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    Wrong, today already explained in previous posts. This does not exempt Sho from being way below standard for this level.
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    Well fat lads lost in cup today, so they won't be at home next round.
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    Details of our former manager Lee Sinnott"s son Jordans funeral. A wonderful gesture by Bradford City Football Club. "The details have been announced for those wanting to attend the celebration of the life of [Jordan Sinnott](https://www.facebook.com/jordan.sinnott.35?__tn__=%2CdK-R-R&eid=ARAL4CbQhiCDSz3kaddDWzMIKB_GunZKdhMAqH5BYCjcdYc0sOlhCGEUwFVv4TNqmFD1iCzBuFPuJF6I&fref=mentions) [#shirtforjordan](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/shirtforjordan?source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG) [#sinnott25](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/sinnott25?source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG) Jordan’s Celebration of his life will be held on Wednesday 4th of March at Valley Parade, Bradford City FC. Service to begin at 13:00 prompt. Jordan will be at Valley Parade from 10:30 and we hope that by having the club open before the service, people will have the chance to come and say goodbye to Jordan . A book of condolence will be placed out for people to sign if they wish . We ask that people who are attending the service to be in the venue at the latest, 12:30/12:45, in order to for the service to begin. The service will finish at 14:30. The family will leave for a private cremation service and return back to Valley Parade. The bar will be open at Valley Parade following the service for people who would like to stay and have a drink or two for Jord and celebrate the legends beautiful life ❤"
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    Am I reading this right?!?! We are 4th in the table ffs!!! Yes he got today totally wrong with his subs and not picking his best attacking options but to start a thread saying he’s not good enough is ridiculous! You’ve got no chance of squeezing any talent out of TSS as there simply isn’t any in there unfortunately and why he played him today someone must have paid him. however Wild is the correct manager for this club right now and one poor result and team selection shouldnt mean he’s not the right man.
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    At the right end of the table , let's not forget , hope today is just a blip , still in a great position going into the run in .
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    Why not listen to our commentary ? Sounds like we were playing into a strong wind that half , hope we can use it to our advantage this half , fancy us to win this 2-0 . Good options on the bench . C'mon Shaymen .
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    PW picks the team- end off, come on shaymen....................
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    Same old whiners out again
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    Wtf - if he plays well and keeps his place that’s an issue?? You spend half your time criticising him then you say you don’t even want him to play well?
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    Pitch looking in good nick.
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    The rugby club hasn't done shite for the Shay. Nothing. Their supporters have helped to paint the boundary fences along Skircoat Road, but otherwise have spent most of their energy whining about how badly done they are and how unreasonable Calderdale Council were being for wanting the rent paid (and for the lack of a scoreboard...).
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    in wilds defence redshaw has struggled on a heavy pitch - but he will be dynamite at wembley in the play off final
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    Whilst I agree with your sentiments regarding Silva (who I think would struggle to be first choice in the league below) With that being said, I'll get myself some popcorn and pull up a chair because this is going to provide some entertainment.
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    If you want to see it go to games!
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    We’re not over achieving ffs!!! I’d understand if we didn’t have the likes of Cam King, Rodney, Redshaw etc but we have good players so they’re certainly not over achieving
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    The odd defeat is to be expected. Still over achieving in 4th
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    He is he if thinks Show Man is going to fire us to glory.
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    I had a feeling TSS would play this Saturday. After reading PW's article the other when he said we'll pick a team to try and win the game, I thought he'll go with TSS because he scored down there in the cup. The team haven't been hammered today and it sounds like one or two were not at the races today, and that happens from time to time. Let's hope they move onto the next game and put things rights that have been wrong today. I'm sure it'll be Dave and Redshaw up top next time.
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    It's unfair to speculate on the reasons behind the selection. Maybe redshaw and Allen were not fit, carrying a knock, ill. You cant just say it's disrespectful etc when your Ill aware of the facts. Given how we have been playing I would imagine it would be down to a specific reason rather than reverting back to the old failed system. Pete wild isn't an idiot.
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    Because when a player isn’t good enough people who pay good money want to see their best players starting. TSS is our 4th choice striker and today got ahead of two decent players. That’s why you have to give credit to the 135 fans as if I went down there I would have been very disappointed with the lineup and the subs Never mind losing as well.
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    Well done to the 135 who have travelled down there. With the time, effort and money it has cost them, it`s a little disrespectful for us not to be playing our strongest side. Just can`t see the point of unenforced changes to a winning formula.
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    Utter nonsense and you know it. Every Town team has a player that the supporters get on the back of, it's just TSS' turn that's all.
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    The anti-TSS shite is getting pretty tiresome. I refuse to believe that every time Town play badly it's all down to one player. I'd hate to play for this football club I really would, we have some of the most vindictively stupid supporters going.
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    135 away fans, respect to you all.
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    I can understand why Allen's on the bench given how well he fits the impact sub role, though I completely disagree with the decision to have Sho-Silva play over Redshaw. Be happy to be proven wrong though
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    PW stated during the week that Torquay are big and strong and pose a big threat at set pieces, maybe TSS has been brought in to try and help with that. Horses for courses etc? Plus he had a good game in the Trophy game down there
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    I’m abit confused with the lineup. Allen plays excellent and has had a great impact and yet Sho Silva does **** all and still gets in. Let’s hope he scores today and town get 3 points.
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    Why just why. The best attackers are on the bench. I just fail to see what Wild sees in Silva. He cant stand up let alone score
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    Sho-Silva meltdown incoming. Tin foil hats at the ready
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    Agreed, that’s the sort of pitch you end up with when you don’t share with the egg chasers
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    What a top day that was...
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    Following the 4-2 win over Grimsby Town James Bolton & Scott McManus make the TOTW. Jim Harvey is selected as the Manager for it also.
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    My grandad used to help do the pitch when he retired and helped boarding the north stand before the concrete terracing. Worst thing the rugby did was selling Thrumhall.
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    Are you saying £4 is expensive? Maybe I’ve been in London too long but that sounds like an absolute steal to me
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    Scoreboard!!! Why? Can't they add up? A vision of a few fat lads wearing sandwich boards comes to mind. I'll make the boards, I'm sure they can supply the fatties (sorry for being fatist, I meant clinically obese).
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    sunday 1st March, one day after we play Eastleigh and two days before we play our rearranged game against Sutton. Poor Ossie!
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    Better to struggle in the FL every time. Anything to avoid being in this league.
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    Arrived at premier inn. Bottoms up lads.
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