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    Just stick us in EFL and stop fannying about
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    Would a void season also mean bury were never thrown out of the efl. i suppose the national league also need to take into account where altrincham finish too
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    I think its becoming increasingly obvious that voiding this season (non league) is the only viable option.
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    the most important thing is that all Shaymen get through this.
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    That picture is as good as any Lowry.
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    We will get through this. Stay safe everyone. Thank God that prick Corbyn didn't win.
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    Is that where you did your knee Chadders ?
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    Or as they did in Rugby Union before it went professional find you a day job at some rich supporters firm, so they could pay you more, but they never did any real work other than PR stuff.
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    Some numb nuts decided that they'd have a bbq with about 20 mates in Coventry today. This country is genuinely thick.
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    Journalist describing the situation in China . "There is now a CHINK of light at the end of a very dark tunnel." Oops.
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    We used to make bonfires on public land, tree houses and bike tracks in all the unused fields around the housing estates.... these days that kind of thing would be classed as antisocial behaviour and those generations that did that kind of stuff themselves would be the ones complaining!
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    I think the main reason most of us walked everywhere was because our parents did not have cars - well mine never did all the time I was growing up. We also did things in our spare time which engendered a sense of self sufficiency. For me, first of all it was the Cubs (Illingworth St Mary's) followed by the Boys Brigade (Lee Mount) and then the Army Cadets (Duke of Boots). We never really had Youth Clubs or anything organised by anyone outside of the immediate circle of family/friends/neighbours/mates, so if you wanted something you had to do it yourself. When we lived up off Queens Road all the teenagers/kids in the area pulled together and built our own cycle speedway track in what was the old train sidings. When we moved to Illingworth we organised our own football team and went all over Halifax playing other groups of kids who were in the same boat. There were no organised junior football leagues back then. So, an event like the Shay being frozen over would just have been seen as an other opportunity to turn a bad thing into something positive. What kids today would have made of it I can only guess - they would probably expect pop up German Market or heated marquee to get changed in.
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    Mr C. If I was you I would get DNA tested you must distance yourself from Lanzo ASAP.
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    Hulmey definitely went in goal at Carlisle (7/11/98) I think it was Tim Carter was in goal but got kicked in the head and had to be replaced. Stoney scored a very late goal to give us a richly deserved 1-0 win.
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    I thought Hulme went in goal against Carlisle? Or Lincoln? Was one of the games I missed I'm sure, and I was at Scunthorpe when Lloyd-Williams made it look like selling Horsfield was the best bit of business the club had ever done.
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    They could, with direction from FIFA/the FA and with friendly governments willing to legislate, force players to remain with clubs beyond their contracts in order to finish the season. But this would result in legal challenges all over the place, from both clubs and players, unions and agents, maybe even some national FAs and leagues. If they extend the season without forcing players to stay with clubs, this throws into jeopardy the integrity of the final results because some clubs would be able to invest heavily to give them the final push they need, while others - like Halifax Town - may even struggle even to field a full team. Some clubs may even stop trading before the season restarts. Not to mention the impact on next season. If they cancel the season and produce final standings based on averages, computer models, or even leave them as they are now, this too would be subject to legal challenge from those who lose out. Playing behind closed doors, twice a week, starting soon, might be the only acceptable answer. But this isn't even an easy option. Some players will refuse to play, some will be self-isolating, some may be trapped abroad. Some may, to put it bluntly, be dead or dealing with loved ones who have died. Then there's managers, physios, coaches, kit men, referees, safety officers and all the rest. Throw in the broadcasters if the plan is to stream, and the other journalists. They'd all need testing to reduce the risk of taking the virus back home to family. Null and void, and start again next season could be what we end up with. That would be incredibly harsh on so many clubs and their supporters, but it's probably the least worst option. There are no easy options.
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    It's no wonder the pitch is garbage now is it.
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    As long as Fylde/Salford/FGR players refuse a pay cut I´m not bothered.
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    Goes without saying.
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    Stay safe Erik.
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    Stay safe Eric and hope you continue to get better. Viking
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    Think it was in the Courier but I'm sure the jungle drums beat. Amazing how many on here were from Ovenden/Illingworth, also used legs to save money. I know it's more difficult nowadays but doubt kids would do what we did anyway. Take beer bottles back or collect scrap for spending money anyone? Another point re supporters locations is it was a working man's game
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    I fancy our chances, our 11 against their 6. This could be another turning point in the season.
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    That is why it says 'confirmed' Erik. Hope you are feeling better.
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    Goodness me Mr c within 100 yards.
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    Same here mate! Mass produced cardboard does not cut it for me!
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    I was there. Jamie scored twice and Williams scored twice. It did indeed put us top as we leapfrogged over Scunny. Great atmosphere and game.
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    I believe it was Phil Whitehead in goal that day. Paddy played an absolute blinder in 0-0 draw on 25th March 1989. It was his first match back after missing 15 matches due to injury.
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    Does the government cover up to 80% the players wages? If not can clubs be expected to extend contracts if they have no income?
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    I am happy to follow Shaytrev’s lead. No refund on season ticket for me. My Club, My Love.
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    Paper, scissor, stone anyone ?
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    My daughter is a front line worker and is worried sick, it seems she is going on a course Monday of how to deal with people who have got the virus, been a shortage of equipment etc and just a tatty gown not the full one which covers your full body. she is going to refuse unless they give her the same as nurses get and that's not mentioning the different in pay, really worried.
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