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    Just read on the Stainland and district website that the only shop in Holywell Green has put the price of milk up by a substantial margin. Profiteering should be punished with a massive fine and people should boycott the shop
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    What an absolute bell prick that guy is...
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    That’s the oldest nightclub in the country I’ll have you know. If it hangs on for another six months it’ll be a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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    The sooner they get the antibody test out so they can see who has already had it the better. It will either show them there’s a lot less to panic about than they currently fear, or it will prove they have a reason to be really panicking. Either way, would be good to know.
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    Plot night and all the mischief leading up to it, round our way anything that was flammable, if it wasn't nailed down or guarded by a dog it was more then likely going to end up on our bonfire. There used to be competition to see who could build the biggest with rival streets coming round to nick your wood, so you ended up having to do security patrols to stop them. Nowadays it's all organised and health and safety blah blah blah. There were no chinese super bangers, everything was from Standard Fireworks, or if you were skint Black Cat.
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    Oh we have had it all this week. I got called a C*nt on Sunday as I wouldn't go look in the back for some flour - I told the customer we had no stock in the back other than Easter Eggs, but they demanded I went to check. I told them there was no need to check as I'd just been in the warehouse, I am the person checking and ordering the stock, and I knew there was none in. Had at least 3 people this week saying we have the stock in the back and are refusing to stock the shelves for whatever reason, plus a few saying the staff are taking all the "good" items for themselves. A Woman on Monday simply refusing to believe we didn't have any potatoes. She ended up throwing a cabbage at another member of staff telling them "I don't want this then, I'll go elsewhere". That member of staff is now sporting a black eye... Today I've been accused of removing all the promotions on our stock (Note, its the company that has done this on multibuy offers for now as they are trying to combat mass buying) and that its a ploy to make money off people. Also apparently we have removed the free fruit for kids to save money... I'm a first aider in store. We had an incident earlier where someone was not feeling well. I went to put on a pair of gloves before dealing with them (not taking any chances), left the medical box on the side of the chair whilst dealing with the person. Noticed after I had finished that two further pairs of gloves had been taken whilst I was dealing with my incident. The best one is "What do you mean you don't have any of (Insert item here), when you getting it back in"? Must be getting that at least 20 times a shift. "Why can't you stock the shelves properly"? We sold more stock this week than we did on week 43 (That is Xmas week for non retail staff). That is with a third of the staff and with no extra delivery's. All the staff have got this week is abuse and stick for it. We are pretty much sitting ducks having to deal with the public regardless of how much worse this gets, I don't think anyone cares about how worried we are though, its all about them not being able to buy a ****ing toilet roll. Which they would be able to do if they stopped hoarding like pricks.
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    Very very sad news. RIP too young and a great talent. Wonderful player scored some class goals !
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    It will come over here sooner rather than later as it seems some of the Brits seem to know better and won't listen to advice
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    I started asking members of the public to donate guitars and ukuleles to give to kids who lost theirs in the recent fires. I am a member of Soldier On an organisation for returned servicemen and women. I have about 50 guitars and already given out about 20. I have request for another 19 but now I cannot get around to give them to the kids. Guess I will just have to play with them all and drive the wife mad.
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    They gave it Halifax Gordon in the end.
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    How can anyone predict anything at all when we have no idea how long this crap's going to go on?
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    Well it´s passed many other things around in the past.
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    The Shay with the rest of us loonies
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    It’s not just deaths that matter, although that’s the worst implication. These ‘underlying health issues’ you seem to want to talk down have other issues. Psychologically and mentally, how do you think a new mum with type 1 diabetes is gonna feel that she can’t hardly take her daughter out other than for a quick walk around the block, and can’t see other family or friends for 3 months? It should be the happiest of times, not trapped inside because you’re deemed high risk. This could have further implications once the initial chaos has gone.
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    I think I've found Funky enjoying the Kareoke round at Lanzo's place.
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    So produce would come on a delivery wagon as there is significant amounts of it. Whereas the bread delivery would come on well a bread wagon, these are smaller but that's just because we are a smaller store. Both these items should be available at the start of trade, as would eggs and milk. However because the shelves are almost empty at the time of the delivery there is no way this delivery is even going to touch the sides of what is needed, all your meat and poultry items would also be on this delivery however it's the same problem it's just not touching the sides. The grocery items so your toilet rolls. Crisps. Tins (beans) etc would be a lunchtime delivery unless luckily they have managed to get it ready to go on with the fresh delivery as advanced. However this is Sainsburys specific I think. I couldn't tell you if this is the process in other companies I.e Tesco. Morrisons etc
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    As an aside, from Sunday Tesco large stores are opening an hour earlier for NHS staff (and Tesco staff) to do shopping before regular customers. This is hopefully going to be a continual thing for the foreseeable. You will need some form of NHS ID or Tesco staff ID to get in the store and be served early. If you know anyone working for the NHS by all means tell them that the Aachen Way store is doing this and to get up there if they need stock.
