etc. so that we'd agree to 20%. It could all have been bollox to make us pay a bit more, and even if it was true, it's probably not the same with all brands/countries.
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    The B side to The Farm Stepping Stone is a good track. It's called Family of Man but I don't think it's on YouTube.
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    There is an organisation that has these things, and looks for appropriate places to place them. They rang and asked me if I would have one outside the Post Office, but it would have obstructed the pavement, so I suggested it should go outside Colin's newsagents along the road. Colin's is set back from the road a lot further than my place. It was installed there a week or two later, and is available for the good people of Hipperholme as and when required. Sorry, I don't know who they are, but it may say on the casing of the Hipperholme one?
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    Remember singing his name at Maine Road that Friday night in support!
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    I'm mates with Pato (Jamie's lad) and I remember him sending his dad a video of the Hulme / Chester incident. Jamie said the Chester lad ran down the tunnel and all the way through the building to the team coach and hid on there away from Hulmey!
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    Reggsy has pulled through and recovering at home
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    You can't be far off the 100 Club yourself now Terry
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    Royal Oak must be knackered from playing a decider yesterday
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    I'm a bit of a sock man myself! I have special pairs for the weekend and I always wear one particular pair when I go to football(obviously not lucky socks! Ha ha!)
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    Not Db's biggest fan but I would never dispute his integrity.
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