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    Shut on health grounds. The performances are making fans ill.
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    Leo, Boris, Trump, Pope Francis & Mary a ten year old Irish girl were on a flight with just 4 parachutes . As the plane went down they were short one parachute, they agreed Leo should go first when he said ‘I need to sort out the corona virus in Ireland,I need one ‘ & off he went, Boris was next and said ‘Im the smartest man in England, I simply cannot die, I have to survive’, and out he jumped with a parachute, next was Trump and he said ‘I’m needed to keep America great and sort out this corona virus’ and out he jumped.. one parachute left, Pope Francis said , little Mary you take it, I have lived a good life, you are young with your whole life ahead of you... take it. Mary replied.. it’s ok Francis, there’s two parachutes left, the smartest man in England took my school bag.....
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    The only thing I can think to say is how lucky we are to have the BoD that we do. Spending money is incredibly easy to do, spending it wisely is a whole other ball game.
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    Our game against Ebbsfleet is still proceeding online, you won't be surprised to learn that we still haven't scored
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    I think I've found Funky enjoying the Kareoke round at Lanzo's place.
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    Today has been up there with my most upsetting day of employment. There is now more that we dont have than what we do have. Seeing the elderly walking around looking longingly at there list that they need. We have now limited no more than 3 of anything in our store but it's just not cutting it. We simply cant get the stock. I fail to see how we will still be open at the weekend if this Carries on Luckily I have only been abused a couple of times because of this others have suffered a lot more. Seeing people walk through the door with big trollies and knowing they will leave with barely anything, no food for babies. No formula. I could have cried a couple of times today myself
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    Other good news the Eurovision Song Contest is cancelled
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    It’s not just deaths that matter, although that’s the worst implication. These ‘underlying health issues’ you seem to want to talk down have other issues. Psychologically and mentally, how do you think a new mum with type 1 diabetes is gonna feel that she can’t hardly take her daughter out other than for a quick walk around the block, and can’t see other family or friends for 3 months? It should be the happiest of times, not trapped inside because you’re deemed high risk. This could have further implications once the initial chaos has gone.
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    Hanson not good enough???? I’d disagree and say he is unfortunate that Duckworth was our POTY up until being injured. Obviously PW rates King as a better RWB (I don’t personally think so) so maybe he is moved on as he is out of favour with the current manager but he is good enough for this level as he’s shown us before.
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    3 months according to The Courier.
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    I thought Eurovision had been cancelled?
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    Where the hell did you find that? Lanzo told me he would not allow filming.
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    Can't beat the lost Steve Lanzarote tapes
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    When they said we'd ran out of soap I thought they meant to wash with. There are some benefits to this virus after all. Only kidding. I don't have a telly anyway.
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    This is the frightening thing. People always say "breast is best" but not every mother is able to breast feed. They simply can't for whatever reason, and formula is their only other option. What exactly happens when a parent isn't capable of giving their kid any food? Medicine can help for a day or two, calorie-rich liquids, etc. but very quickly hospitalisation will be need - which simply increases the pressure on a creaking system.
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    introducing herd immunity by dipping in Skircoat Bogs
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    The only way to stop it spreading is a lockdown of the country. Only going out for necessary stuff. They bang on about trying to stop it spreading but that’s the only way. At first I thought it’s a huge over reaction but with how fast it’s spreading and the increase in deaths/cases over the last week or so suggests to me it’s something major. To have schools closing is a major decision as atleast half the country will need to look after them kids. The next decision has to be a lockdown of the country for atleast 3 weeks to make any attempt to stop it spreading.
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    Not that lives don’t matter but perspective in the common flu may have caused the same fate.
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    I went through the entire list and I've got a good 3 or 4 things that make me a real risk. But I'm trying to stay away from folk best I can but I do need to do shopping etc. Not ideal but if we can control the current spike and decrease it then we should be OK. Its important to keep the measures in place until we know its beaten. Better to look back and think we did too much than not enough. At the end of the day of it keeps a parent or grand/great grand parent alive and well for years to come it's all worth it.
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    I've been using this website https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries for the past few weeks, which tracks the REPORTED cases and deaths of the virus. What is interesting to note is the increase in deaths that Spain, Italy, USA, Germany, The UK and Iran have had in the past week or so. They are now the "main" areas where the virus is growing. However, two weeks ago, it was South Korea, China and Japan that had the big spikes of deaths. Those three countries, whilst still seeing deaths, have seen the numbers drastically fall in the last week. I don't trust the Chinese figures in being 100% accurate in truth, however they have gone from reporting 300/400+ deaths a day down to 10/15. I fear things are going to get worse in the next couple of weeks for us here, however hopefully the trend that it then slows down which has happened with the countries that were contagious first, will come in to play here. I think we need to take this threat seriously, however we should also not scaremonger and panic. I heard someone saying if the UK managed to survive with 20,000 deaths we are doing well. At the moment, even with Italy sadly hitting hundreds of deaths each day, we are not even half way to that number WORLD WIDE. Hopefully in 2/3 weeks we will see that we are in the same boat as Korea, China, Japan etc... where the numbers start to slow. I'm just wishing this virus goes a bit like ebola where it kills itself off after about 5/6 weeks and becomes less lethal. Sadly it looks like we are going to see more deaths and probably a fair few of them, however I'm holding out hope that the numbers being quoted to date are simply scaremongering and not realistic.