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    Problem is with our store and i think most Sainsburys is the deliveries come at different times so you'll have your fresh items first thing in the morning at opening times but the grocery items are a completely separate delivery later on in the day so there's no right time to do it. It is a good idea it's just implementing it to give them the best benefit is hard
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    See we are still at 3 per person. But its getting roundly ignored to the point a member of staff is literally just walking round with a trolley of stuff to put back on the shelf that people have tried to buy in bulk. I have seen people disregarding this rule too but I haven't got involved because I dont want verbally abusing. It's really a crazy situation and the level of abuse you get from some people is just way out of line. We had our first day of the 1 hour for elderly customers today and wow there were lines of people outside waiting to get in. Every till was open at 7:10 this morning and I have seen photos from a security guard showing me lines of people down each aisle. I've been trying to help out people who I see are in distress by trying to give them the upper hand by telling them usual delivery times for certain items are just to give them the upper hand. We had many complaints that the shopping time for the elderly was too early and we should have it at lunch time. Its just not feasible too do that as boris from Jack's plasterers wants to come in for his lunch at that time. You simply cannot please everyone what ever we are trying to do is getting thrown back in our faces
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    We got a delivery around 1.30 today of toilet rolls. 400 packs of varying sizes. We are now limiting 1 of each item for each customer. Our toilet rolls sold out just after 3. What is annoying is how much some people are pricks. Later on tonight we had a delivery of Chapati Flour come in. These are huge 10 Kilo bags. Again, we are limiting them to 1 per customer. Within 5 mins of the flour arriving a family of 12 turned up in a mini van - 2 parents, 3 that looked to be late teens and 7 kids - 2 of them very young, all with their own trolly to get a Chapati Flour to "bypass" the one per person policy. They kicked off shouting racism when they were told that we were not accepting that a bunch of kids under the age of 12 were all wanting 10 kilo of flour each.... The problem is people are selfish dicks. This past week or so has really shown the worst of some in our society.
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    Belgium is now on lock down, only essential trips for shopping, etc. Most stores now closed. Went to the nearest supermarket which was a slightly unnerving experience. It had three checkouts open, card payments only, and a couple of members of staff on shelf-stacking duty. As I wandered around I counted only 5 other customers. Seems like Belgians are taking the lock down seriously.
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    We are a short leap away from people being mugged as they leave the shops & supermarkets.
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    People are really just the pits. This whole situation is just going to show how selfish the vast majority of people are when push comes to shove. We are now getting very close to the fighting and looting stages. I Said to the wife three weeks ago that it would come and its coming, the troops will be on the streets and martial law will be enforced. There will be those out there that will decry me for this statement, but have a listen and a read to the comments being made by some very naively stupid people who think we are playing games here. This is a very real situation and people need to wake up very quickly. (Belatedly)
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    Funny you should say that because it seems that many other people that live near me have had the same idea. As I was looking in the freezer section I overheard a chap ask a member of staff if they had any yeast. She went and asked another chap that stacks the shelves and he said no but we should hopefully have a delivery in tomorrow. It's a good idea though Tommy.
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    Not really new, but Ive dug my guitar out and started working on that again. by the time this situation lets up I'm hoping to be Joe Bonnamassa (ish). Or at least get a tune out of it.
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    All these people with bog roll stocked up but we won't have food in us to pass.
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    Never seem so many people walking about today in the age group 70/80, even some neighbours saying not going to change my life style but glad that ive got some common sense staying locked in at home, think these people are playing Russian roulette with their lives.
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    The trouble is it means going into Leeds. If I wasn't in an at risk group I'd go and buy from the market but I am so I'm being very careful where I go and how far etc. I watched people putting things into their baskets tonight who have probably already stockpiled a shed load of food and are now picking the bones off the rest of it as responsible shoppers like me wonder what I'll be eating after tomorrow. It looks like the good old British spirit has been almost lost and mot many of us actually give a damn about anyone else anymore. A sad state of affairs.
