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    It effected me I got there Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock & felt knackered , I had a hour on my day bed At my hotel got up & had 6 pints & I felt great again. Up the shaymen.
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    https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-review-process-already-underway-we-get-home-behind-scenes-road-shaymen-1890629 An interesting insight.
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    Let’s face it. Wild ain’t gonna win on here. Nothing is ever good enough. Out of touch with reality
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    Flaming day bed !! I only hope they never have to stand at a machine for 12 hours
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    Is this the first time we’ve agreed? If it is then cheers. Wild has absolutely over achieved this season
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    Over achieving is taking over a team more than halfway through pre season with no time to implement your ideas. Taking over a club that couldn’t field a team to play a pre season friendly. Taking a club with a small budget and leading them to fourth. I am a doer so I appreciate his achievements. The naysayers would rather just bleat on here. It’s the easiest job in the world. To criticise. Get out and do it
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    Will repeat a stat from last week, Chesterfield dont win when Dents doesn't play. 22 wins since he signed for them and he has played in them all. The best of his type at this level. 2 assits on Saturday and invaluable defending corners and free kicks.
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    You're lucky you're no longer based in Yorkshire, my speed awareness appearance was based upon the ability of a RADAR signal to bend around obstacles to reach me 200 metres away (yes, West Yorkshire Police are very kindly massaging the figures to make it look like they're doing a grand job and when you try to get justice they tell you to f off)
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    you must be future father in law
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    I never knew you were related to Ashy1966 I thought Shay trev was your dad My apologies to all three of you
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    He did drop him and we won games and started creating chances. For whatever reason he went back to starting him and we lost.
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    Everyone knows he is doing a good job but that does not make him omnipotent. He has made mistakes and continues to make mistakes, sometimes the same ones. He is open to criticism like anyone else. Do not let this lot get you down, none of them have much clue about anything, are afraid to criticise anyone or anything at the Club as it might unsettle their comfort zone in their East Stand seats. (The odd one from The South Stand, none of them Skircoat boys) They see anyone who dares to voice their concerns as a blasphemer and worthy of banishment and ridicule. It is a religion to them, tow the line or be disfellowshipped. Some claim to hate religion but act like Witchfinder General when their is the slightest dissent. Time is the only thing that will tell if Omnipotent Pete is worthy.
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    This is a great article which sheds a light on what clubs do for away matches. The cynics on here are absolute morons for taking the ****. This is yet another example of the great communication between club and fans this year. It`s what we want to know about and this year it`s happening. Good on PW and the rest. I do wish he`d drop TSS though!
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    The football club doesn't think looking after its assets is a waste of money. They obviously want to give the players the best chance they can. There must be some reasoning to back it up. Cant see it being much good for a professional athlete to step off a bus after 6 hours and expect to perform to their optimum level.
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    Exactly. He’s doing a brilliant job and I think next season with his own players, get rid of a few duds and we will have another good season.
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    As we know though its not really about the size of the clubs ground/fanbase, its the size of the bank balance thats the problem. That said i don't believe Barrow will be chucking big wages around, looking at their squad it looks like its very well managed. Harrogate, as we know do spend but i suppose you also have to credit their manager to date as they also made playoffs last season. The fact were above Notts County, Stockport, Chesterfield, Wrexham ect shows Wild must be doing something right despite some of the nonsense on here.
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    I think that comes from cycling rather than rugby.
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    Talks sense? Read his Courier comments after Saturday.
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    We will some of the tough games and lose some of the easy and so will the other teams let’s just win more than they do
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    Finishing 2nd and 3rd gives a Home Semi Final - that is a huge advantage to those teams. One game away from Wembley, played on home turf. Obviously our first goal should be securing a playoff spot, however if we can get 3rd or better we give ourselves a huge shot of going up. At the moment Harrogate and Barrow should not be of concern to us. I think its probably better off for those two to beat the other teams chasing us down for a playoff spot atm.
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    I heard that many a young lass would say "oh god oh god " to DJ on a Saturday night
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    He's a very good National North player
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    We'll sell you TSS for a bargin 25k, he's the next Vardy (keep it under your hat)
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    Unbelievably under-rated by our fans. The way he was treated by Fullarton, who wouldn't even acknowledge or speak to him, was nothing short of a disgrace. Unfashionable because he was one of Billy Heaths players and it will ruin the narrative to give credit to any of them, even if they did get us promoted at the first attempt.
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    The anti-TSS shite is getting pretty tiresome. I refuse to believe that every time Town play badly it's all down to one player. I'd hate to play for this football club I really would, we have some of the most vindictively stupid supporters going.
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