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    Totally disagree with this. We are a club with not a great history of success but when there has been a 'big' game, the locals have come out - Chorley, Wembley, Bradford City, Lancaster, etc. When we returned to the FL in the late 90's we sustained decent crowds until the rot set back in. A lot of locals look out for FCHT results and want to see the club do well, even if they dont attend games. I doubt there are many who dont want to see the club do well. I would compare us both in size and history to Rochdale. They are currently average 3,500 in League One. I think we would at least match this should we ever find ourselves in League One.
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    If I've learned anything from following Halifax Town over the years, it is that the club has some of the most pessimistic, defeatist supporters going. So many embrace mediocrity and struggle to cope when things are going well. They begin to pick at threads hoping it'll all unravel. Third in the league and half the users on here spend their time calling the manager crap and deluded. Club's never had cheaper season tickets or better off field stuff going on, yet some quite happy to whinge about anything and everything. A club like Halifax Town belongs in the Football League. It's a pretty benign statement but probably two thirds of our supporters wouldn't agree for one reason or another. Worse still, some supporters would actually prefer to bounce around non league and justify that nonsense by saying its out natural level. A sustained period in the league, with the occasional punt at the play offs would easily see our attendances approach 4k. Away fans alone would see to that. But you'd still have some numpty prefer to be among 400 watching Town play Newcastle Blue Star in the arm pit of the North East. If the club was more vocal about its ambitions, and the supporters less accepting of mediocrity, that's half the battle done. This season has proven you don't need an Arab billionaire or an overdraft that Thomas Cook would be embarrassed of in order to compete on the field. But the club is destined to be a fraction of its true potential because too many are happy enough with where we are. Our only hope, and I never thought I'd say this, is that this bod have more ambition than the supporters.
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    That season we went down was a rollercoaster. I was sad to see Aspin go after all he did for us, but given the start of the season and the second half of the season before you couldn’t argue the decision that much. Kelly was just an all round disaster and should never have been appointed. Harvey did amazingly when you look at where we were when he took over, and where we finished, but really from the position we were in with 3/4/5 games left we should have stayed up and he has to take some of the blame for that. Getting to Wembley, and winning, is something every football fan dreams of and it was one of, if the not the best day of my footballing life. Watching Macca score that worldie from right behind the goal was an incredible feeling. I’m happy to have traded a season in the conference north for an FA Trophy win, though I’d rather our next Wembley appearance is a victorious play off final.
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    I wouldn’t knock getting 1,600 on a Tuesday night, once was a time we were getting 508 against Stalybridge on a Tuesday night, and barely registering a thousand in our Football League days on a regular basis. The attendance thing has been done to death. As Bubba said, the only way they’ll drastically improve is if we move up a league or two, or if some Dave (I broke my leg in the cup final) Whelan-type character takes us on a spending spree. Of course I’d like bigger crowds, but for a town of our size, with our history, in our league, they’re about right.
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    I was going to get a season ticket this season (even the wife was up for it) but missed out (my fault) on the offer by one day. May possibly get down for a game in the final run in of this season. One day I might return regularly; maybe next season if the season ticket offer is done again. I still have a huge passion for the club. Visit here multiple times a day; get nerves whilst watching the twitter feed of matches; delighted when we win and sulk when we lose. But I cant say that I massively miss attending matches. Potentially because priorities change in life change, but I dont know.
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    Sorry I predicted the condition of the pitch. Am I OK here?
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    Today’s our U19’s had a very creditable 2-2 home draw with second placed York City.
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    I echo Hoddie above (too long to quote) and its backed up by the sheer lack of vocal support/enthusiasm on match days. It hasn't always been like that. We need to all get behind the team, we are in a good place and need to kick on now.
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    I suggest the board keep it more affordable like they have done this season , it's taken them long enough to realise that supporters will turn up if a good season ticket offer is there , it's the first season it's been rolled out on the back of a poor season and a manager walking out pre season , keep it affordable next season and our fan base grow regardless what league we are in . It's not a case of not being able to attract new fans it's been more a case of out pricing alot .
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    If we are promoted this season then next seasons average would surpass 3,000. Have you seen what teams will be in there? Bolton Wanderers for one, The Shay will be full.