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    It'll be full of panic buyers.
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    Remember that not everyone is being tested, even those who present with mild symptoms.
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    The Acca has decided to shutake down temporarily. I don't want people losing their job but if this virus finally sees the death of that eyesore then I'll be happy tbh. The place needs bulldozing because it looks scruffy, it's a drain on Saturday night resources, the amount that of chewing gum on the pavement the outside is unsightly.
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    The Lower leagues are dependent upon FL promotions and relegations
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    Using bog rolls as an example could be any product that could be home produced. The vaccine production is mirrored in many items we have abdicated to manufacture elsewhere......making things is not us anymore, think all the people who did were at Sainsbury's 7.30 this morning.
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    The idiot asking that specific question at the press conference obviously hasn’t been outside in London given I can confirm bars and restaurants here are absolutely not busy. Idiots spouting lies for a news story should be called out - precisely why Boris just ignored that part of her question, because she was outright lying.
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    This is where the just in time supply chain fails, will lessons be learned. Maybe classed as a little Englander but time to be self sufficient wherever possible again, bog rolls don't need to come from Outer Mongolia.
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    Other good news... with the shay shut and no fat lardy lads rolling around on it mud wrestling.. the pitch should fully recover and be back to its fully grassed best ... ready for our fast flowing passing brand of attacking football when things resume
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    Had a mate who lived in southowram used to watch northern floodlite league games at the shay from the top of beacon hill through binoculars whilst eating stolen mars bars from the co op
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    Jesus never got the flu
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    Can't beat the lost Steve Lanzarote tapes
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    Today has been up there with my most upsetting day of employment. There is now more that we dont have than what we do have. Seeing the elderly walking around looking longingly at there list that they need. We have now limited no more than 3 of anything in our store but it's just not cutting it. We simply cant get the stock. I fail to see how we will still be open at the weekend if this Carries on Luckily I have only been abused a couple of times because of this others have suffered a lot more. Seeing people walk through the door with big trollies and knowing they will leave with barely anything, no food for babies. No formula. I could have cried a couple of times today myself
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    How do we lockdown all the schoolkids that will be on free roam from next week ?
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    My daughter's test came back negative today so we've been self-isolating since Friday for no reason (well, not no reason, but you know...). We got the news at 11.20am, which meant we could re-join society for a full 40 minutes before the Belgian shut down at noon. Surprisingly the creche we use is remaining open because it hosts the kids of some supposed key people, but I'm keeping them home just to reduce the chances that any of us fall victim. We've been out for walks around the neighbourhood, careful to avoid other people, but otherwise we've been lucky enough to have been able to bunker down at home, relying on Amazon and other deliveries to keep us going. I think what scares me more than the figures being banded about is the thought that maybe we're not being told the full story. Seeing governments all around the world reacting so quickly and so differently to this compared to how they reacted to SARS and so on, makes me a little paranoid that we're only just entering the beginning of what's to come, and that information is being drip fed to us. Even assuming that the west manages to ride out the peak, that the various health structures hold out and somehow deal with the worst of it, life will likely be different going forward. Governments will need to prepare contingency plans for the next corona virus. Supply lines, trips abroad, etc. may all see significant changes. It's potentially a historical moment with the chance to change the future quite drastically, even if 100,000s don't die as some are predicting. Or it could be all over by June and nothing much changes. We really don't know.
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    Not that lives don’t matter but perspective in the common flu may have caused the same fate.
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    Shut on health grounds. The performances are making fans ill.
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    Temporary morgue?
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    The only thing I can think to say is how lucky we are to have the BoD that we do. Spending money is incredibly easy to do, spending it wisely is a whole other ball game.
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    Tory Britain for you.
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    I think the main point we should all keep in mind is that none of us have a clue. We don't know whether the experts are right or wrong, we don't know whether the journalist commenting on the experts is right or wrong about whether the expert is right or wrong, and we certainly don't know whether Janice on Facebook is right or wrong with her comments about the journalist that is commenting on the expert being right or wrong. People are entitled to their opinion and all that but why so many people seem to feel it's so important to get all over social media (and the media in general) criticising and contradicting all in sundry because of something they've read third hand from somewhere else that probably isn't true anyway, is beyond me. It's a new virus, a new situation, no one knows exactly what is going to happen, let's roll with it, and most importantly, wash our hands until they are red raw and we no longer have hands to wash.
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