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    For christ sake get the re runs of Jeremy Kyle back on.. That will empty the parks immediately and get them self isolating. Job done Boris.
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    I've been a vociferous advocate of snipers on roof tops for a long time. Also, at the same time, a softer measure of government employees on the ground carrying tasers. Now the reason for this was originally to fight the terrible scurge of morons who look at their phones and continue to walk and not watch where they're going. They happily look at their phone, walk along and expect you to move. What I actually do is let them get really close and say loudly and quickly LOOK UP. This tends to make them jump and with a little bit of luck, embarrasses them into putting their phones down and watching where the hell they're going. So my measures are if you've already been tasered then the next step is the sniper takes you out. OK, some will say it's a tad harsh. Others might say it's not that bad where they live. I would say OK I hear your concerns but how about if I extend it to Deliveroo and Uber riders and now, nesbits that don't abide by the government lock down rules. Vote for me, you know it makes sense.
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    The trouble is that far too many people only care about themselves. Don't give a dam about anybody else just look after number one. Then when a terrible virus hits the population and we are told to stay in and look after ourselves but also, at the same time, by isolating, we're asked to look after others, the last bit just doesn't compute. Look after others? Nah, I'm off out to get pissed with my mates innit. Scumbags the lot of them.
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    As a parent and a parent to a son with autism this is the scariest thing I have read during this pandemic. There is no way on this planet my son could function never mind come to terms with this scenario. Whilst there are institutions that are holding people with autism and similar disabilities for unspecified lengths of time because they are problematic my son, if separated from us, would go into meltdown mode become aggressive and could potentially end up in one of these units many miles away from home. We are obeying the government's guidelines to protect ourselves but also others. I implore everyone else to do the same and think about what their actions can do to total strangers and their lives.
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    All these years and people still get sucked into the world of a halfwit, failed National Front candidate. Leave the dullard talking to a wall in the corner, won't be long before the wall gets bored.
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    What extras did you have wth your hotel booking?
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    If this doesn't bring home the seriousness of our situation then there is no hope left.
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    What question do you want me to answer? I am not an expert on Corvid-19 or any other political medical matter, but I am a law abiding citizen who is trying to do my "bit" by following the rules such as they are. I look after me & mine and hopefully that helps to keep others safe as well.
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    There is still a month of the normal season to run ... why rush it
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    They do not deserve another payment. That would be a joke if they got it again!
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52023754 Someone explain that one to me - the parachute payments are to help keep your club afloat, not to fund a promotion tilt. Ridiculous.
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    In fairness the club has well rehearsed plans for an extended summer shutdown with no activity #MrBresilience
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    No, the electorate regret the fact to this day.
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    Prince Charles is in isolation with Covid-19. Prince Andrew is in isolation with Jennifer - 14.
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    Your never gonna get that OBE Chadders
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    Only what Ive seen people been saying. As soon as somebody approaches the till they let a new customer in so will be more than 6 to be honest. They're open 15 hours a day so waiting round is a small price to pay under the circumstances.
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    Morrisons in illingworth have been operating a 1 in and out policy with about 6 people in stare at any time, a nice orderly queue outside to remind us we really are British after last week's antics. As for people outside boozing. I really don't get what is so hard to follow for some. I live on my own and I'm missing my friends, but no way will I instigate meeting up. We'very all got facetime on our phones and most tarriffs are cheap so have a laugh on that. Having the police or military on the streets won't bother me because I'll be indoors. It's only d-heads who need worry coz they don't listen.
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    I don't know if you've read about the 2 different strains of the virus? There's strain L and strain S. One of them seems to hit younger people harder. The other strain tends to be batted away by young people's immune systems. The more people go about like nothing is wrong and they're carefree, the more chance this thing has to spread even further and to possibly mutate again. I'm amazed at how well my body has coped with it. I'm in the sore chest stage at the moment with the odd bit of coughing but at the moment I'm still a bit rough and worn out but compared to some poor folk on ventilators I'm I'm incredibly lucky. I'm not counting my chickens because this horrible virus can have a sting in the tail but I'm hoping I've got over the worst of it all. Fingers crossed.
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    Never seen so many people out today even complaining the car park is full, selfish horrible morons.
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    Yep, your right mate. Having said that, it's my understanding that in modern society the spelling of words is less important than people being able to understand the meaning. Examiners have to use that rule when marking exam papers, just as if in a maths question the answer is less important than the method used in the working out as to how they arrived at the answer. But as we are in the middle of a pandemic I suppose the spelling of words is a very important issue.
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    I'm pretty sure they've spelt their wrong. They should have said they're. They are going to hospital rather than their going to hospital. Their would usually denote that it's that person's. Their house or their child etc. Whereas in this case its they are so they're.
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    In all my years reading this forum I don’t think I’ve ever come across as much of a head in sand moment. I think it may be time to take a a break as some people’s stupidity seems to know no bounds.
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    I've read loads mate, I watch the news, I listen to the commentators. When the Worlds leaders and the Worlds greatest scientific minds are giving clear instruction then that's good enough for me. My original comment was that we will soon seen a strong Police & Army presence on the streets. And unfortunately that's due to the imbeciles in our society who for some reason seem to think they are exempt. Apart from fines that will follow when these people are arrested, then in my opinion if they are arrested then should forfeit the right to medical assistance should they fall ill.