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    really enjoyed the games home and away..goals galore... Lee Gregory. James Dean....Danny Holland and Vardyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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    Bubba is right our club ia actually a mirror image of rochdale. Alot on here think fans should attend games no matter when they are. When I started watching the shaymen I could leave my house at 6.45 catch a bus to Halifax and be at the shay by 7.20 for a 7.30 ko. After the game there was a bus from outside the ground 10 mins after full time and I was home for 9.55. Today if I didn't have a car I couldn't even get there bus service ends at 6 oclock. I am sure this applies all over. Travelling anywhere in the evening on public transport is very difficult and I'm sure this affect crowds
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    A big thank you to Blackpool council for all the sand they delivered Friday afternoon before the Saturday match.
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    Neil Aspin my lord...…………….great manager for us...……...
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    The Wembley one is my favourite, the club announced we'd sold just over 10,000 days before the final. But each year the following grows and now stands st 13600 (unofficial) cant wait to tell my future grandkids how we once took 25k to Wembley!
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    I won´t that´s for sure! that would make me 113 years old.
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    I've had a productive evening. Our MP has given us our support, the grayston pub, loafers vinyl in the piece Hall, plus many others have all speak the word. The club do brilliantly but we can all do our but. Just 15 mins sometime next week out of your time. We can spread the word.
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    If you’re from Halifax and don’t get excited by the video from FCHT on social media then there is something wrong with you. Yet they will be the first in the pub falling over themselves to support Eng er land
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    What it exposed was the fact that the referee and his assistants were not working as a cohesive unit. I have already explained that the referee is perfectly entitled to award a free kick for of- side if for some reason he has a clear view and it's a no brainer, see's something that it is impossible for the assistant from 30 yards away to see (i.e. the shot from an onside player touches a player in an offside position), or in the worst case the assistant has fallen on his backside 15 yards behind play and the referee has to "take over". In all cases the assistant should on the referee blowing his whistle have raised his flag to indicate to the spectators that a free kick had been awarded (this is another of his primary duties and why he is given a flag in the first place). He can then on getting a signal from the referee indicate in which direction the free kick has been awarded, unless of course it is a clear cut decision in which case he can indicate immediately. By raising his flag the assistant creates an avenue for the referee to "manage" the game. As a referee you watch and read players body language. If you give a free kick for offside and the attackers just get up and run back without any chelping you generally have it right. If you are not sure you wait until play develops as it maybe that the defenders lump it away into row Z in which case let the game flow, unless there is an actual offside in which case the assistant will have raised his flag,.iI a goal is scored you can allow it, then run across to your assistant, who if it was offside should have his flag up, or in this case still has his flag up but we know not what for. The referee can then hold a discussion with the assistant to discuss, was there any reason to disallow the goal? If it was offside then cut and dried, if not then was there any other reason to disallow it. What this allows is for the 2 different views of the angles to be compared and a decision to be made. Worst case the referee can disallow the goal and indicate that the assistant flagged for offside (blame him), disallow the goal for another infringement seen by the assistant or referee immediately prior to the goal (push/hold etc) and no advantage came from it. Whichever way you use these techniques (game management/kidology) a referee and his assistants can effectively create their own VAR situation to buy time to get a decision that is either correct or which can be "sold" to the players and the spectators. In this case the referee did neither and consequently directed all of the attention upon himself, which led to the players and spectators being on his back from that point forward. One thing that was drilled into us as referees when being trained was that it was better to have a dodgy offside call than a dodgy goal. Most people forget the dodgy offside but the dodgy goal can be a game breaker. Maybe that was what he was thinking.....
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    Pricing is where this board have fallen down badly. The discounted season ticket offer was welcomed with increased sales on the back of a terrible, boring season. Regular fans bought those tickets to make a significant saving. If you want new fans then they are attracted through pay on the gate. How many people do you know who hardly attend decided to stump up £199 on a whim? They need hooking in by attending games and then returning. But at £20 a pop with you are having a laugh. It becomes an expensive new hobby. Some clubs in our league are 25pc cheaper and in the glue leagues they were 50pc cheaper. If the gate price was £15 our average this year would be over 2,500 maybe. League two with attractive prices 3,500 given the increased away support.