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    I know and was told worse case scenario, but it still doesnt make it a great thought
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    Certainly some are in serious trouble not because of the virus but their serious overspending in the gamble that is promotion.
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    Yes it was but it makes far more sense than having small clubs like Halifax travelling nation wide plus how many clubs will now be in serious trouble, the landscape of football will probably change for ever and probably better.
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    Fabulous news, there is a God.
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    I assume Calderdale Council will be allowing both Town and Fax off paying their rent in this period. If we have no sport during this period its one less bill at the least.
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    Temporary morgue?
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    I recently had a scare when I found a lump on my testicles, wasn't checking myself, just having a rummage as you do. Anyway, I thought I best get to the Doc's for an urgent check up and bless them they got me in within three weeks. So the Doc checked me over and assured me I was ok, nothing more sinister than a small cyst. But he told me that carrying out regular checks on myself was the best thing and If I had any further issues not to dawdle but get checked out ASAP. So the other day I was giving myself the once over, bollocks in hand when the check out assistant in ASDA had me chucked out. Bloody ridiculous, I was only following doctors orders.
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    George Whitelaw just ahead of my time, dad took me first time in 63. Willie Carlin I can just about remember, great goal scorer for town, and scored something like a goal every other game.
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    Think some of our defenders have been trialling that with opposition strikers
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    It depends what you qualify as "help". Is a loan help, when you still have no income? It's a bit like the traditional sales pitch, buy now pay nothing for 12 months, the truth is it still needs repaying, so the money is still going to come out of the clubs reserves at some point down the road. Remember, the old Russian proverb I have stated before, "the only free cheese is in the mousetrap".
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    They could always take a leaf out of the local leagues. The West Yorkshire League, which had a big catchment area from Boroughbridge and Ripon down to the South Yorkshire boundary used a method of adding up all of the expenses for match officials across all of the clubs and then dividing it p equally between all of the clubs (equalising), so that the clubs the furthest away from the main towns/cities did not get penalised. The National League could do something similar for travelling expenses, and strike a deal with a national hotel chain, who could be a major sponsor, to try to reduce the burden of all of this travelling.
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    I worked with a guy years ago when I lived down Sarf, he was called Paul Ennis his name on his locker door label was P Ennis, his nickname was cock, that’s true.
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    Theyve only just sold Jack Taylor for initial £500k rising to £1m
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    One imagines he means no sympathy overall for a club who have spunked away so much money and are now having to cut back. I’m sure no one wishes hardships to the individuals involved but the amount they have been spending and losing is crazy - I also have no sympathy if as a club they go bust. They sure as hell shouldn’t be getting bailed out by anyone if that’s how they’ve been ran.
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    Darren Kelly always like his virtual football
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    No sympathy for the back room staff who won't be on much being made redundant through no fault of their own? Sod them eh, its not like they will have families and mouths to feed. Very charming that.
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    A stinking hot vindaloo will shift that
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    Is it time for The Shay driving range to reopen to get some well needed funds. Get some mate laid out on top of the North Stand but 2m apart of course!
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    Correct, but for what it's worth my money would probably be on the chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser rather than Janice or for that matter any of the twisty journalists with their points to score for whichever way they want to spin their argument.
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    More like SKY should step in help them out. They've feckin ruined it so the least they can do is help in a time of crisis.
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    Some of us still have those luxuries
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    Now is the time to merge the Conference and Div 2 into League 2 North and South. Would eliminate very expensive overnight stays and travel and away support would go up. No brainer. Only problem would be if the Football league were willing to pay out for what would in effect be another layer to the football League.
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    How did I miss Chess at 11:40 on ITV? I know I was 7 at the time and we were all in bed by 19:00, huddled together under out eiderdown, with paraffin heater chucking out noxious fumes which would probably be banned/condemmed today.
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    I might risk sneaking out for some spuds tomorrow. How the hell I'm expected to self isolate for twelve weeks in beyond me.
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    The concern I have is not for me, but for someone I live with, who has an underlying health issue. It is more than likely in the next few days they will have to have the 12 week self isolation thing for their safety, however I am still expected to go out to work and carry on as normal. I could very easily end up being a carrier and whilst being OK myself make someone else seriously ill or even worse.
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