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    You keep posting that link Trev yet seem to not pay attention to the fact that in that link it actually links you to the guidance from the government on how to deal with Covid-19. The link within the link you post clearly states STAY AT HOME Only go outside for food, health reasons or for work (where this absolutely cannot be done at home) Wash your hands as soon as you get home. It is irrelevant what we classify this virus, its semantics really. What we should be doing is following the advice given by the government. That posted above IS the advice posted by the government - and it is on the link you provide. This is the advice on what to do, you can't just ignore or dismiss the advice because the government have classified it as not being HCID - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus I'm struggling to work out what is difficult to understand there tbf. Are you suggesting since the government are saying the incident is not HCID it is not a threat and we can ignore instructions on how to deal with it?
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    Difficult to see an alternative really.
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    Something similar happened at Stalybridge in the Spalding Cup in 1997. Someone shot a couple of windows on the coach with an air gun, leaving great big holes for everyone to suffer through all the way home. Driver stopped at one point to use a public phone box, and made everyone laugh by failing to find the door of the booth for ages. Was like a live reenactment of Mr Bean. Almost made freezing too death worth it.
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    As testing is in limited supply it shouldn't be wasted in giving footballers multiple tests
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    It has reached unprecedented levels of use, luckily once something has reached unprecedented levels it ceases to exist as unprecedented!
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    The word "unprecedented" should be retired when all this is over.
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    You're probably thinking of this game Erik. 31 years ago today. Courier photo.
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    I'm a World Heritage site
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    Well that squashes the rumour that the only happy hour your into involves Brown falling down water
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    Whilst this may be a World problem, each Country is accountable for the way they handle their responsibilities and it might help Bumbling Boris if a) half of what said made sense and b) he actually managed to have some consistency . The idiots taking the asylum is not the way forward and this current 3 weeks of house arrest will soon become 3 months (do you really believe that the citizen's Of Britain are going to play along) . His silver bullet of 60 + million testing kits and 60 + million doses of vaccination aren't just around the corner
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    One thing that is making me laugh is conservative voters throughout the land and on my Facebook and Twitter are asking for Corbyn inspires and Corbyn style policies such as suspension of rent, gas, electricity, council tax bills. If they had voted for Corbyn thry're would have got these things, plus free Internet for your lockdown! For the record Im not being party political here, it's just an observation. I'm not a fan of the tories whatsoever but these are unprecedented times and people just want to kick Boris or Corbyn just because they play for the other team. I dislike Boris and his whole character, but Im backing him because I'd be cutting my nose of to spite my face wanting him to fail and therefore hundreds and thousands dying of this awful virus. Got to be the bigger man sometimes and hope he pulls through from the sake of us all.
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    You must have got your letter from the Queen if yours 20 years older than Chadders
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    Just working my way through a bottle of wine in the absence of pubs, then realised it's called "Earth's End".
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    A solution - Roll over this season into the next one. No team gets relegated or promoted, however we end up with a "double" league table at the end of next season. So instead of teams playing a 46 league game season it becomes a 92 game one. The excess games that have to be played this season get rolled over to next season. Cup games, a bit more awkward to sort out for those still in them, however for the league, a double season, whilst not ideal, would reward those teams that did well this season, whilst those that didn't wouldn't get a reprieve. Either that or the FA state all players due to be released at the end of this seasons competition can NOT play for another club until the start of the next season. This means they can either stay with their current clubs on a weekly deal / pay as you play deal, or they don't play until its concluded. At the same time, any player out of contract at the end of the season can invoke their contract to be extended until the end of this season with their current parent club. Not ideal, but we are not in ideal territory.
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    I think the main reason most of us walked everywhere was because our parents did not have cars - well mine never did all the time I was growing up. We also did things in our spare time which engendered a sense of self sufficiency. For me, first of all it was the Cubs (Illingworth St Mary's) followed by the Boys Brigade (Lee Mount) and then the Army Cadets (Duke of Boots). We never really had Youth Clubs or anything organised by anyone outside of the immediate circle of family/friends/neighbours/mates, so if you wanted something you had to do it yourself. When we lived up off Queens Road all the teenagers/kids in the area pulled together and built our own cycle speedway track in what was the old train sidings. When we moved to Illingworth we organised our own football team and went all over Halifax playing other groups of kids who were in the same boat. There were no organised junior football leagues back then. So, an event like the Shay being frozen over would just have been seen as an other opportunity to turn a bad thing into something positive. What kids today would have made of it I can only guess - they would probably expect pop up German Market or heated marquee to get changed in.
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    Mr C. If I was you I would get DNA tested you must distance yourself from Lanzo ASAP.
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    They would probably go back to the brown envelopes in boots that have been used in a few sports over the years.
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    That would be a bloody miracle I´m about 20 years older than Mr. c.
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    Loads of folk in Asda, they have the 2 metre lines at the checkouts, but in the rest if the store hou can have as many down an aisle as want to be down them! Need to limit numbers going into store. Drove past a house and there must have been at least 6 adults sat in the garden boozing! You are not telling me they are from the same household. Either they are choosing to ignore the messages or they are just ****ing stupid
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    Especially for the Non Believers:- Coronavirus: Woman, 21, believed to be UK's youngest to die with no health conditions
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    Just took the dog out where I live in Leeds and loads of ppl still out in clunps enjoying the sunshine, playing tennis in large groups, sat on the grass, this and that. Falling on deaf ears.
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