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    Leeds, Bramley, Hunslet, who was the other? Memory going.
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    I'm predicting a better, faster, bouncier, less heavy pitch aka more skill = more football.
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    Would not have had you know who anywhere near the place. Do not come back saying he deserves to start, it's old hat.
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    Because we are so inconsistent and the season is far from over. Only barrow and Harrogate should be confident. Im being optimistic and dreaming of promotion but realistically do we have what it takes to get promoted. OF COURSE WE ****ING DO!!!!!! Cmon Shaymen
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    Put it this way, you could go and see The Shaymen in the afternoon, Halifax Dukes Speedway in the evening and Halifax RLFC on Sunday yet still have plenty of change from a fiver.
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    If we start with the best eleven every game it might help, blew three points away at Torquay and only just scraped through on Tuesday against another pile of sheet.
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    The board have concentrated on the corporate side , they said they had alot of bridges to build when the club went bust and that is where the money is , that's fair enough but they have neglected the ordinary fan until this season that is , and we should top over 2000 average . Is this not as high as we have ever been in the 10 years they have run the club , I don't remember ever being still in with a shout of winning the league albeit unlikely but in a great position to secure a play off place , the key now is to build on this success . Most fans for one reason or another cannot attend every game and take that into account when purchasing a season ticket , most fans I know bought a season ticket and said immediately "It doesn't matter if I can't get to every game I won't lose out anyway " It's a win/win for both club and fans , 50 different season ticket holders might be missing from every home due to other commitments but the fan doesn't lose out and the board got that money up front . I hope with us competing at the top and a good run in plus a lucrative play off game and hopefully a final it will be a financial success and the board continue with it , that's the key to improving your fan base , get em in regularly and get em hooked . It's all dependant on how successful we are on the pitch , that goes without saying but success is easier if you have decent backing and a good atmosphere in the stands .
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    We took 13,600 to Wembley. I have said a million times on here, only sustained success over more than one season will bring fans to The Shay. The odd blip will waken nobody.
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    1600? It was 12/1300 for a Tuesday night game not long ago. 1600 is decent.
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    Agreed. Think last time we made the play-offs in this league our average for the season was less than that
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    Its the true reality of being a town fan. those who still think we'll pull 3.5 / 4000 if we were to get promoted need to check the history books
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    I distinctly remember being part of sub 900 crowds for Tuesday night thrillers against the likes of Northwich Victoria back in the Wilder days.
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    Surprised some think 1600 is a poor crowd for a night game .
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    Only really the big 5 in this division would have bettered that crowd on a Tuesday night tbh
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    I agree 1600 was a good attendance.....end off.
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    is that a euphemism.
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    It was a good idea but it should have been 6 games for the price of five
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    it is a struggle. Take for example the last offer for the Run In ticket, 6 games for £108, how many were sold? The answer is 1 and I bought it. People like Louisa at the club must be tearing their hair out trying to find new and different ways to attract more fans to games, but as the offer at £108 was not taken up, what would be considered a fair price to watch 6 games?
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    Fair assessment.At what point would you attend regularly again,out of interest.
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    I doubt it - unless they were a real superstar. No disrespect to them, but I don't think signing a Liam Nolan, Niall Maher etc. is going to draw in a few extra hundred fans.
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    There’s too much competition for football around us, and I think that’s a big part of it. Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield all less than an hour away, Manchester just over an hour and even Liverpool is only a couple of hours drive. It’s easy to watch the big clubs, and at a decent price too. We need a period of sustained success, and back that up with a period of great incentives and season ticket offers to get people hooked.
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    Until someone knocks on the door.
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    My memory was a game against Torquay at home, he stood and watched a mis hit cross from a full back float into the far post, it was in the air that long he could of walked to the post and simply caught it, if he had bothered to move. Someone told him to F*cking retire as he eventually picked the ball out the net and he bit back.
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    First two seasons did an outstanding job.
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    Glennon overall was a fairly solid keeper for us, but that season he was abysmal, maybe didn’t like hearing the criticism?
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    We've also not beaten Woking at home since 2008 so that 'curse' has to be broken at some point too!
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    Yes a win is deffo on the cards.
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